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  1. Juno

    Identity Concepts
  2. Table of Contents Title Slide Number Recap of Movie Strong Characters Juno MacGuff Juno’s Personality Traits PaulieBleeker Mark Loring Juno’s Self-fulfilling Prophecy Mark’s Self-fulfilling Prophecy Problem in Perception Process Language in Identity Management Language in Juno’s Relationship with Bleeker Recap 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
  3. Recap of Movie Juno Macguff is a 16 year old teenager. She gets pregnant by her best friend and unconventional boyfriend, PaulieBleeker, unexpectedly after one night of experimenting. She finds adoptive parents, Vanessa and Mark Loring, who seem happy and ready to be parents. Near the end of her pregnancy, Mark, whom Juno has grown very close to, announces that he wants a divorce. Vanessa is heartbroken and Juno is at a loss what to do with her unborn child. In the end, Juno gives Vanessa the baby, and Paulie and Juno find comfort in their relationship with each other.
  4. Strong Characters
  5. Juno MacGuff Juno was very much the same when she was by herself of with other people. She was blunt and had her own communication style no matter who she was around. Juno managed her identity by dressing one of a kind, talking in a language with humor only few people understood, and surrounding herself with friends that were similar to her. The biggest self-concept that Juno changed in the movie was going from thinking she was just a 16 year old girl who knew nothing about being an adult to making one of the hardest decisions any person, adult or adolescent, can make in a lifetime- the life of her child.
  6. Juno’s Personality Traits
  7. PaulieBleeker His public self is very much the same as his private self. He’s shy, quiet, and reserved. Bleeker’s mom was an overprotective mom that made him be more shy and easily bossed around. His and his mom’s social perspective are different. I think that Bleeker’s self concept remains the same throughout the movie, if anything, changing only be being more himself, rather than what people think he should be.
  8. Mark Loring Mark’s public self: Happy, loving, loyal, responsible Happy making commercials Mark’s Private self: Wild, musical Wants to try new things Not ready to be a dad Feels trapped by Vanessa He manages his identity in two ways. He molds to the person he thinks Vanessa wants him to be. He has his rooms full of his rocker past. When Mark meets Juno he is introduced to a whole other identity script. One where the rules are to be whoever you want to be no matter who is judging. This changes his whole self-concept. Using self-disclosure he explores his expanding self-concept with Juno. Possibly exploring his Self-Actualization Needs
  9. Juno’s Self-fulfilling Prophecy Everyone around Juno sees her as a weird individual. Her dad and step-dad make comments about how weird she is and how they expect it of her. People stare at her in the hallways So Juno carries out this prophecy by being weird. She dresses odd She talks odd She finds friends that are similar to her
  10. Mark’s Self-fulfilling Prophecy One side of mark is perceived by Vanessa He is the caring, loving, responsible husband. He keeps all of his unconventional rocker past souvenirs in closed rooms. The other side- perceived by Juno He is introduced to a whole other self-concept. One where it is okay to be different. Where he can live out his musical dreams.
  11. Problem in Perception Process Bleeker’s misperception of Juno’s behavior. Bleeker’s perception of Juno’s outbreak at him by the lockers at school was to automatically think Juno was just being jealous. Juno’s hormones are all off balance, she feels self-conscience, and unworthy of being Bleeker’s prom date. Bleeker thinks Juno is mad at him, but really Juno is just hurt and feeling unsupported.
  12. Language in Identity Management The language that the younger generation used in the movie was very abstract and unusual it really magnified the uniqueness of Juno and her friends. By using odd symbols as language, people’s social perspectives of Juno and her friends being different than the their perspective of a normal teenager heightens.
  13. Language in Juno’s Relationship with Bleeker The odd words, symbols, and humor that Juno and Bleeker use creates a direct connection with each other. They created their own speech community. Soupy Sales Honest to Blog Favorite one-calorie breath mints
  14. Recap Strong Characters: Juno, PaulieBleeker, Mark Loring Juno’s self-fulfilling prophecy is what makes Juno unique and weird. Both of Mark’s self-fulfilling prophecies make him be two different people. In the end he finds which one is right. Bleeker sometimes misperceived Juno as being mean, but it was just her way of showing that she was hurt. The language and dialogue in the movie created the mood of odd and magnified Juno’s unique friendships. Juno and Bleeker had their own speech community, which strengthened their relationship.