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DEAR JUNO. OBJECTIVES Strategy: Analyze Story Structure Skill: Character, Setting, Plot. TODAY WE WILL…. Analyze the story structure Use academic language; story structure, character, setting, and plot Identify character traits, plot, and setting. VOCABULARY REVIEW. Crackle

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objectives strategy analyze story structure skill character setting plot
OBJECTIVESStrategy: Analyze Story StructureSkill: Character, Setting, Plot


Analyze the story structure

Use academic language; story structure, character, setting, and plot

Identify character traits, plot, and setting



  • Crackle
    • Make small, sharp, snapping noises
  • Announced
    • Something told to people in a loud or official way
  • Soared
    • Fly high in the sky
  • Starry
    • When the sky if full of stars
  • Envelope
    • Flat paper container that usually holds a letter or card
  • Photograph
    • A picture made with a camera
strategy analyze story structure
STRATEGY:Analyze Story Structure
  • Good readers use story structure to understand a fiction story
    • A story’s structure is made up of the plot, characters, and setting.
skill character setting and plot
SKILL: Character, Setting, and Plot
  • Characters
    • The people or animals in a story
    • The main character’s actions usually move the story’s plot along
    • The main character’s traits, or parts of the character’s personality, usually cause the character to act in a certain way.
    • A reader can figure out a character’s traits by identifying how the character feels, what the character says and does, and what other people say about the character
  • Setting
    • When and where the story takes place
    • Where the actions take place
  • Plot
    • The events in a story.
    • Has a beginning, middle, and end
preview predict

When I say “Go”, take 1 minute to preview the illustrations.

Ask yourself:

  • What is this story about?
  • Who is the main character?

On your index card, write your predictions. After we listen to the selection, we will see if your questions were answered.

focus question
  • Read to find out…
    • How does Juno try to communicate with his grandmother?

NOW…you will read along as we listen to….

let s check our predictions
Let’s Check our Predictions!
  • Share with your criss-cross/shoulder partner your questions. Were they answered?
  • Did you find clues that gave you information about the main character, the setting, and the plot?
  • Describe how Juno communicated with his grandmother.


    • Use our “Character Web” to answer the Comprehension Check on page 67.
something to think about

Have you ever written a letter to a relative? If so, who was it and where does he/she live?