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Pope John Paul II PowerPoint Presentation
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Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II

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Pope John Paul II

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  1. Pope John Paul II By Martin Hayes and Nabel Sodipe

  2. Background In 1978 Pope John Paul II was the first pope for over 400 years not to be from Italy.

  3. Famous Pope John Paul II was from Poland.

  4. Iron Curtain Poland and many other countries were under communist control from Russia.

  5. Religion In The Iron Curtain It was not acceptable to be a member of a religion in the Iron curtain countries.

  6. Surprise The world was very surprised by the election of pope John Paul II.

  7. Effect of the world • . Pope John Paul II was the first pope to travel to meet Catholics all over the world.

  8. Travel to Poland When Pope John Paul II travelled to Poland it began to encourage people not to accept communism.

  9. Solidarity The workers in a shipyard in Krakow began to strike democracy in Poland in 1980.

  10. Travel To Ireland In 1979 the pope announced he would travel top Ireland in September. This was the first papal visit to Ireland

  11. Mass in Dublin Over 1 million people went to Phoenix Park to the Pope’s Mass.

  12. Mass In Galway Hundreds of thousands of young people went to mass in Galway. They sang for 20 minutes when the pope said “Yong people of Ireland I love You”.

  13. Drogheda Visit In Drogheda the pope called on all people involved in violence in Northern Ireland to stop.

  14. Limerick Visit On Monday John Paul II visited Limerick To say mass

  15. Pope Shot In 1981 a Turkish man shot the pope twice but the pope survived and visited the man in the in prison

  16. Effect Of The World Over the next few years all the countries in the Curtain Area got their democracy and many said that the pope helped. Some countries who had been taken over by Russia after World War II were freed

  17. Longest Serving Pope Pope John Paul II was one of the longest serving Popes until he died.

  18. Saint IN 2014 he will be made a Saint for his good work