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OFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. Welcome To The 2008/2009 Benefits Open Enrollment Workshop April 2008. OFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. Presented By Christine Vo, Benefits Manager And Erica Le, UHC Account Executive

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. OFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY Welcome To The 2008/2009 Benefits Open Enrollment Workshop April 2008

    2. OFFICE OF HUMAN RESOURCES AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY Presented By Christine Vo, Benefits Manager And Erica Le, UHC Account Executive Kim Elliott, UHC Client Service Manager Pamela Garner, UHC Enrollment Specialist Vladimir Raguindin, Kaiser Account Manager Maria Lopez, Kaiser Associate Account Manager Loretta Chu, Kaiser Enrollment Specialist Matthew Lundsten, Hartford Enrollment Consultant

    3. BENEFITS OPEN ENROLLMENT: APRIL 7 - 30, 2008 • Benefits election for July 2008 - June 2009. • Mandatory Medical Election for all Full-Time Employees. • Employees enrolled in the PPO+ Medical Plan must re-enroll or coverage will default to the PPO Network Only Medical Plan effective July 1, 2008. • PIN Notification Letter from SECOVA, on-line benefits carrier • Enroll online 1. Employer: FHDA • LOGIN: Last 4 digits of Employee SSN, immediately followed by the month, date and yearof yourbirth year (e.g. Last four SS#MMDDYYYY) • PIN: Assigned 5 digits code

    4. HOW TO CHANGE PLAN, ADD/DELETE DEPENDENT(S) • For employees who don’t have access to a computer or internet, please complete the Change Request Form to authorize changes to your account and the monthly payroll deduction (if applicable). • To add/delete a dependent, you must provide the following documents: Marriage license, divorce decree signed by the judge, birth/death certificate or legal adoption papers and copies of social security card for each newly enrolled dependent or change in status to HR before the updates/changes can be made. • All required documents must be submitted to HR by April 30, 2008. New dependent(s) will not be covered if we do not receive the necessary documents. • You can not change your selections until the next annual open enrollment (April 2009) unless you have a qualifying “change in family status”. • All employees will receive an official benefits confirmation statement from Secova by May 12th for verification.

    5. DEPENDENTS ELIGIBILITY AUDIT (DEA) • The District contracts with Secova (formerly known as UltraLink Secova) to perform an ongoing verification of all enrolled dependents (spouses, and all dependent children) for all insurance carriers (United Healthcare, Kaiser, Delta Dental, and Vision Service Plan). • Maximum Age of Coverage for Dependent Children: ends on the 24th birthday • The District and the insurance carriers reserve the right to request documentation (tax records) to verify enrolled family members). Please do not submit any documentation unless HR/Benefits or your carrier request it. • DEA mailing scheduled May 8, 2008, employees who have enrolled any dependents via open enrollment will be required to respond to an audit from Secova. Employees will until June 6, 2008 to respond.

    6. DOCUMENT REQUIRED FOR DEPENDENTS VERIFICATION • You are required to submit a copy of your2007 Federal Income Return (form 1040 and the Attestation Certification form to Secova.Please do not provide any supplemental tax records, only the first page and the signature page is required. It is your responsibility to file your taxes on time as there will be no exceptions.Failure to provide the necessary documentation when requested will disqualify the dependent(s) for coverage. • In lieu of 2007 Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040), the following documents are accepted asproofs of legal spouse: 2007 Property Tax Records or Current Rental Agreement that clearly defines the relationship of the two individuals. • You may redact all financial information from the tax form, and you will only need to disclose the last 4 digits of your SSN.

