hs ats 10 community first aid n.
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HS-ATS-10 Community First Aid PowerPoint Presentation
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HS-ATS-10 Community First Aid

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HS-ATS-10 Community First Aid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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HS-ATS-10 Community First Aid
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  1. HS-ATS-10 Community First Aid See first ppt for 1. a – I Review of OSHA

  2. Occupational Safety and Health Administration • Governs all safety and health in all workplaces • OHSA and CDC mandate and enact all guidelines for Standard Precautions • Standard Precautions should be used at all times when giving any type of pt/client/victim care

  3. Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) • Provided by employer • Includes: • Gloves • Gowns • Masks • Barriers • Sharps containers • Biohazard containers

  4. Splints Magazines Sticks Boards Limbs Newspaper Bandages Clean undershirt Kleenex Papertowels Blankets Plastic bags Paper bags Carpet Neck brace Hands Knees How can you adapt resources at the scene of an accident or ER to provide first aid techniques?

  5. Multiple Victims: How do you perform basic triage? • Look for most critical: • Scene is safe for you and victim • Activate EMS • Check for bleeding you can see, apply pressure • No breathing – open airway • No pulse – start CPR

  6. HS-ATS-11 Basic Life Support Techniques for Infants & Children • Use Standard Precautions • OSHA Guidelines • Are the risks factors for choking, respiratory and cardiac arrest in infants and children different than an adult? • Yes they can be more critical due to their small size • Do one set of compressions to breaths before activating the EMS on infants

  7. HS-ATS-11 BLS Infants & Children • Only use barriers, masks, and bag masks that fit them correctly • Do not use Automated External Defibrillator on infants under 1 • Do not use adult pads on Children 8 and under • AED pads our placed in same place as an adult

  8. When preparing your resume the most important thing to remember is to be totally ___. HONEST What PPE do you need to wear if you have a pt on airborne precautions? HEPPA Mask LEOCT Addendum Questions

  9. When doing pt/client teaching it is always important to check for understanding by doing what? Ask questions or have give return demonstration HS-ATS-7 Treatment Plans When preparing a tx plan who does the nurse need to make sure is part of the plan? All members of the healthcare team HS-ATS-5 Client Interaction

  10. What is the most important organelle? Nucleus What organs/structures are located in the dorsal cavity? Brain/Spinal cord What system are these organs from? Nervous system HS-ATS-8 Applied Anatomy

  11. If you have an infant with a pulse rate of 80, would you need to report it right away? Why or Why not? Yes Because normal range for pulse rate for an infant is 100 - 160 What is considered a normal blood pressure? 120/80 HS-ATS-9 Monitoring Client Status

  12. When filling out a job application if you come across a part that does not apply to you, you should do what? Leave it blank What color ink/inks do you use to fill out a job application? Blue/Black HS-ATS-2 Career Planning

  13. HS-ATS-4 Safety Practices • What is the only form of asepsis that kills all microorganisms, including spores and viruses? • Sterilization • Role of OSHA? • Governs all safety and health in all workplaces

  14. HS-ATS-5 Client Interaction • What technique/techniques would you need to use to teach a vision impaired client proper hand-washing procedures? • Large Print • Verbal Ques

  15. Why is it important for the healthcare team to report any changes in pt/client status to all members in regards to the tx plan? So it can be updated/revised on a regular basis to provide the most efficient and effective care for the pt/client Who is responsible for developing a pt/client tx plan? The entire Healthcare team that will be working with the pt/client HS-ATS-7 Treatment Plans

  16. HS-ATS-11 BLS • When you have given BLS to a victim to the best of your ability, why don’t you have to worry about the outcome? • You are covered by the “Good Samaritan Law” • Happy Studying and Merry and Blessed Christmas