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SEGREGATION . Group 1: Egle, Runa, Morten and Guro. In General/ F rames. 9th Grade in English Cross-curriculum project (ex. English, H istory , S ocial S cience ) 3 H ours a W eek Used to C ooperative M ethod

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  1. SEGREGATION Group 1: Egle, Runa, Morten and Guro

  2. In General/ Frames • 9th Grade in English • Cross-curriculum project (ex. English, History, SocialScience) • 3 Hours a Week • Used to Cooperative Method • Class delt withTopicofSegregation in the Native Language Subjectbefore

  3. Week 1, 2, 3 and 4 • Week 1: Introduction • Week 2: Black and White • Week 3: The Wave • Week 4: Experiment

  4. WayofPresentation Week 1: • Presentation of «ImaginaryLesson» • Zoom intoone Activity Week 2: • Presentation of «ImaginaryLesson» • …

  5. Learning Styles

  6. Week 1Introduction • Fresh up the background knowledge about segregation. (American history and apartheid: read in a school book and see some movie clips) • The circles that shows the difference about segregation, exclusion, inclusion and integration. • Thinking map – what the pupils think is connected to segregation and integration/inclusion to see the differences. Make sure that they understand that segregation is not only a topic in politics but also in our everyday life. • Power Point: look at some pictures that describe some words, and talk about it with the pupils. Ex; Segregation: toilet sign in south- Africa • Station one: Crosswords • Station two: Memory game (Connect word and definition) • Station three: Alias (Explaining without using the exact word) Station four: Dice activity (role a dice do whatever is connected to a certain number)1&2: Explain words - 3&4: "Act" the word - 5&6: Draw the word • Station five: Table tennis activity: Throw a ball and say a word connected to the topic segregation - and then the receiver of the ball is saying another word connected to the topic. • (The pupils have done this activities before, so they don`t need alot of explenations)

  7. Exclusion, Separation, Integration and Inclusion

  8. Word Activities • Memory • Crossword

  9. Week 2Black and White • Watch M. Jackson- “They don’t care about us” (prison version) video. • Ask students how they feel after the song. • Give students the lyrics of the song, explain all the words (in pairs). • Watch the video again with the lyrics for better understanding of the song. • Divide students into the groups and use vocabulary strategies from week 1. • Still picture method: students are divided into 5 groups, given few lines from the lyrics, they have to imitate them and the others have to guess which line is imitated.

  10. Michael Jackson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97nAvTVeR6o

  11. Song Lines Do me, sue me, everybody do meKick me, strike me, don't you black or white me

  12. Still Picture

  13. Week 3The Wave • Talking about dictatorship (provoke with question “Could something similar to world war II happen again?”) • Movie “The Wave”/ “Die Welle” • Ask the same question again and have a discussion going (observe in which direction it goes and decide on further ways of discussion); • Ask what this film has got to do with our topic “Inclusion” (in pairs) • Choose between a poem and a drawing exercise (thoughts, feelings, impressions) • Match pictures and poems (all together in a circle)

  14. Trailer of «The Wave» http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbTkdqYivuw

  15. Exampleof a picture

  16. Exampleof a poem An experiment. Creating togetherness and unity. Creating motivation and development. …then everybody goes crazy… The experiment becomes dictation. Togetherness and unity become leader and soldiers. Motivation and dictation become war. How close are integration and separation?

  17. Week 4Experiment • Experiment • Discussion • Write an essay

  18. Week 1, 2, 3 and 4 • Week 1: Introduction • Week 2: Black and White • Week 3: The Wave • Week 4: Experiment

  19. Didactic Presentation • Link for the didactical part of our presentation • http://prezi.com/n7hmzs4moyej/including-team-1/

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