    7. DOCUMENT REQUIRED FOR DEPENDENTS VERIFICATION • If you are divorced and required to carry coverage for dependent child(ren), but cannot claim your dependent(s) per court order, please submit the Court Order Statement in lieu of the 1040 statement. The maximum age of coverage for these dependents to age 19. • To request an extension due to late income tax filing: Submit2008 Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return (form 4868) to Secova no later than June 6, 2008. The extended deadline is August 15, 2008 (to meet COBRA regulations). You may request the ultimate deadline of October 15, 2008 by notifying SECOVA no later than June 6, 2008. • You must also sign an ATTESTATION CERTIFICATION form provided by Secova todeclare that the provided information you are submitting to prove eligibility for your dependent(s) under the District’s benefit plans is true, accurate, and complete. If providing false, incomplete or misleading information, or if you fail to update this information in accordance with eligibility guidelines, you may be subject to the following: reduced coverage levels, repayment of any claims or premiums paid by the District, and disenrollment of your dependent(s). Please note that it is a felony to falsify IRS tax forms in any way!

    8. DEPENDENTS ELIGIBILITY AUDIT (DEA) Cont…. • Failure to provide the required documentation will disqualify the dependent for coverage effective July 1, 2008, and re-enrollment will not be allowed under the next plan year. Note: Claims will be placed in pending status until proof of IRS dependency status can be verified. Secova Customer Service: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. PST Secova Western Service Center PO Box 5080 Costa Mesa, 92628 Email: PHONE: 1-866-208-3204 FAX: 1-866-585-6860

    9. Wellness Initiatives • Biometrics Screening Program • Sponsored by Human Resources • Program administered by Provant Health Solutions, LLC (in partnership with UnitedHealthcare) • Free of charge for all RETIREES • Dates: May 12-15, 2008, 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. • Location: Foothill Campus, District Board Room, May 12 and 13, 2008 De Anza Campus, Admin Building, Room #106, May 14 and 15, 2008 • Fasting is not required • Nurse Health Coaching/Counseling Available • For appointment: TEL: (877) 239-3557, Ext 211 • Deadline for registration is Friday, May 2nd • For identification, please bring either a District ID card or UHC/Kaiser ID with you to the event!

    10. Wellness Initiatives cont… • Health Risk Assessment Program • Sponsored by Human Resources • Scheduled for the week of October 13th (watch out for more news in the Fall 2008) • On-line HRA • Incentives for both Actives and Spouse to participate • Free Flu Shots • Raffles Event PLEASE COME AND JOIN US FOR THE FUN AND PROMOTE HEALTHY LIVING!

    11. DeltaPreferred Option (DPO) now known as Delta Dental PPO Advantages: • Save on out-of-pocket expense when utilizing a PPO Network dental office • Increase maximum annual coverage from $2,000 to $2,200 per person, per calendar year • Must use any licensed Delta Dentist who is contracted under the PPO service fees schedule to maximize your benefits • PPO Plan is in addition to the District’scurrent DeltaPremier Plan (may use any dentist). Maximum allowance remains at $2,000 per calendar year

    12. Oral Health Cont… • For information regarding eligibility, benefits and list of PPO or DeltaPremier dentists, you can now access Delta Dental’s web site: or call (800) 427-3237 • Dedicated fax line for school district employees: (866) 499-3001 for faxed eligibility/benefits information

    13. VISION CARE PROGRAM • Administered by Vision Service Plan (VSP) • Exam and Rx glasses … $10 co-pay • Contacts ……………. . No co-pay applies • Coverage allows: Annual exam ………every 12 months Lenses covered in full…… 12 months Frames (up to $115).. every 24 months or Contacts …………every 12 months • For information regarding eligibility, benefits and list of VSP providers, please access: or call (800) 877-7195 • Out-of-Network Reimbursements: • Up to $45 for Exam, Lenses & Frame • Up to $105 for Contact Lenses • No ID cards required and no claim forms

    14. MEDICAL PLANS AT A GLANCE Medical Options: • District Combined Coverage Medical Plan (PPO+) • District Network Only Plan (PPO) • Kaiser Health Plan – HMO

