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Analysis of Alternative Media: Ot Magazine PowerPoint Presentation
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Analysis of Alternative Media: Ot Magazine

Analysis of Alternative Media: Ot Magazine

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Analysis of Alternative Media: Ot Magazine

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  1. Analysis of Alternative Media: Ot Magazine OYA ALTAR YAVUZ 201303107026 Submitted to Assoc. Prof. Dr. PantelisVatikiotis 06TH MAY, 2014 Spring

  2. HistoricalContext of the Magazine • Itwas started to publishing on March of 2013. • Ot does not have any relation with foundation, or association, and political parties. • Every part of illustrators, a man of letters, journalist, scriptwriters, artists, authors, students, and poets who is famous or no-name can write in it. It is not important who belong to any kind of religion, language or nationhood. • The most remarkable point of intersection iseveryone has antagonistic political view.

  3. Organizational Chart • Writers are voluntaries. Some writers write regularly but some writers do not. • They want to be link between old generations and new generations. • Salient circumstance is most of them has an important role in mainstream media in Turkey. They are writing on the daily newspapers at the same time but they cannot say everything on their newspapers or television series or etc. Ot is the independent space for who wants to say something about life or politics. • Magazine has professional employee. Permanent staffs who are editors and secretary of pages or advertisers are working in Ot.

  4. Budgeting • Magazine is financed by the businessman EnesHızal who is the grant holder and managing editor at the same time. • Ot is selling 5 liras on the newsagents and bookstores. • Ot café is the other finance source for them. • Advertisements page

  5. Content of the magazine • Ot magazine aim to reveal different aspect of people. • All of the writers are activist. They are participant of social actions and they mention problems on their columns. • They have a project of music.

  6. Technical Details • Ot is a monthly magazine. • Magazine approximately includes 50 pages and most of the writer represent with name or nickname. • The writers do not have any contact information on their columns.

  7. Reflections and conclusions • This magazine gives a place to the different voices in the horizontal structure. Problem: • if you want to reach them, you have to visit Otcafé • they do not publish their all text on the website. • Budgeting • Website is onlyTurkish.