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Equal Opportunity. Key Personnel Brief. Our Number One Goal - Improve Mission Effectiveness!. Overview. Equal Opportunity (E.O.) Staff Program Objective Scope and Limitations Key Personnel Responsibilities E.O. Office Responsibilities and Services Military Complaints

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equal opportunity

Equal Opportunity

Key Personnel Brief

Our Number One Goal - Improve Mission Effectiveness!



  • Equal Opportunity (E.O.) Staff
  • Program Objective
  • Scope and Limitations
  • Key Personnel Responsibilities
  • E.O. Office Responsibilities and Services
  • Military Complaints
  • Civilian Complaints
  • Trends and Concerns
  • Summary

E.O. Staff

73% This Time Last Year


TSgt Jermey Lawley


SSgt Elizabeth Torres

Office located in Bldg. 22005 - Ext. 366-5111/3790/3789 - Fax: 366-4126

Operating Hrs: 0730 – 1630 - Call Command Post after duty-hours to contact E.O. Personnel


Program Objective

Identify and eradicate discrimination, sexual harassment and other E.O. related matters before it impacts Andersen's wartime and peacetime capabilities and provide Team Andersen with training and information needed to meet present and future human relation challenges and goals.

scope and limitations
Scope and Limitations

The E.O. Office will inform commanders of problems that may adversely affect member’s behavior, health, duty performance, or mission.

  • Our Purview: Accept complaints of sexual harassment and/or unlawful discrimination based on:
  • Sex
  • Religion
  • Race
  • Color
  • National Origin
  • Age (40 years or older)
  • Physical/Mental Disability
  • Reprisal/Retaliation
key personnel responsibilities
Key Personnel Responsibilities
  • Support and enforce E.O. policy.
  • Inform members of their right to file EO/EEO Informal orFormal Complaints with the E.O. Office without fear of reprisal or retaliation and their right to anonymity (for civilian complaints).
  • Ensure all personnel are free to present an EO/EEO Complaint or a Protected Disclosure to the chain-of-command.
  • Investigate allegations of unlawful discrimination/sexual harassment promptly and fairly.
  • Provide the EO Director with a synopsis of the allegation(s), participant names and demographics, and any corrective action(s) taken (Commander Worked Issues).
  • Brief/Counsel alleged offender of the allegations against him/her and the final outcome. (military and civilian complaints).
  • Protect members who file an EO/EEO Complaint from reprisal or retaliation.
  • Take corrective/disciplinary actions to end unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment.
  • Accommodate religious practices when accommodation will not have an adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, standards of discipline.
  • Preserve service member’s right of expression to the maximum extent possible, consistent with good order, discipline, and national security regarding participation in hate group activities.
e o responsibilities
E.O. Responsibilities
  • Clarifies E.O. complaints for active duty, family members and retirees. Conduct complaint processing for DOD civilians. Conduct EOT Incident Clarifications, Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), Human Relations Education and Unit Climate Assessments.
  • Maintains close liaison with on and off base agencies, establishments, advisory
  • councils, and special emphasis groups.
  • Consults with IG investigative officers as Subject Matter Experts (SME) throughout
  • a CDI that has allegations of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment.
  • Provides Human Relations Education (HRE) on diversity, unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment for base personnel.
  • Assists commanders in developing E.O. supplemental policy guidance letters for their units.
  • Apprises unit commanders of unlawful discriminatory or sexual harassment incidents when no complaint has been submitted while respecting civilians’ right to anonymity.
e o responsibilities cont d
E.O. Responsibilities cont’d


  • Military and Civilian Formal / Informal Complaint Processing
  • Unit Climate Assessments (UCA)
  • Human Relations Education
  • Miscellaneous Programs / Services
  • Referral Agencies
military complaint process
Military Complaint Process

Members are encouraged to use the chain of command to identify and correct unlawful discriminatory practices. This includes processing and resolving complaints of unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment.

  • Informal Process
  • (Documented on AF Form 1587-1)
  • Resolved at lowest level (by self or with co-worker intervention)
  • Resolved by using chain of command
  • Use Alternative Dispute Resolution (i.e. communications between disputants)
  • Formal Process
  • (Documented on AF Form 1587)
  • Filed and addressed by E.O. Office
  • Complainant has 60 days from the time the alleged behavior occurred to file
  • Complaint clarification process includes interviewing or taking statements from persons
  • Final determination based on preponderance of credible evidence
  • Legal Review
  • Commander Action

E.O. has limited confidentiality and will reveal information only to those with a need-to-know

civilian complaint process
Civilian Complaint Process

A federal employee/applicant who believes s/he has been discriminated against on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age (40 yrs or older), disability (mental/physical) or who believes s/he has been subjected to harassment (sexual or non sexual) or retaliated against for opposing discrimination or for participating in the complaint process. These individuals can file an informal complaint of discrimination. The aggrieved must contact an E.O. Counselor within 45 calendar days from the alleged incident or when they became aware of the discrimination.

