fire evacuation information woodhill house n.
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Fire evacuation information – Woodhill House PowerPoint Presentation
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Fire evacuation information – Woodhill House

Fire evacuation information – Woodhill House

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Fire evacuation information – Woodhill House

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  1. Fire evacuation information – Woodhill House If you have any questions regarding this information pack please contact: Craig McAndie, Health & Safety Unit 664118

  2. Fire Alarm • The Fire Alarm is a long continuous Ringing Bell which is tested every Tuesday at 9.00 am

  3. Procedure on finding a Fire • Sound the Fire Alarm by activating the nearest Break Glass Point • Evacuate the building and proceed to your Assembly Point • Do Not Use Lifts • Call the Fire Brigade

  4. Fire Fighting • Any Fires should be left to the Professionals • Do Not attempt to Extinguish Fires

  5. Exiting the Building • Employees should leave by the nearest Fire Exit • Employees should ensure that all Visitors follow the above procedures and proceed to an Assembly Point promptly

  6. Exiting the Building • During normal evacuation conditions the Main Entrance should not be used unless absolutely necessary with the following exceptions: • All Conference Rooms (A - J) and Coffee Bars should evacuate the building via the main stairwell, through the Main Entrance and proceed to Assembly Point No.4 • Starbucks customers will follow the above procedure and report to Assembly point No.7

  7. Exiting the Building • Restaurant customers should leave by the nearest available exit and proceed to Assembly Point No.8 • All Employees should read the Fire Action Notices located within the building to familiarise themselves with their dedicated Assembly Point

  8. Exiting the Building • Although there are dedicated Fire escape routes All Employees should make themselves familiar with alternative escape routes from your normal place of work • When attending meetings within the Woodhill House Complex follow the instructions posted in each Committee & Conference Room

  9. Fire Wardens • Identified by Green or Red Armband • Will help facilitate the evacuation • Will accompany Disabled Persons to a stairwell (where necessary) or will help to evacuate them using an EVAC+CHAIR (where appropriate)

  10. Persons with a Disability • Any employee who has a hearing, visual, physical, mobility or other form of impairment should complete a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) Questionnaire and return it to their Line Manager for action • Line Managers must contact the Health and Safety Unit for support in completing the PEEP

  11. Persons with a Disability • Guidance regarding the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is available on Arcadia – My Job – Health and Safety – Woodhill House • PEEP Questionnaire's are available on Arcadia – My Job – Health and Safety – Woodhill House

  12. Safe Evacuation • The evacuation procedure must be followed in the event of a Fire or Bomb Threat • Do not Run when leaving the Building

  13. Evacuation Process • Do not return to your Desk to Retrieve Personal Belongings • All Employees, Visitors and Contractors mustevacuate the Building when the Alarm is Activated

  14. Evacuation Process • Personnel must not leave the Complex in their Vehicles during the evacuation • All Employeesmust proceed to their appropriate Assembly Point when the Fire Alarm is activated

  15. An Air Horn will be activated to sound the ‘all clear’ Employees must not re-enter the building until the ‘all clear’ has sounded or until instructed by a Fire Warden/Fire Service Re-entering The Workplace

  16. Fire Safety in the Home • Leaflets available at Woodhill House reception area include: • Fire Action Plan • Save Lives with Smoke Alarms • Fire Safety with Extinguishers