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Pope John XXIII PowerPoint Presentation
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Pope John XXIII

Pope John XXIII

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Pope John XXIII

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  1. Pope John XXIII Chosen to be a Saint

  2. Angelo Giuseppe RoncalliPope John XXIII First-born son, third of 13 children of a farming family in northern Italy Ordained as a Priest in 1904 Elected as Pope on October 28, 1958 Died of Cancer in 1963 after being Pope for only five years Declared “Blessed” in 2000

  3. In 1903 He Wrote in His Spiritual Journal… That he wished to be a saint… but “not lose himself in the process” “God desires us to follow the examples of the saints by absorbing the vital sap of their virtues and turning it into our own life-blood, adapting it to our own individual capacities and particular circumstances.”

  4. Many Talents, Many Tasks • Ordained to the Priesthood in 1904 • Studied Canon Law and became Secretary to the Bishop of Bergamo • Assigned as a Church History Professor in a Seminary • Publisher of Diocesan Newspaper • Stretcher Bearer in World War I • National Leader for Society for the Propagation of the Faith • Appointed Papal Diplomat in 1925 to Bulgaria, Turkey and finally in 1944-1953 to France • With the help of his Diplomatic ties helped save at least 24,000 Jews • Named Cardinal of Venice in 1953

  5. Who Was This Man? • A Different Kind of Pope. • He “captivated the hearts and imaginations of the people.” • He was witty and liked to act spontaneously. • He opened his heart to others in charity; a man of peace. • He embraced other faith traditions • He was always close to the those who suffered and the poor. “Blessed Pope John XXIII: An 'Ordinary' Holiness” by Nancy Celaschi, O.S.F. St .Anthony Messenger Magazine

  6. An Agent of Change • After a Several Popes named “Pius,” Angelo Roncalli took the Papal Name of “John,” which was his father’s name and the name of two saints close to Jesus, John the Baptizer and John the Apostle. • One of his first major pronouncements was to call for a world wide meeting of Bishops He knew it was time to “discern the signs of the times, to seize the opportunity and to look far ahead.” He needed to open the doors and windows of the Church and let in fresh new ideas. This was called The Vatican II Council. “Blessed Pope John XXIII: An 'Ordinary' Holiness” by Nancy Celaschi, O.S.F. St .Anthony Messenger Magazine

  7. John XXXIII asked the 2,500 Bishops to come into these meetings with an open minds and hearts: “Let us look at each other without mistrust, meet each other without fear, talk with each other without surrendering principle.” Pope John XXIII Blessed Pope John XXIII: An 'Ordinary' Holiness” by Nancy Celaschi, O.S.F. St .Anthony Messenger

  8. Many Noticeable Changes after Vatican II • Mass, which had been said in the ancient language of Latin, was said for the first time in the local language of the people. • The priest no longer turned his back on the people during Mass. The altar was moved into the middle of the sacred space and the priest said Mass facing the people. • Communion railings were removed, people now stood to receive communion. • Reconciliation could be done face to face in a conversational setting. • The Church began a dialogue with other faith traditions. • New ways of teaching for understanding, replaced the standard method of memorization of the truths of faith. • Many consecrated religious sisters changed their traditional costumes for more modern dress.

  9. Vatican II ~ John XXIII says: “I want to throw open the windows of the church so that we can see out and the people can see in…” Vatican IICelebrates 50th Birthday in 2013 We are still breaking open the documents peeling away the layers to find the deeper meaning.

  10. Pope Francis Approves Canonization Why Speed the Process? • As is his right, Pope Francis approved the canonization of John XXIII with only one miracle— the curing of an ailing woman. • It was explained by his aide, Vatican spokesman, Rev. Federico Lombardi, as the result of the Pope’s eagerness to honor “the great Pope of the Second Vatican Council.” • This is indeed an appropriate celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council.

  11. Prayer of Pope John XXIII “May everyone be able to say of me that I have never sowed dissension and mistrust. That I have never grieved any immortal soul by creating suspicion or fear; that I have been frank, loyal, trusting; that I have looked into the eyes of others with brotherly sympathy, even into those of persons who do not share my ideals, so as not to hinder the realization, in its season, of the great commandment of Jesus: “THAT ALL MAY BE ONE!” Prayer of John XXIII Painting by Julie Lonneman