    15. THIRD PARTY ADMINISTRATOR (TPA) AND PPO NETWORKS • The District Self-Funded Medical Plans are administered by United Healthcare (UHC), GROUP #708611, Customer Care toll free (800) 510-4846. • PPO Network Only Medical Plan (PPO) participants MUST choose providers contracted with the UnitedHealthcare CHOICE Health Plan. • District Combined Coverage Medical Plan (PPO+) can access providers under the UnitedHealthcare CHOICE PLUS Health Plan and non-network providers. • To determine if your physician is in the network, go to UHC web site: Or call Customer Care toll free: (800) 510-4846

    16. Choice to select any providers: UnitedHealthcare CHOICE PLUS Health Plan & Non-PPO providers. ZERO deductible Utilization of UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus PPO providers provides: 100% in payment per contractual rates, patient is responsible for only co-payments Option to access any non-PPO providers Plan pays 80% of UCR charges, patient is responsible for the difference in UCR payment vs. billed Flexibility: Provides worldwide coverage regardless whether it is emergency or not Members who reside outside of US territory or in non-PPO service areas will default automatically to the PPO+ Plan and premiums will be billed accordingly. Requires employee contribution to insure dependent coverage. Chiropractic Care requiredPRIOR AUTHORIZATION(after 12 visits). Maximum annual limit of 30 visits. Subject to medical necessity. District Combined Coverage Medical Plan (PPO+)

    17. DISTRICT NETWORK ONLY PLAN (PPO) • MUST choose only providers contracted with the UnitedHealthcare CHOICE Health Plan. • ZEROpayment for any out-of-network expenses, except for true Medical Emergency (Level 1 Critical Care @ PPO level of benefits). You are responsible for the difference in billing! • Utilization of UnitedHealthcare Choice PPO providers provides: • 100% in payment per contractual rates, patient is responsible for only co-payments • Annual Deductible is applicable for hospitalization, physician hospital services, diagnostics X-ray & Lab, durable medical equipment, outpatient substance abuse, ambulance services, birthing centers, skilled nursing facility, home/hospice healthcare, ER, etc. $150/per person/calendar year $300/for two persons/calendar year $400/family of three or more/calendar year • 50% Higher Out-of-Pocket maximum vs. PPO+ plan • Limited chiropractic care (10 visits annually) • Well Baby Care/Adult Annual Physical - Plan pays 100% up to $300 per calendar year maximum, less co-pay per visit • $50 Co-pay for Inpatient Mental Health vs. ZERO for PPO+ • NO employee contribution to insure dependent coverage • To insure under PPO Network Only Medical Plan, you must have access to contracted PPO providers and facilities within a 30 mile radius from your home. Otherwise, you must select PPO+ Plan or Kaiser.

    18. HOW TO FILE MEDICAL CLAIMS • Effective July 1, 2008, UHC enforces the 90 days claims submission for PPO contracted providers in an effort to improve the claims payment process. • For non-contracted claims, UHCrequiresclaim form for medical expense reimbursement PPO & Non-PPO claims - Submit claims to: United Healthcare P. O. Box 30555 Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0555 UHC Customer Care toll free: 1-800-510-4846

    19. COORDINATION OF BENEFITS • Coordination of Benefits (COB)provision means that when a member is covered under two or more plans, the benefits of these plans will be coordinated so that the total amount paid out does not equal more than the actual cost of treatment. Coordination of Benefits is vital in keeping the cost of coverage as low as possible. • If the member is entitled to benefits under another health care plan in addition to the District Plan,it is important to bill both companies at the same time, regardless of whether we are the primary or secondary carrier. By billing both companies at the same time establishes a record in our system for timely filing. • Secondary submission: • If you are submitting a paper claim, please attach the Explanation of Benefits form the primary insurance for proper coordination. • If you are submitting an electronic claim, be sure to complete all the other insurance payment fields correctly to insure proper coordination with the primary payer. • Payment Allowance In no event will District Medical Plan’s payment for covered services together with the payment made by the primary carrier exceed the amount that would have been payable if UnitedHealthcare had been the primary carrier. The practitioner agrees to accept the negotiated amount as payment in full, whether that amount is paid in whole or part by the member, us, or by any combination of payers, including other payers that may pay as primary.

