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Preserve segregation!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Preserve segregation!!

Preserve segregation!!

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Preserve segregation!!

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  1. Did you see this morning’s paper? Walter Cocking, the head of the College of Education at UGA, is letting African Americans into the college!! This is absurd!!

  2. It says here, “Walter Cocking supports racial integration and welcomes African Americans to his school”. Do you understand what this means?! Blacks and whites can’t be integrated, they need to be segregated! What has this world come to? We must fix this!

  3. Board of Regents- You are the committee that runs this school. It is up to you to keep the reputation of this school clean. We must get rid of Walter Cocking if we hope to restore segregation to the school. Do you agree?! Yes!! It’s our responsibility! Yes! They’ll ruin us if we don’t! Preserve segregation!! Yeah!! Let’s do it! Aye!

  4. A Message from President Caldwell Students and Faculty, I am saddened by the news of the Board of Regents decision to support Governor Talmadge’s demands for the University of Georgia to support only staff that agree with Talmadge’s beliefs. The University of Georgia is open to all students that want to learn. To deny African Americans this right is to deny them the freedoms granted to them by the U.S. Constitution. I cannot condone such behavior. If this error in judgment is not corrected, I will submit my letter of resignation to the Board, and leave my position here as President of the University of Georgia. President Caldwell

  5. With the support of several other university professors and members of the Board of Regents, Walter Cocking was rehired.

  6. But, Eugene Talmadge would not be so easily defeated. He used his power as governor to devise a plan that would ensure things would go his way… These stupid people. Don’t they know who I am? I’m the GOVERNOR. I run this show. I’ll make sure the blacks stay out of UGA. Integration will not happen under my term!

  7. …so prior to a vote to decide on Walter Cocking’s fate, he removed three members from the Board of Regents that he knew would vote against him, and replaced them with members that he knew would favor his ideas. (in a whisper) You understand what is expected of you if I place you as a member of the Board of Regents for this vote on Walter Cocking… (whispers back) Yes, Governor. I will help make sure that your policies are implemented into the system. Your wish is my command.

  8. The Board of Regents vote to NOT rehire Cocking! Well, the Board has voted, and a fair decision has been made.

  9. Following this decision, the regional accrediting association that provides Georgia colleges and universities with their formal approval, released the following statement:

  10. In light of the decision to release Walter Cocking from his position at the University of Georgia and the failure of the state to acknowledge the Fourteenth Amendment that provides ALL citizens, regardless of color, equal protection under the laws, the SACSCC has decided to revoke Georgia state school accreditations.

  11. Wha…what?! You’re telling me that I spent all this time and money to get a degree, and now no one will take it seriously as a valid degree? How will I get a job and earn a living if my degree is considered fake?!

  12. Waaaaaaaaaaahhh! I can’t go to my dream school anymore because it’s not considered a real school anymore! How could the government ruin my dreams at such a young age! My childhood-ruined! My future- ruined!

  13. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US, TALMADGE?! WHY?!?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  14. At the next election, people wanted a change. They needed someone to fix what Talmadge had ruined.

  15. My child will be able to go to school. I’m votin’ for the other guy! I’m just glad they’re going to let me vote… One man nearly ruined us! Forget Talmadge, he ruined us! Somethin’sgotta change around here!

  16. Winner of 1942 Election: Ellis Arnall Have no fear, Georgia. My name is Ellis Arnall, and I have come to save you.