the rise of islam n.
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The Rise of Islam PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rise of Islam

The Rise of Islam

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The Rise of Islam

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  1. The Rise of Islam World History Ms. Costas

  2. Arabia • Arabia is in a part of the world called the Middle East • Its geography affected how people lived their day to day lives • Mostly desert • High temperatures • Sandstorms make it difficult to see • Water and plant life are found at oases

  3. The Early Arabs • The early Arabs lived in clans and tribes that were loyal to one another • These people were called Bedouins • They were nomadic tribes who lived on the Arabian peninsula • They lived in tents, ate dried fruits and nuts, and drank milk from the animals they herded • A majority of the people lived in small villages and made their money by trading goods with other civilizations • They would travel in caravans or groups

  4. The Prophet of Islam • Muhammad was born in 570 C.E. in the city of Mecca • Mecca was a bustling town at the center of trade • Even though he was successful, he was not happy • He felt that the rich town leaders should: • Go back to the old traditional ways • Honor their families • Be fair in business • Help the poor • Muhammad went to the hills to meditate • In 610 C.E. he was visited by the angel Gabriel • He was told by the angel to preach Islam • Islam means “Surrendering to the will of Allah” • Allah is the Arabic word for God

  5. Muhammad’s Teachings • Muhammad went back to Mecca and told everyone to break the statues of false gods • He told them to only worship Allah, the one true God • Muhammad taught that all people were equal: • The rich should share their things • Being rich was not as important as leading a good life • When the Day of Judgment came, God would reward the good and punish the bad

  6. Opposition to Islam • Religious leaders and the rich did not like Islam and punished those who followed Muhammad • Muhammad and his followers were forced to flee Mecca in 622 C.E. and moved north to a city called Medina • “City of the Prophet” • Muhammad created a government in Medina that used its power in politics to support Islam • This was called an Islamic state • In 630 C.E. Muhammad’s army took over Mecca and made it a holy city

  7. Islam’s Teachings • Islam, Judaism, and Christianity believe many of the same things: • Believe in one God who spoke to people through prophets • These are called Semitic religions • Muslims believe Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad are the prophets • Christians see Jesus as divine/god-like • Muslims do NOT see Muhammad as divine • Just a good person and prophet • Muslims wrote down what Allah told Muhammad in the Quran, the holy book of Islam • The Quran was a book on how to live • Be honest, treat others fairly, honor their parents, give to the poor, do not murder, lie, or steal • Cannot eat pork, drink alcohol, or gamble

  8. Five Pillars of Islam • Testimony of Faith - Shahada • Must declare belief in only one god, Allah • Prayer - Salat • Must pray towards Mecca five times a day • Almsgiving- Zakat • All Muslims are expected to donate money to the poor • Fasting - Sawm • Must abstain from eating, drinking, and sexual activity from sun up to sun down during Ramadan • Pilgrimage - Hajj • All Muslims should travel to Mecca at least one time in their lives if they are physically and financially able