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  1. Syria by:Juan Dominguez, Rudy Gonzales, & Laura Zamarripa

  2. Current issues Syria is facing many challenges people are being killed in bloody massacres. They have pretty bad economic situations at the moment. In the morning of November 8 3,500 people where killed in an attempt to crackdown on protesters against the president. They have many problems but all of this would be resolved with the revolution that they are definitely in need of.

  3. Tweets @lolitaa says: 2 many kild no pece all #unfair, kids dnt derv violenc they ned #BillofRights @thechosenjuan says: no 2 lnd mines in da bordr da wrld is changin 4 da wrst!, Violens society spreds fst spec to yuth #NOBUENO @K4k4rot96 says: pece cumz n goz evrry1 can eidr chooze pece or no pece, Doze kidz in Syria r purdy beast. Dey betta nt dat 4 realz lolz. (vilence aint gud, NO GUNZ 4 KIDZ)

  4.  Tweets @lolitaa 2 many kild no pece @ all #unfair @thechosenjuanno 2 lnd mines in da bordr da wrld is changin 4 dawrst! @K4k4rot96pece cumz n goz evrry1 can eidr chooze pece or no pece 

  5. Juan:No to bad Economy     Syria's people are tired of their President Bashar and their bad economy. Their youth is tired of their president running their country into the ground by constraining oil production, high unemployment rates, and raising budget deficits. This revolution is history repeating itself, because The Glorious Revolution was caused by economy problems just like what is happening with Syria. Children are even joining the protests against Bashar by boycotting schools and stomping on posters with his face on them. He has attempted to offer a political reform, but it was rejected by protest leaders. All that is left to do is for him to resign his presidency and allow the citizens of Syria to elect their own leader and choose the form of government that fits their needs  Blogs-Juan

  6. Blogs-Laura       Too Many Deaths     All of the killing in Syria is way to much, recently land mines have been put  in between Syria and Lebanon.People trying to go back and forth from those two cities are being hurt really bad.In one way its a good thing so they can have division with each other.But on the other side they need to be more careful and less violent.These land mines are like the intolerable acts because it is angering the people a lot and maybe the out come to this will bring them together. laura:Unnecessary Violence in Syria       Syria has been facing though times, with their unfair president, Bashar Al-Assad,the citizens rights are not being respected just like in the Glorious Revolution with King James and the British.Except in this case not even for the kids there is respect. Most recently on Monday,October 17,2011,during a up sprung violent even in the city of Homs, 30 civilians and dozens of soldiers died. Lately the kids have also been involved in the current revolution against Bashar Al-Assad, multiple schools around Syria have been deserted. 150 kids have been killed in schools in Homs by security forces.The people in Syria have a saying it is “Their slogan; no classes until the president is brought down”. Just like in the Glorious Revolution the people have a unfair ruler who is  not giving the people their natural human rights. The Syrian people should prove to the security forces and Bashar Al-Assad that violence is just breaking the country down even more. They can show calmness and make the people with power see that they are defenceless and don’t deserve this kind of treatment.

  7. Blogs - Rudy No Violence for SyriaThe Syria Revolution was written by Bashar Al-Assad and it will be more than likely be appeared as the chief. Curb democratic have protested against the opposite effect which had put him against the next level. The Syrian uprising is getting ready to kick off when a handful of people turned out on March 15 in the city of old Damascus. Assad's security forces killed 4 Deraans and arrested 15 children who tired to scrawl to freedom and not get locked up. Assad celebrated Good Friday by killing 112 Syrians across the country in the space of just a few hours.           PeacePeace is everywhere and it’s in the particular places you visit. There are some places where there is peace with little violence but then turns big and then people go back & forth. Nobody said you cant have violence but yet there’s violence everywhere especially Syria and America. That’s something both countries have in common.

  8. References to French Revolution The French and Syrian Revolution were both struggling to find "something" important. The reason why is because both French and Syrian Revolution are trying to find some way to end the problem. They both are trying to find leaders that will eventually put the enviornment in control and keep it that way until, you have something/someone stand out and have everything under control back to they way it's going to be. You would either fight for what's right or leave it alone because if you don't want to have an enviornment under control and be mindful then it can be like "Hey king/leader/ruler, we want something better. Quit taxing us and do your part to help us out and don't be greedy. Either have it fair or keep it as is. But just remember it will be the end results that matter."