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  1. HWg-Juno HW group is a manufacturer of IP-based sensorsfrom Prague, Czech republic. HWg delivers remote monitoring & control solutions.

  2. What is HWg-Juno? HWg-Juno is I/O device for IP CCTV integration. Various 3rd party software applications for Video Management Proprietaryand industry standards protocols for IP surveillance SW

  3. HWg-Juno You can simply connect Digital Inputs & Relay Outputs to your current central IP video management system. HWg-Juno support protocols for seamless integration with most of the IP Video software´s. I/O device for IP CCTV HWg Juno provides predicable flat integration cost HWg-Juno will be supported in IP CCTV you are using today.

  4. HWg-Juno product line Dry & Ballanced Memory relays * If used provided PoE splitter

  5. I/O oportunities – Access control ACS &IP CCTV integration Easy To-Do: Benefits: • Connect door contact used for ACS to HWg-Juno digital input. • In IP CCTV system create event/bookmark on video camera nearby. • Event is used to trigger video recording quality change • Video is recorded ON EVENT only = even bigger storage savings • Increase TRACEBILITY. Bookmark allow you to find event in video archive

  6. I/O oportunities – Intrusion detection IP CCTV with integrated Intrusion Detection System - IDS Easy To-Do: Benefits: • Install intrusion detection sensors. All sensor types are supported • Power the sensors from Juno. 3x 12VDC is available on Juno. • Configure alarm zones on Juno • Seemless integration of intrusion detection sensors into IP CCTV • Any intrusion sensor could be used for control of CCTV camera recording • Save on power supply (all is PoE)

  7. I/O Opportunities – Fire panel Exiting of new Fire Detection System - FDS & IP CCTV integration Easy To-Do: Benefits: • Configure Fire Alarm Panel. Each fire zone alarm = 1 relay output • Connect alarm panel outputs to Juno inputs • Automate the IP CCTV system • Create map displaying Fire zone • Link camera to zone alarm • Create alarm action = In case of alarm display affected zone to operator with all associated cameras • Faster operator reaction time • Visual verification of the alarm • Improved incident reaction planning. • Increased situation awareness

  8. I/O opportunities - Perimeter Perimeter security system and IP CCTV integration Easy To-Do: Benefits: • Connect perimeter sensors outputs to Juno DI • Set PTZ camera position to perimeter segment • Connect Lights to PowerEgg and connect the relay output of HWg-Juno • Configure IP CCTV system • On alarm go to predefined PTZ position • Switch on the perimeter lights • Start recording • Trigger alarm and notify operator. • Low cost perimeter system • Automatic control of the white light has deterrent effect on intruder • Automated control of PTZ camera position • Situation awareness in increased • Faster operator reaction time • No need for high bandwidth network on perimeter

  9. Why to use HWg-Juno Reduce the integration cost • No cost for software integration! HWg-Juno is hardware solution for plug & play I/O integration. • You don’t need programmer & SDK for I/O integration any more. • Integrate I/O to your IP CCTV software in a minutes! • HWg-Juno enables flat predictable integration cost.

  10. What is I/O and API integration API integration I/O integration Inputs connected using wire to Outputs Outputs connected using wire to Inputs

  11. Do youneed I/O forintegration? I/O integration API integration • Best option if customer could afford it • Limited selection of ready made integration • Require specialized resources • Skilled programmers • API for all systems • Support from vendors • Only affordable for complex integration project due high cost. Easy and simple. Wire. No need to have access to published and supported API Scalable in terms of location and quantity. Easy and low cost maintenance Available for any systém which supports I/O

  12. Project risk of API integration Budgetrisk:Does PM knows how much time & money will cost API based I/O device? Schedule risk: Will my API integration be ready on time and on planned budget? Device + SDK + Programmer = ?

  13. Key study - Prague Airport

  14. Key study - Prague Airport #1 Designed in 2004 - Built 2005 1000+ Analog cameras + 8 port encoders 240 pcs of encoders located in 54 technologyrooms with 8 I/O per encoder Total 1920 Inputs and 1920 outputs BUT … it was not enough >2000 more inputs were needed for required integrations

  15. Why to use HWg-Juno Easy to use • HWg-Juno is integrated in the central IP Video software. It’s simple IP Camera without image. • No drivers needed in most of the software! • Simple installation with debug features. • Outputs controlled from IP CCTV software. • Outputs can control 110V / 230V power.

  16. Why to use HWg-Juno Location & Quantity • You can place device for I/O where you really need it. • HWg-Juno is family of products. Enjoy the scalability! • No more I/O cables to IP Cameras! • You can install HWg-Juno to the cabinet, next to monitored technology. • You can choose the right Juno model, for how many I/O do you need in your application.

  17. Why to use HWg-Juno Quality • European product prepared for real integration • LED status information for all inputs & outputs. • Fully documented integration for supported systems. • European technical support & manuals. • Memory relays option to manage power failure states • Prepared for integration of external sensors.

  18. Contact us Ask for details: