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Pope John Paul II PowerPoint Presentation
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Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II

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Pope John Paul II

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  1. Melaie Pellicano 3A Pope John Paul II

  2. His real name is Karol Józef Wojtyła He was born in 18th May 1920 and died in 2nd April 2005. • He was born in Wadowice in southern Poland. • His mother, Emilia died when he was nine years old. • His youth was marked by extensive contacts with the then thriving Jewish Community of Wadowice. • He played football, was an athlete, actor and also a playwright. • Karol enrolled the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. • He worked as a librarian and did compulsory military training in the Academic Legion. Karol Wojtyła as a student, 1938

  3. What I admire most about Pope John Paul II is that he was a very dedicated Pope and he kept working conscientiously until his death. • His early reign was marked by his opposition to communism. • He was also notable for speaking against consumerism, unrestrained capitalism, war, dictatorship, fascism, abortion, relativism, and what he deemed “The Culture of Death.” • He visited more than 100 countries, more than any of his predecessors. • Pope John Paul II traveled extensively and came into contact with believers from many divergent faiths. • He constantly attempted to find common ground, both doctrinal and dogmatic. • At the World Day of Prayer for Peace, held in Assisi on October 27, 1986, more than 120 representatives of different religions and Christian denominations spent a day together with fasting and praying. Pope John Paul II blessing faithful while visiting Brazil in 1997.

  4. Pope John Paul II had a special relationship also with the Catholic youth and he is known by some as ‘The Pope for Y’outh’. • He still went mountain hiking when he was a Pope. • He established World Youth Day in 1984 with the intention of bringing young Catholics from all parts of the world together to celebrate their faith. • These week-long meetings of youth occur every two or three years, attracting hundreds of thousands of young people, who go there to sing, party, have a good time and deepen their faith. • As pope, John Paul’s II most important role was to teach people about Christianity. • He wrote 14 papal encyclicals that many observers believe will have long-lasting influence on the church. • His most faithful youths gathered themselves in two organizations: "papa boys" and "papa girls." Priest Karol Wojtyła on kayak trip

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