    20. LABS SERVICE FOR SELF-FUNDED MEDICAL PLANS • To maximize benefits and minimize out-of-pocket expenses, it is best to utilize contracted providers such as: LabCorp, Westcliff Med Lab, Hunter Lab, SleepMed of California, Gyne Path Lab, Los Olivos Med Lab, Stanford Lab (SHC Reference Lab), and others. • Non-contracted labs - You will be responsible for the difference between what the Plan pays (80% of UCR) and the total charge.

    21. PRESCRIPTION DRUG PLAN • MEDCO is thePharmacy Benefits Manager (in partnership with UHC), GROUP #708611, Member Services toll free: 1-877-842-6048. • Access pharmacy information and refills via: • MAIL ORDER PRESCRIPTION provided by MEDCO • To start Mail Order Prescription, contact your physician(s) for NEW prescriptions (90 supply + refills) and submit those to MEDCO. It will take at least two weeks for the new prescriptions to be delivered to your home, so plan accordingly. • The Plan requires that all MAINTENANCE MEDICATIONS for chronic medical conditions be ordered via mail order program. Do not submit any other medication requests such as one time use or antibiotics. • Overrides for supplies larger than 90 days needed for extended travel outside of the U.S. may be arranged by contacting the Benefits Office.

    22. HOW TO FILE PRESCRIPTION DRUG CLAIMS A. Prescription Drug Claims: GROUP #708611(both medical and prescription drug share the same group number with UHC). **MEDCOrequiresclaim form for Rx expense reimbursement Submit claims to: Medco Health Solutions, Inc. P. O. Box 14711 Lexington, KY 40512 Medco Customer Service: 1-877-842-6048(7/24 hours service) B.Prior Authorization (P.A.) required for certain drugs: Physician must contact Medco at 1-800-753-2851

    23. Half-Tab Program - Effective May 1, 2008 • Designed to support members who want to save money by “splitting” tablets for select prescription medications. • Under a Doctor’s supervision, the program allows for doubling the strength of qualified medications, while reducing the quantity of tablets by half. • Key benefits: Participating members benefit by paying a reduced co-payment • Participation is voluntary (members choose to participate with their Doctor) Program includes 20 medications: • Notification letters to be sent to those members who take medications included in the program.The member will be informed about the program and provided a free tablet splitter, as well as given instructions to discuss the program with their physicians to determine if the program is appropriate for them.

    24. Industry Outlook – Generics * Significant Generics Entering Marketplace Within Next 24 Months 1. Zyrtec: Allergy drug (OTC) product - Qtr 1, 2008 2. Fosmax: Bone suppression resorption agent (osteoporosis) - Qtr 1, 2008 3. Keppra: Epilepsy treatment or bipolar disorder and neuropathy - Qtr 3, 2008 4. Depakote: Anticonbulsant drug (epilepsy), prevention of migraines, bioplar disorder, and etc… - Qtr 1, 2008 5. Risperdal: Antipsychotic used to treat schizophrenia, mood disorders or bipolar disorder - Qtr 3, 2008 6. Imitrex: Vascular serotonin receptor agonist - for treatment of migraines, etc. - Qtr 4, 2008

    25. DISEASE MANAGEMENT PROGRAM: OptumHealth optimizes the health and well-being of individuals and organizations through personalized health management solutions. The Program is intended to provide: • Support for individuals who are living with a chronic condition or dealing with complex health care needs such as coronary artery disease, diabetes, asthma, etc.. • Access to health and wellness information to assist in making more informed decisions about your health in consultation with your physician. You’ll receive a welcome kit of educational materials, standard-of-care reminder cards and condition-specific quarterly newsletters. • Availability – A toll-free nurse hotline is available to you 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. The service offers support for you between physician office visits to improve your self-management skills. • MyNURSE Hot Line: 1-866-805-8310

