the war of 1812 n.
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The War of 1812

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The War of 1812. Immediate Causes Merchant Ships American Expansion Fur Trade Officials American Jingosim. Treaty of Paris, 1783 The Constitutional Act, 1791 Long-Term Causes. Treaty of Paris, 1783.

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The War of 1812

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the war of 1812

The War of 1812

  • Immediate Causes
    • Merchant Ships
    • American Expansion
    • Fur Trade Officials
    • American Jingosim

Treaty of Paris, 1783

The Constitutional Act, 1791

Long-Term Causes

treaty of paris 1783
Treaty of Paris, 1783
  • Britain took control of “Canada” and portions of the “USA” from France at the conclusion of the 7 Years War in 1763
  • In 1774 The Quebec Act came into effect
treaty of paris
Treaty of Paris
  • The province's territory was expanded to take over much of what is now southern Ontario, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and parts of Minnesota.
  • The new taxes ticked off the 13 colonies in the “US”
treaty of paris 17831
Treaty of Paris, 1783
  • On July 4, 1776 the Continental Congress declared the United States of America as an independent nation
  • The American Revolutionary War was on
  • The Quebecois did not support the Americans
treaty of paris 17832
Treaty of Paris, 1783
  • Americans tried to invade Montreal and Quebec City
    • They failed  GOOOOO CANADA!!!!
  • By 1783 the Americans had defeated the British in the 13 colonies
treaty of paris 17833
Treaty of Paris, 1783
  • After many hard negotiations, Benjamin Franklin finally succeeded in getting Britain to recognize the United states as an independent nation
  • This is recognized as the SECOND Treaty of Paris
    • September 3, 1783
constitutional act 1791
Constitutional Act, 1791
  • Divided Quebec into
    • Upper Canada – what we now know as Ontario
    • Lower Canada – what we now know as Quebec
  • Along with other changes not listed, The Constitutional Act allowed Upper and Lower Canada to enter a period of rapid growth
long term causes
Long-Term Causes
  • Factors that have been in play for a while before an event
  • Europe, 1779
    • Britain and France duke it out
    • Napolean Bonaparte (French Ruler) challenged Britain’s position as the leading world military power
long term causes1
Long-Term Causes
  • Napoleonic Wars
    • Struggles between France and Britain during Napoleon's rule
  • France got it’s butt kicked during the Seven Years’ War
    • Lost New France to the Brit’s
  • Revenge – Napoleon helps the American colonies in the revolution against Britain
long term causes2
Long-Term Causes
  • Using blockades
    • France tried to prevent Britain from trading
    • Britain did the same back to France
  • This ticked off the Americans
    • Lots of merchant ships
immediate causes
Immediate Causes
  • Factors that come into play just before an event
  • British Interference With American Merchant Ships
    • Britain was ticked because the Americans supported France in the Napoleonic Wars
    • Britain stopped ALL American merchant ships
immediate causes1
Immediate Causes
  • Sometimes found British seamen onboard
  • Captured and forced to work on British Warships  Impressment
  • Impressment violated American sovereignty
  • Americans mad  British didn’t care
immediate causes2
Immediate Causes
  • American Expansion into the Northwest
  • Ohio Valley given to United States in 1783 – Treat of Paris
  • Americans must respect treaties already signed with First Nations
  • Americans stated moving into region en mass
immediate causes3
Immediate Causes
  • First Nations – Objected
    • Losing large tracts of traditional areas
  • Treaties being ignored
    • First Nations appealed to British
  • British – if they did nothing Americans might invade Upper Canada
immediate causes4
Immediate Causes
  • Fur Trade Officials In First Nation Territories
  • United States
    • British fur trade officials favouring First Nations in Great Lakes region
    • British supply First Nations with arms to attack American settlers
    • Better stop or else
immediate causes5
Immediate Causes
  • American Jingoism
  • Aggressive talk and opinions that justify military action
  • Spread propaganda
    • Should invade Upper Canada to protect the United States
    • American troops would be welcomed because British North Americans were unhappy