  • Informal Process
  • (Counselor Report if case goes formal)
  • E.O. attempts to resolve at lowest level
  • Attempts at resolution include the use of ADR, based on complainant remedies.
  • EO Counselor has 30 days to complete the informal process unless the complainant extends the time.
  • Formal Process
  • (Documented on DD Form 2655)
  • Filed in writing within 15 calendar days of the Notice of Right to File.
  • Investigated by Investigative Resolution Division (IRD).
  • File sent to the Air Force Civilian Appellate Review Office (AFCARO) who will make a determination of whether or not discrimination has occurred.
unit climate assessment
Unit Climate Assessment

Purpose: Assist commanders at all levels in determining their human relations climate.

  • Conducted on units with > 50 personnel assigned
  • Accomplished every 2 years or when requested
  • UCA Types
  • Type I: Most comprehensive method, includes surveys and interviews.
  • Type II: Survey only
  • Type III: Interviews only (used for units with < 50 personnel)

** UCA Database can provide a combined historical assessment from previous years **

human relations education
Human Relations Education


  • First Duty Station (2.5 hr class)
  • Newcomer’s Orientation (25 mins.)
  • Key Personnel Briefing (30 mins., or via electronic means)
  • No FEAR Act Briefing (ADLS, UTM, or mass brief – 15 mins.)
  • -- Target group: AF civilians and those who manage civilians
  • -- Must receive training within 90-days of assignment or appointment
  • -- Retrain target group every 2-years


  • SME Briefings (Diversity, Team building seminars)
  • Commander Calls
miscellaneous programs services
Miscellaneous Programs/Services

Out & About Program

Purpose: To gather information on Equal Opportunity and Treatment and Quality of Life issues for the Wing, Unit, or appropriate Agency Chief

** E.O. will document and provide feedback to the Unit Commander or Agency Chief **

Special Observance Program

E.O. acts in an advisor capacity only

referral agencies
Referral Agencies
  • E.O. appropriately refers complaints when not under our purview to some of the following agencies:
  • Chain of Command
  • SFS
  • Sexual Assault response Coordinator (sexual assaults)
  • Staff Judge Advocate / Area Defense Counsel
  • Mental Health
  • Housing Management Office
  • Command Chief Master Sergeant
  • Chaplain Services
  • Inspector General
religious accommodation
Religious Accommodation
  • IAW DODD 1300.17, Accommodation of Religious Practices Within The Military Services, it is DoD policy that requests for accommodation of religious practices should be approved by commanders when accommodation will not have an adverse impact on military readiness, unit cohesion, standards or discipline
  • Commanders are expected to respect the religious beliefs and practices of Air Force members in a manner that is consistent and fair to all
  • Support of religious accommodation practices does not necessarily reflect agreement or belief in such practices by a commander, chaplain, unit, or the Air Force
unit installation off base trends
Unit / Installation / Off-base Trends
  • Unit Trends
  • E.O. sends unit specific trends to the appropriate commander as required or as necessary.
  • On-base Trends
  • No major concerns, most issues resolved at unit level
  • In the past, graffiti vandals, potential adolescent perpetrators (caught)
  • Off-base Trends
  • Economy driven by tourism
  • Attempt to attend Fiestas and/or Village festivals (culture is respected)
  • No “off-limits” areas
  • No known hate groups, but advise personnel to avoid verbal/physical altercations (fight club participants instigate confrontations)
  • Equal Opportunity (E.O.) Staff
  • Program Objective
  • Scope and Limitations
  • Key Personnel Responsibilities
  • E.O. Office Responsibilities and Services
  • Military Complaints
  • Civilian Complaints
  • Trends and Concerns
  • Summary



“Our goal is to improve mission effectiveness by promoting anenvironment free from unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment”



MILITARY & FEDERAL EMPLOYEES: Race ▪ Religion ▪Sex ▪ National Origin ▪ Color

FEDERAL EMPLOYEE SPECIFIC: Age (at least 40) ▪ Disability


Active Duty ▪ Retirees ▪ Family Members ▪ Federal Employees


Climate Assessments ▪ Education and Training ▪ Complaint Processing

TSgt Jermey Lawley SSgt Elizabeth Torres

Building 22005 (Former Airman’s Attic/Same building as Drug Demand Reduction)

Phone: DSN 366-5111 / 3790 / 3789 Commercial (671) 366-3789 ▪ FAX: (671)-366-4126

Duty Hours: 0730 – 1630, please call Command Post after duty-hours

USAF Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Hotline

Toll Free: 888-231-4058

Commercial: 210-565-5214/ DSN: 312-665-5214




Please call, email, or visit our office, or request an on-site visit from our office, if you have questions.