    26. UHC - CUSTOMER CARE • provides extensive Web-based tools and resources for claims management, a list of contracted providers, an opportunity to take online health risk assessments, id card replacement, access to research health topics and an opportunity to participate in group discussions with medical experts • Customer Care toll free number (800) 510-4846, GROUP #708611, can also help you find the right physician, specialist or hospital for your specific needs • Care Coordination provides Personal Health Support with Disease Management for employees who are living with chronic conditions or dealing with complex health care needs. It assists employees in coordinating care for both pre and post operation procedures. It provides access to resources that can give you confidence when making health decisions. • UHC Claims Resolution Assistance: Scheduled Every 3rd Monday for the next 5 months(5/19, 6/16, 7/21, 8/18, and 9/15/08). • Contact HR at 650-949-6224 to schedule an appointment

    27. KAISER MEDICAL PLAN • Use Web site,, to: • Find physicians and facilities near you • Request routine appointments and order prescription refills • Get health and drug information • Contact a pharmacist with non-urgent questions and get answers delivered to your personal, secure mailbox • Join a community through our online message board

    28. KAISER MEDICAL PLAN CONT…. Benefits include: • $10 co-payment for office visits (No deductibles to meet) • $10 co-payment for routine physical visits • $5 co-payment for well-child preventive care visits (under age 2) • $5 co-payment for scheduled prenatal care and first postpartum visit • $50 co-payment for non-ER services and Out-of-Area Urgent Care Visits • $10 per outpatient surgery per procedure • No charge for vaccines (immunizations), allergy injection visits • $10 co-payment for individual health education visits • No charge for hospitalization services • No charge for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) • $5 Generic/ $10 Brand Name co-payment for most prescription drugs - 100 days supply • No charge for 45 days/calendar year of Inpatient Mental Health Services • $10 per individual visit or $5 per group visit (20 combined individual and group visits/calendar year) for outpatient mental health (OMH) • No charge for home health care, skill nursing facilty care and hospice care up to 100 visits per calendar year • Hearing Aids coverage is good for every 36 months: $500 allowance

    29. KAISER MEDICAL PLAN CONT… • $10 co-payment for up to 30 chiropractic visits through American Specialty Health Plan Network (ASH) • 25% Discount on additional chiropractic visits, acupuncture and massage therapy through ASH: • Member Services: 1-800-678-9133 • Web Site: • Health classes and programs, including some you might not expect, like tai chi and yoga, are available at no cost or for a small fee. Class offerings vary by location. NOTE: For more complete benefit information, members should refer to the Summary of Benefits and Evidence of Coverage.

    30. KAISER’S LIVE-WORK ELIGIBILITY RULE • Allows ACTIVE employees who reside within the state of CA and work in the Kaiser service area, to enroll in the Kaiser Medical Plan regardless of their residence. Reminder: • Article 19 (Early Retirees), full-time retirees, surviving spouses and COBRA enrolleees are not eligible. • Employees who reside outside of the State of CA should select only the District’s Combined Coverage Medical Plan (PPO+) or the PPO Network Only Medical Plan (PPO). • Dependents follow the employee choice

    31. EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (E.A.P.) Administered by United Behavior Health (UBH) • Services are completely confidential • Designed to enrich and support you as you experience life changes • Program provides resources, expertise, consultation and referrals in helping you with day-to-day concerns that are related to everyday life to major life events • Services are provided by a large and diverse network of licensed and certified professionals, they are comprised of attorneys, paralegals, financial consultants, family mediators and dependent care professionals. • For complicated issues, you can meet with a full range of certified specialists, including licensed master’s level counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and substance abuse professionals • How Do I Get Started? • Log on to www.liveandworkwell.comor call 1-866-248-4105, Access code: 61570 • Specialists are available 24 hours per day/7 days per week, 365 days a year. • To help non-English speakers, UBH have translators who speak 140 languages • A dedicated TDD line for persons with hearing or speech-impaired conditions.

