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Pope John Paul II

Pope John Paul II. Karol Wojtyła as a child. Karol Wojtyła was born in Wadowice on 18 May 1920. His parents were Emilia Kaczorowska and Karol Wojtyła. He had a brother Edmund and a sister Olga. When he was a child his parents called him „Lolek”.

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Pope John Paul II

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  1. Pope John Paul II

  2. Karol Wojtyła as a child

  3. Karol Wojtyła was bornin Wadowice on 18 May 1920. His parentswere Emilia Kaczorowska and Karol Wojtyła. He had a brother Edmund and a sister Olga. Whenhe was a child his parentscalledhim „Lolek”. Olga diedwhenhe was 4 years old. Edmund was very important person in his life and whenhedied, Karol couldn’t stand thisevent. He was a verygood student. Karol was going to schoolin Wadowice. As a young boy, Lolek played football, went skiing and travelledwith his father. On 13 April 1929 his mother died, whenhe was 8 years old. A monthlaterhetook on First SaintCommunion.

  4. Karol’sparents

  5. Karol as a young boy

  6. First Saint Communion

  7. Wojtyła’sfamily house

  8. Studies and hardwork

  9. Between 1938 and 1944 Karol had to study and work veryhard. He and his fatherlefttheirfamily house and emigrated to Cracow, where Karol started his studies. In that time Karol wrotesomepoems, played football, playedintheatre and met his friendstoo. He workedinguarrybecause his fatherfellill and Karol had to earnsomemoney. On 18 February 1941 his fatherdied. After his death Karol felthewanted to be a priest and he went to seminaryinCracow. On 13 October 1946 hegotholyordersfrom Adam Sapieha.

  10. Karol Wojtyła as a teenager

  11. Karol Wojtyła with his friends

  12. Karol Wojtyła and his passion- sport

  13. Karol on thetripwith his friends

  14. Bishop and cardinal

  15. On 4 July 1958 Karol Wojtyła was nominated to be a Bishop. His consecrationtook place inCathedralin Cracow. He worked and livedinCracow. In that time he met and conversedwithyoungpeople and went to evangelicaltravel. On 30 December 1963 Karol Wojtyła was nominated on Archbishop of Cracow’sMetropolis. Fouryearslater Karol Wojtyła was nominated on Cardinal.On 29 June 1976 hereceived a red birretfrom Pope Paul VI.

  16. Bishop Karol Wojtyła in front of Cracow’sCathedral

  17. Archbishop Karol Wojtyła

  18. Karol Wojtyła on thetripinPolish mountains

  19. Pontificate of John Paul II

  20. Archbishop Karol Wojtyła was nominated to Pope on 16 October 1978. His name was John Paul II. John Paul II was veryimportant person allovertheworld, especially for Polish. His friendswereyoungpeople. He believedinthem and heassertedtheyarethefuture. John Paul II went on a lot of pilgrimages. He lovedpeople and theylovedhimtoo. Althoughhewasn’tyoungmanhetrippedin mountains or went skiing. He couldn’t stand inaction.

  21. John Paul II inthe mountains

  22. John Paul II in front of the statue of St Maria

  23. John Paul II withchildren

  24. On 13 May 1981 TurkishterroristMahmet Ali Agcashot to Popa on St. Peter’s SquareinRome. Thedoctorscame to Popa’s help and herecovered. When John Paul II leftthehospitalhe visited to Ali Agcaintheprison. Theyspoke a lot there.

  25. John Paul II withMahmet Ali Agca

  26. Photos of John Paul II

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