food safety n.
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Food Safety

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Food Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Food Safety. Food $ense Nutrition Education. Some foods you eat have germs. Germs can cause. Fever. Stomachache. Visit to the doctor. You can’t see the germs. But they could be on your food…. You can protect yourself from Germs. Washing your hands will scare the

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Food Safety

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food safety
Food Safety

Food $ense Nutrition Education

some foods you eat have germs
Some foods you eat have germs

Germs can cause . . .



Visit to the doctor


You can’t see the germs

But they could be on your food…


You can protect yourself from Germs

Washing your hands will scare the

germs away!!


Also, wash your hands….

After you cough

Before you cook

After you sneeze


Protect Yourself

From Germs

Cook meat to well done to kill the germs


Eliminate germs from your food

Keep raw foods away from other foods


Don’t eat off other

people’s plate


When Grocery Shopping….

Don’t buy damaged cans

Check eggs for cracks

what can i do
What Can I Do?

Wash your hands before eating.