    32. CHOICES TO MAKE Current Medical Benefit Coverage: • District PPO+ Plan:Dependent Contribution Required 1) EE + 1 dependent: $122.00/mo X 12 mo = $1,464 annually Actual cost: $128.05/mo x 12 mo = $1,536.06 Savings: $72.60 or 5% District supplement (one-time) 2) EE + 2 or more dependents: $199.00/mo X 12 mo = $2,388 annually Actual cost: $240.05/mo x 12 mo = $2,880.60 Savings: $492.60 or 17% District supplement (one-time) • District Network Only (PPO) Plan: No Employee Contributions • Kaiser HMO Medical Plan: No Employee Contributions

    33. VOLUNTARY BENEFITS: SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE AND AD&D PROGRAM • SUPPLEMENTAL LIFE AND AD&D • Administered by HARTFORD Life Insurance Co. • Elect this coverage online at • Review both coverage and rates online • Download both Enrollment and Evidence of Insurability (EOI) forms from for completion and return to the District by the Deadline of April 30th. Employee’s coverage: $50K minimum; $150K maximum Spouse or Domestic Partner’s coverage: $50K minimum; or matching employee’s coverage up to $150K maximum (previously guaranteed at $20K level) Dependent Children’s coverage: Live birth - 6 months = $1K 6 months - 25th birthday = $10K

    34. VOLUNTARY BENEFITS: FLEXIBLE BENEFITS SPENDING ACCOUNTS (FSA) • FSA (Plan year: July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009) • Administered by United Healthcare • Must elect this coverage online at iElect.comeach year. It is not automatically renewed. OPTIONS: • HEALTH CARE REIMBURSEMENT ACCOUNT (HCRA):Eligible expenses cannot be paid or reimbursed by any benefit plan, and do not include health plan contributions or premiums. (Medical, Rx, Dental and Vision expenses for both you and your eligible dependents). IRS Code 213. • DEPENDENT CARE REIMBURSEMENT ACCOUNT (DCRA):Pre-tax deductions can be used to reimburse any child and dependent care expenses that would otherwise be eligible for a tax credit, as defined by the IRS. Care for dependent under the age of 13; care for dependent of any age,who is physically or mentally incapable of self-care, and who lives with you for more than half the year, incurred to allow you (and your spouse, if applicable) to work. IRS Code 129.

    35. FSA CONTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS • Minimum and Maximum contribution: • Minimum contribution for both HCRA and DCRA FSA is $500/year • Maximum contribution for HCRA is $3,000/year • Maximum contribution for DCRA is $5,000/year in combined contributions for any DCRA FSA, per family, per calendar year (Note: DCRA allows $2,500 if married and filing separate tax returns) • It is best to underestimate your expense! Expenses must be incurred in the plan year! • The money in one FSA account may not be used to cover expenses in the other, per IRS regulations. • Any unused funds remaining in your FSA account(s) after the close of the plan year must be forfeited, as required by the IRS.

    36. FSA Eligible Expenses • Health Care : • Medical Plan Deductibles • Insurance Co-Payments • Prescription Drugs • Over-the-Counter Medicines (when used to alleviate personal injury or sickness) • Vision Exams/Eyeglasses/Contacts • Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) • *Acupuncture • *Weight Loss Program • Dental and Orthodontia (Braces) • *Chiropractic • Treatments for Smoking Cessation • Treatment for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction • Immunizations _________________________________________________________________________________________ *When medically necessary.

