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Syria (Geography) PowerPoint Presentation
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Syria (Geography)

Syria (Geography)

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Syria (Geography)

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  1. New words: (Moderate: less extreme)-(Resort: popular holiday centre e g. a seaside) (Semi: half-partly) (Occupy: fill or use a space, or an area) (Borders: dividing line between two countries) (Terrain: area of land) (Unlike: different from)( Lies: situated or found) Syria (Geography) The Syrian Arab Republic occupies an area of 185,000 square kilometers between the line 32-37 latitude and 35-42 longitude.

  2. The geographic position of Syria has placed it at the crossroads of world civilizations, a position which Syria has enjoyed down the ages.

  3. Syria occupies a stretch of 180 kilometers on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea bordering Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan and Palestine to the south, Lebanon and Mediterranean to the west. The total length of its frontiers is about 2400 kilometers.

  4. The country enjoys a great variety of terrain ranging from the coastal plains in the west to the semi-desert on the borders with Iraq and Jordan. Coastal plains Semi-desert Coastal plains

  5. In between ,there are mountains running parallel to the coastline , sometimes leaving pieces of land with evergreen trees.

  6. The Orontes, named in Arabic al-Asi (the disobedient ) runs to the north unlike all the other rivers in the area. In the east of Syria, there is the Euphrates Valley,

  7. In the middle we have the semi-desert (Badiat al-sham) in which lies Palmyra “ Gem of the desert”

  8. Syria enjoys a moderate climate throughout the year, the winter is not very cold and the summer is not too hot. There are four seasons in the year, which makes the country suitable for tours all year round. Summer resorts are only a short drive from the main cities of Damascus,Latakia,Homs,Hama and Aleppo.

  9. Feedback and Evaluation • 1- What are the special geographical features of Syria? • 2-Name the geographical terrains of Syria, starting from the • west? • 3-If you were a tourist guide, what would you explain about Syrian resorts and ancient places? (Dear students: send your answers to: ) Or ..write your answers ,copy them on a floppy and handle them to your teacher.

  10. Objectives of (Syria) geographyGrammatical Objectives: to use the present simple passive Communicative Objectives :1- to talk about the geographical features of Syria 2-to talk about the climate, resorts and the main cities in Syria Skills development objectives: to locate information • Materials: the computer slide show. • Activities: • 1- Greeting (1 m.) • 2-Introducing the new words(3 m.) 3-Reading the lesson by the teacher (10 m.) 4-Reading the evaluation questions by the teacher( 5 m.) 5-Reading the lesson by the student (silent reading)(10m.) 6-Answering the questions by students (10m.) 7-Assgining the homework (1m.) 8-saying goodbye.

  11. المصادر = the English course book(2005) • إعداد: المدرسة رائدة يحيى الهزاز • إجازة في اللغة الإنكليزية • ثانوية عبد الحميد الحراكي للبنات • متدربة في الوورلدلينكس مجموعة حمص • •

  12. تم تنفيذ الحصة بحضور كل من :المدربة نهلة رومية موجه اللغة الانكليزية الاستاذ نادر حبالمدرسة اللغة الانكليزية لميس القصيرمدرسة اللغة الفرنسية صباح الشاميمدرسة اللغة العربية ايمان دراق السباعي