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Office of Human Resources

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Office of Human Resources. HR BOM Meeting March 25: Tempe, MU 241AB, 10:00am March 26: Downtown, MERCC #C368, 1:30pm. Topics of Discussion. Online Payroll Correction Form Shared Work Program Working Title Data Management - Updates COBRA under American Recovery & Reinvestment Act

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office of human resources

Office of Human Resources

HR BOM Meeting

March 25: Tempe, MU 241AB, 10:00am

March 26: Downtown, MERCC #C368, 1:30pm

topics of discussion
Topics of Discussion
  • Online Payroll Correction Form
  • Shared Work Program
  • Working Title
  • Data Management - Updates
  • COBRA under American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
  • Performance Ratings
  • On-site Support for Downtown
online payroll correction form
Online Payroll Correction Form
  • The Online Payroll Correction Form will be located within PeopleSoft.
  • Anticipated release is April 1, 2009.
online payroll correction form cont d
Online Payroll Correction Form cont’d
  • This form will provide departments with an efficient way to submit corrections/overpayments for their employees.
  • The form’s availability will be phased in. Access will be granted to specific departments for the first two weeks. Additional departments will be added for the next two weeks, then university wide is anticipated in May.
  • Access to the form will be automatically provided to DTAs and BOMs. A Payroll Correction Form role (Submitter) will be created for those that do not have the DTA role.
  • DTAs and Submitters will be able to “Save”, “Submit” and “Delete”. BOMs will be able to “Save”, “Submit”, “Approve”, “Deny” and “Delete”. Payroll staff will be able to “Cancel” at the department’s direction.
online payroll correction form cont d6
Online Payroll Correction Form cont’d
  • Online Payroll Correction Form Features
    • Each correction form will have a transaction number for tracking purposes.
    • Available Earnings Codes will be based on employee classification.
    • Departments will be able to check the status of forms submitted.
    • Departments will only need employee ID and record number, the form will load the remaining employee information.
    • Specific areas of the form will be available based on the employee’s classification.
    • Overpayments can be submitted using this form.
    • When the form’s processing is complete, Payroll will insert a check date showing when it was paid.
online payroll correction form cont d7
Online Payroll Correction Form cont’d
  • Online Payroll Correction Form Features cont’d
    • Email workflow is being utilized for approvals and payroll processing similar to the Security Access Request forms.
  • Online Payroll Correction Form Defaults
    • The form will default to “Regular Pay Check” for all transactions. Departments will need to provide justification in the Comments section of the form for an online check. The payroll staff will have access to make a change if they determine that one is necessary.
    • VP approval is required for all transactions $25,000 or more.
  • Here is a look at the new Online Payroll Correction Form.
  • 1st Certification Listing received and returned to DES
  • 155 individuals were listed
  • Shared Work indicates they are experiencing a back log of applications
    • Goal is to have up to date by end of month
  • Reminder! Application is on HR website DO NOT use DES online application
  • More descriptive title for publication in Outlook and Directory
  • Position field “Detailed Description” will be used to populate the “working title”
  • Departments able to modify “working title” (i.e. Coordinator to Coordinator, Educational Programs)
  • Furlough
    • Completed – Review dashboard
    • Adjustments to Furlough – submit payroll correction form and supporting documentation to your Payroll Representative


  • Summer Hires
    • No Approval Required
      • Summer hires & renewals for SUM/WTR Faculty Teaching & SUM/WTR AP Teaching positions
      • Positions that are fully grant-funded
        • Dean level verification will be required to validate fully grant funded positions
      • GRD/Post Docs/Student Workers
    • Approval Required
      • Summer hires & renewals for SUM/WTR Faculty Research, SUM/WTR AP Research, SUM/WTR Faculty Other & SUM/WTR AP Other positions that are not fully grant funded will require approval from (President Crow, Provost or CFO) until the hiring freeze has been lifted.
        • Hiring freeze is currently in effect until 6/30/2009.
  • Short Work Break
    • Review faculty scheduled to go on Short Work Break
    • Reminder – No Pay, With Benefits
      • If the employee be terminating/retiring at the end of Spring 09, then submit term through MSS by 5pm on May 15, 2009
      • Pre-collected benefits will be refunded
  • Auto Termination Process
    • Process runs monthly – after last pay period of month
      • Reports are no longer going to be distributed to departments for verification prior to the process running
    • Zero compensation & No pay/Job activity within last 4 months will be auto terminated
      • Exceptions – SUM/WTR, PRN, Seasonal or Student Worker V positions will not be auto-terminated
  • Data Management (West/Downtown)
    • Allison Walas will now be supporting both the West and Downtown campuses with hiring.
      • This will include eHires, Online Renewals, New Hire paperwork and Student Hires.
      • An eFax line has been established for the West & Downtown Campuses (480) 603-3775. An announcement will go out on the HR Website under Manage News when the eFax line is ready to go. Please begin faxing New Hire Packets and Student Hiring forms for the West and Downtown Campuses to the eFax line at that time.
cobra under american recovery reinvestment act of 2009

COBRA under American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009

Sheree Barron, HR Assistant Director

Benefits Design & Management

american recovery reinvestment act
American Recovery & Reinvestment Act
  • Involuntary Terminations
    • From Sept 1, 2008 to Dec 31, 2009
  • 65% federal govt subsidy/premium assistance
    • 9 months of COBRA premiums
    • Medical, Dental, and Vision Only; not FSAs
  • Income Threshold for Phase-Out
    • AGI $145k (single) / $290k (joint) must pay back subsidy
    • AGI $125k to $145k (single) / $250k to $290k (joint) eligible for partial subsidy
cobra premium assistance available
COBRA Premium Assistance Available
  • Coverage on or after Feb 17, 2009
  • First notification on or before Apr 18, 2009
  • Special 60-day election period for those who have declined COBRA
  • Coverage ends when participant:
    • Becomes eligible (regardless of election) for another group health plan or Medicare.
      • Failure to notify = 110% subsidy penalty
    • Ceases to be eligible for COBRA coverage.
  • The 5-point rating was added and available on Tuesday, March 17th
  • You will still able to enter the 3-point rating
  • There is a slight difference in how to enter the 5-point rating from the 3-point rating. Please view the updated Process Guide at the OHR Performance Management web page (
ohr on site support asu downtown

OHR On-Site Support ASU Downtown

Margot Monroe, HR Consultant, Senior,

asu downtown update
ASU Downtown Update
  • OHR Office on site support-vacating Post Office until more expanded, permanent space is identified
  • Benefits Support – Call Carolyn Fritz, ext. 3-8401, West campus
  • Other – Call OHR, West campus

ext. 3-8400

  • We will announce permanent return date and location with extended list of services in near future
q a session
Q & A Session

Are you unsure about something (hearing rumors, have questions or even suggestions)? Ask us (HR)!

Thank You!