    37. FSA Eligible Expenses • Nursery or pre-school • Summer day camp • *Care in a licensed child or adult care facility • Services from individual provide care in or outside your home while you work. NOTE: Dependents of you or your spouse and children under age 19 are not acceptable • Before and After-school programs for children under age 13 • A caregiver’s wages and employer taxes • Transportation provided by dependent care provider to and from dependent care location • Eldercare - Household services (related to the care of the elderly or disabled adults or children who live with you) provided by a housekeeper, maid, cook, etc., as long as the individual is partly responsible for the well being and care of your qualified dependents *NOTE: To qualify, the school or center must comply with state and local laws, serve at least seven individuals, and receive a fee for its services. • Dependent Care:

    38. FSA - Ineligible Expenses • Health Care: Cosmetics or Cosmetic procedure (not medically necessary) Electrolysis Health club dues Insurance premium Nutritional and herbal supplements Teeth bleeching Toiletries and sundry items (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.) Teeth bonding (not medically necessary) Vitamins and minerals (for general health and well-being) • Dependent Care: Babysitting that is not work related School costs for kindergarten or higher grades Long Term Care services Overnight camps Day care provided by a spouse, dependent or your child under age 19 Activity and field trip fees

    39. FSA - Auto Rollover (Reimbursement) • If you wish to apply your out-of-pocket expenses (co-payments and/or deductibles) for the PPO Network Only or PPO+ medical plans and Medco through United Healthcare, you must elect this option when enrolling online. • This option will allow UHC to tabulate all of your out-of-pocket expenses and reimburse you when your expenses have reached a minimum of $50 without you submitting claim forms. However, expenses incurred via other carriers such as Kaiser HMO, Delta Dental, and Vision Service Plan (VSP) are required to be submitted to United Healthcare for reimbursement manually. • Kaiser members must selectHealth Care Reimbursement Account - Claims Filed Manuallyoptionif you elect FSA Health Care Reimbursement Account. • An important difference to remember: • You can file claims for amounts totaling your entire annual health care contribution from your Health Care Flexible Spending Account at any time during the year; • To receive a reimbursement from your Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account, you must have accumulated sufficient contributions to cover your claim at the time your request is made. • Auto Rollover :

    40. FSA & IRS Regulations • For additional information regarding: • FSA accounts • Lists of FSA approved expenses or exclusions by the IRS • Claim and direct deposit forms Pleaseaccess HR Web Site: or contact United Healthcare FSA Customer Care at 1-877-311-7849, Group #709593 • IRS web site: 1) Publication 502 (Health Care Expenses) 2) Publication 503 (Dependent Care) • DEADLINE FOR PY 2007/2008 (July 07 - June 08): All claims must be received by UHC no later than September 30, 2008 for reimbursement. • DEADLINE FOR PY 2008/2009 (JULY 08 - JUNE 09): All claims must be received by UHC no later than September 30, 2009for reimbursement.

    41. THE CONSOLIDATED OMNIBUS BUDGETRECONCILIATION ACT (COBRA LAW) • Your Rights under COBRA Definition: A CONTINUATION of Health Benefits Coverage. • Qualifying Events: A. Employee Qualifying events • Voluntary Termination of employment; • Reduction of working hours results in loss of coverage; • Lay-off; or • Discharge from the District for reasons other than gross misconduct B. Dependent Qualifying Events • Divorce or Legal Separation of the employee and the spouse; • Employee’s Death; • Employee’s Entitlement to Medicare; or 4. Ceasing to be a “Dependent Child” according to the plan’s definition.

    42. COBRA RIGHTS CONT… • LENGTH OF CONTINUATION OF COVERAGE: • Employee’s qualifying event - 18 months • Dependent’s qualifying event - 36 months • SELF-PAY @ 102% OF PREMIUM • Can elect to purchase Medical/Rx only or the entire package (includes Dental & Vision) • MUSTnotify the Plan Administrator within 60 days of a qualifying event to enroll • Premium Payment is due and payable on the first day of coverage and the first day of each month thereafter. The initial payment must be made within 45 days of election. PY 08/09 Rates: Monthly premium/single insured Kaiser/Rx $455.58 PPO Network Only/Rx $644.36 PPO+/Rx $697.23 Dental & Vision $73.38

    43. The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) • Your Rights under USERRA: Health Insurance Protection • If you leave your job to perform military service, you have the right to elect to continue your existing employer-based health plan at your expense for you and your dependents up to 24 months while in the military. B. If you elect to discontinue benefits coverage during your military service, you have the right to be reinstated in your employer’s health plan when reemployed, generally without any waiting periods or exclusions, such as pre-existing exclusions, except for service-connected illnesses or injuries.

