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Relationships In JUno PowerPoint Presentation
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Relationships In JUno

Relationships In JUno

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Relationships In JUno

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  1. Relationships In JUno

  2. Juno: Today • Relationships in Juno. • Features used to develop relationships. • Completing character study task.

  3. Relationships in Juno • Describe how relationships are developed in each of the four scenes, using the features described on the next slide. EG. Lighting is bright and sunny, showing the positive future of Juno and Bleeker’s relationship.

  4. Relationships in Juno

  5. Relationships in Juno • Composition how the characters are framed in a scene. • HA’s/ LA’sshow the ‘balance of power’ between characters. • CU’s show emotion and reaction. • Costume shows similarities and differences. • Lighting shows intimacy. • Dialogue… • Music… • Bleeker and Juno on the steps shows… • Mark looking down at Vanessa (after separation) shows… • CU of Juno shows her frustration at Mark. • Mark and Vanessa; Mark and Juno; Bleeker and Juno? • The basement scenes.

  6. Juno Essay #1 • Read through the marking schedule, and highlight key words. • Working in pairs, use the marking schedule to give the exemplar essay a grade – what do you think and why? • Complete paragraph four (beginning with “The freeway is also Juno’s journey…) – this part of the essay is heading towards excellence. Continue on from here.

  7. Juno Essay #1 Question: • Describe at least one important event near the beginning of the text. • Explain why the event helped you to understand the directors idea(s). • Discuss visual and oral features in your response. • What do we need to approach this question?

  8. Juno Essay #1 • Brainstorm events at the beginning of the text. • For each event, write the idea that is being communicated. • Choose the one that most appeals to you. • List visual and oral features you can use as examples. • Plan your essay – intro, 3 points, conclusion. • Each point sentence should be “The event helped me understand the idea of _______ using (visual/ oral feature).

  9. Essay Analysis Shows some understanding of the writer’s purpose…using particular features • …when Juno is parked on the freeway, a high angle shot is used to show the weight of her problems. (Achieved) • …a blood-red liquorice noose, slung over the tree in Juno’s front yard, has a dual symbolism: in one sense the candy rope ties Juno to the sweetness of her childhood; however when she uses it to act out suicide, the rope takes on a darker meaning, showing the crisis faced by Juno and her sense of hopelessness. By biting through the rope, the link to her childhood is severed, and Juno enters the adult world, taking responsibility and making a very mature decision to adopt. (Excellence)