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Persian Wars

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Persian Wars
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Persian Wars

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  1. Persian Wars Part 1

  2. Introduction •

  3. Persian War • At beginning of 5th BCE the Greek City-States faced a serious threat, invasion by the Persians. • Persia was the largest of all the near eastern-empires (ranging from Egypt to India and the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea).

  4. Persian Wars Mighty Empire of Persia (Iran) controls much of the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Can you find Greece?

  5. Where to go next….?

  6. Persian Wars Mighty Persian Empire Versus Greeks Small, scattered independent city-states that fought each other = weak and obviously “easy pickings” Just need an excuse to attack….

  7. Persian Wars City of Miletus tired of being under Persian control… Tries to join Greeks. Persians furious and attack Greece Miletus Athens decides to help, destroys Persian fleet maps/map_miletus.jpg

  8. Persian Wars Persians furious at loss, but happy with thoughts of using revenge as an excuse to take over Greeks…. Greece Miletus

  9. Persian Wars Persian leader, Darius, sends huge Persian naval fleet of 600 vessels to attack and destroy Athens…. • Persian navy hit by huge storm…..loses over ½ fleet!?! • Darius You Greeks are lucky, we’ll get you! • Athens Sea Gods are on our side!'71.jpg

  10. Persian Wars Takes Darius 2 more years to build another fleet to send..

  11. Persian Wars

  12. Persian Wars Meanwhile…. Darius demands that all Greek city-states apologize. Sends messengers to each city-state to collect “Earth & Water” As a symbol of their submission. Most Greek Polis, fearful of Darius’s wrath, agree… + Earth Water But not all….. Who do you think will refuse?

  13. Persian Wars Spartans consider Persian messenger’s request…… And… Decide to throw him into a deep well…. There’s your earth and water!


  15. Persian Wars Darius furious….sends another 600 ships

  16. Persian Wars Persians attack at the Plains of Marathon, near Athens

  17. Persian Wars Plains of Marathon

  18. Persian Wars Athenians see the huge amount of ships and panic. Send a runner (Pheidippides) from the plains of Marathon to Sparta (125kms one way) to request help. Spartans agree. Pheidippides runs back to warn Athenians. Does all this in 2 days. (250kms total!!!) Pheidippides arrives, gives message, collapses and dies. Today, the sport of “Marathon running” continues!

  19. Persian Wars~ The Battle of Marathon Prediction…???

  20. Persian Wars

  21. Persian Wars • Athenians: • Heavily outnumbered • No cavalry • No archers • No allied support for many days…. • What to do…? What to do….? ATTACK! Surprised the Persians And Used flanking manoeuvre to force Persians Into middle and be surrounded.

  22. Persian Wars

  23. Another view

  24. Persian Wars Athenians win….BIG TIME! 6400+ Persians killed Vs 192 Athenians…. Remaining Persians flee to safety of ships

  25. Persian Wars

  26. Persian Wars The Persians are frustrated with loss… what? They decide to sail towards Athens. Meanwhile, Athenian soldiers trot back to city to celebrate success When Persians arrive at city and see the same winning army, They head back home in despair, not willing to fight same killers again. 192 dead buried in ceremonial funeral mound which is still there today!

  27. Persian Wars

  28. Persian Wars

  29. Persian Wars The Battle of the Marathon Plains is over. But..... The war with the Persians isn’t……