    44. SUMMARY OF OPEN ENROLLMENT (OE) PROCESS • Mandatory on-line enrollment required for all active employees • The annual OE period is scheduled from April 7-30, 2008. The choices you make during this election will remain in effect until June 30, 2009, unless you experience a life qualifying event. • All PPO+ members must make an election on-line. Failure to do so will result in defaulting to District Network Only Plan (PPO), for you and your dependents. • Official Benefits Confirmation Statements will be mailed to employees’ homes by Secova on May 8, 2008 for verification. • Dependent Eligibility Audit (DEA) materials will be mailed to all employees who insured dependents for Plan Year 08/09 on May 8th. • DEA Project Deadline:June 6, 2008 • Remember to submit (1) “2007” 1040 Federal Income Tax Returns and (2) Attestation Certification form to SECOVA • New ID cards will be issued by the medical carrier by June 27th. • Extended Deadline due to late income tax filing for Dependents Verification Project: August 15, 2008 (to meet COBRA obligations)or October 15, 2008 (ultimate deadline with IRS) provided that you submit the Form 4868 by June 6, 2008 to Secova. • Please be advised that if you require an extended deadline through October 15, 2008, COBRA extension beyond August 29, 2008 is not available.

    45. On-line Enrollment reminder • FSA Auto Rollover:Click Health Care Reimbursement Account - Auto Rollover (Medical/Rx Only)option when enrolling online if you wish to apply your out-of-pocket expenses (co-payments and/or deductibles) for the PPO Network Only or PPO+ medical plans and Medco through United Healthcare. • IMPORTANT: When finishing your elections online, you must CLICK the PLEASE CONFIRMbutton to activate your benefits for the new plan year (July 1, 2008 through June 30, 2009). Otherwise, your election will continue to be in pending status, and no changes will be registered by the system. • IMPORTANT: This presentation is a brief summary of the most frequently used benefit provisions. Please refer to the Evidence of Coverage or the Summary Plan Description for complete details of benefit limitations, exclusions, and general program parameters.

    46. MOST USEFUL INFORMATION • For information regarding your Group Health Benefits or claim forms please access: • For information regarding the PPO+ and PPO Network Only Plans, verify contracted providers, FSA approved expenses or exclusions by the IRS, please contact: UHC Customer Care at 1-800-510-4846 (M-F 8 a.m - 8 p.m. PT) Medical Group #70861 FSA Group #709593 • For list of PPO contracted providers, please access either: or NOTE: No password is required to access • For mail order prescription drugs refills call 1-800-4REFILL or (1-800) 473-3455 • MEDCO direct contact number: 1-877-842-6048 • FSA direct contact number (administered by UHC): 1-877-311-7849

    47. Benefits Important Contacts • Benefits Program Coordinator: Vacant - Email: TBD • Responsible for audit and process Medicare reimbursement checks for retirees, eligible dependents and surviving spouses; Surviving spouses, COBRA billing, FSA, and benefit claims resolution • Patience McHenry - Email: • Responsible for legal compliance, and general benefits assistance • Christine Vo - Email: • Plan Administrator for all health/welfare benefit plans

    48. H.R. Important Contacts • Patti Conens - Email: Debbie Haynes - Email: Responsible for all FT Faculty contractual issues • Kristine Lestini - Email: Margaret McCutchen - Email: • Responsible for all contractual issues relating to classified (CSEA, SEIU, Supervisors, Confidentials) and Administrators.