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A B C of J C C. What We Are. We are the Anti-Bullying Committee of

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What we are
What We Are

We are the Anti-Bullying Committee of

J. C. Charyk.Our committee is made of students from Grade 8 and advisors who came together to help our students and teachers deal with bullying. We have talked about what our observations and plans were. We decided to take a proactive action of education and prevention.

Introducing the abc committee
Introducing the ABC Committee

Jordan Moench-Member

Jade Martin-Member

Quinn-Lynn Peters-Member

Austin Cretney-Member

Jacklyn Ord-Member

Tia Schnurer-Member

Brenda Karg-Advisor

Lacey Gutsche-Advisor

The results are in
The Results are in!

In October last year PLRD #25 conducted a survey called the "Safe School Survey" and the results have been reviewed. We would like to share the feedback we've received.

Did you know
Did You Know?

  • 26% of students feel they are bullied at school.

  • 70% report they have seen or heard students bully other students physically at least once or twice in the past four weeks.*

  • 48% of students feel they are very different from others at JCC.

  • 76% see other students being bullied at school.

    *Prior to when the survey was taken.

How Are People Hurt In Our School?

  • 32% of students were harassed because of their body weight and/or shape.

  • 25% of students were harassed because of physical weakness.

  • 48% of students feel outcast from the rest of the school.

Where does harm take place in our school
Where Does Harm Take Place In Our School?

  • 78% of students are harmed at outdoor areas and around school.

  • 65% of students are harmed in the hallways.

  • 61% of students are harmed in the change rooms.

When does harm occur
When Does Harm Occur?

  • 82% during lunch and recess.

  • 51% between classes.

  • 46% after school.

  • 53% of students think other students will not help a student if they are bullied.

  • 22% report students get bullied because they think that student deserved it.

The line has been crossed when you
The Line Has Been Crossed When You...

Attack someone based on:

  • Appearance

  • Gender

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Ethnic Origin

  • Religion

  • Physical or Mental Disabilities/Abilities


    Whether You Are Joking ORNot

This behaviour is not normal
This Behaviour is NOT Normal!

The attackers need to change, not the victims!

We have school policies
We Have School Policies

  • Verbal abuse or threats, intimidation, bullying, taunting, teasing and cyber-bullying

  • Negative remarks, jokes, innuendoes, or taunts about a person’s body, attire, age, gender, ethnic or national origin, socio-economic status, religion;

  • Displaying of pornographic, racist or other offensive or derogatory pictures or slogans directed at a particular school audience;

  • Practical jokes which cause awkwardness or embarrassment;

  • Sexual invitations, request or demands, whether indirect or explicit;

  • Inappropriate gestures;

  • Intimidation to participate in unlawful or unethical activity or to participate in activities which contravene school and/or board policy;

  • Unwelcome physical contact; and/or

  • Coercing or influencing third parties to harass others.

Did you know bullying is against the law
Did You Know Bullying Is Against The Law?

Any person who contravenes Part 3, Section 1 (a) of this bylaw is guilty of an offence punishable on summary conviction and is liable

a. For a first offence, to a minimum of specified penalty of $250.00; and

b. For second, or subsequent offences, to a fine not exceeding $1,000.00; and in default of payment of the fine and cost, to imprisonment for six months.

A poem by quinn lynn peters
A Poem By: Quinn-Lynn Peters

Stand Up

All you people out there;

Yes, you right there.

You bully, make jokes;

Then decide you don't care.

You throw sticks, you throw stones;

You break hearts, you break bones.

Well, I got something for you...

Stand Up Not Stand By!