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Interesting History of AngularJS Versions Updates:

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Interesting History of AngularJS Versions Updates:

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  1. Interesting History of AngularJS Versions Updates: Some lags in the AngularJS emerged as a great motivation that compelled it to rewrite the complete framework. The change detection system of the Angular was unpredictable due to which the developers of Google wanted to rewrite the framework and thus developers began using very powerful libraries. Developers of Angular were also introduced few unique features like AoT (Ahead-of-Time) compiling, tree-shaking and many others as well. Though AoT changes the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and TypeScript code into JavaScript during the time of its building, while tree-shaking gets rid of the additional imports to achieve faster application bootstrapping and smaller footprint as well. Brief History of Angular 1: Angular 1 (sometimes referred as AngularJS) is a javascript open-source framework designed especially for single-page web apps and mobile application development which is fully owned by Google. This was the first Angular version launched in the year 2010. Now the stable version of the Angular 1 is 1.6.6 which has also been released a few months ago. The Angular development code is one who is commonly is written in JavaScript Brief History of Angular 2 : Angular 2 is a fully built by the same team of the AngularJS. Though, Angular 1 was not built with the concept of mobile support while Angular 2 is compatible with mobile. Also, in

  2. Angular 2 gives you an option to choose more languages where you can choose your language like ES5, ES6, or TypeScript to write the codes of Angular 2. Brief History of Angular 4 : Though Angular 3 was not released by the Angular team, Angular 4 was released in March 2017 which is compatible with most of the applications. Also, there is not any major change in Angular 4 from Angular 2 and it is also deemed as the complete rewrite of Angular 2. It has some better Bug fixes Alert compared to Angular 2. Brief History of Angular 5 : Angular 5 was released in November 2017. In this Angular version, there are some biggest changes has also been made compared to previous Angular. In this Angular, there is a Build Optimizer that created with the Angular CLI by which you can apply the build optimizer by default. Besides this, there is an Angular Universal State Transfer also given that supports API and DOM. Brief History of Angular 6 : The beta versions for Angular 6 are is a stable version which is proposed to launch soon. The major features will be introduced in this Angular version like Ivy Renderer, Closure Compiler, Bazel Compiler and Component Dev Kit (CDK). Except these, there will be a Typescript 2.6.x support as well. If you have interested to learn AngularJS Training in Chennai let’s join the Metaforum Technologies. We are the Best Provider of AngularJS Course in Chennai with Placement Assistance. By giving the Best Practical Training and assignments that given more knowledge and help in placement training. The training will be provided by corporate trainers. Our Expert Trainers are having more than 6+ years in AngularJS Training in Chennai. They give more knowledge about placement and they share their work experience. Our certified professional trainers give more practical live example training that will helps in for placement opportunity. Metaforum Technologies provides the AngularJS Course in Chennai with Certification http://www.metaforumtechnologies.com/angularjs-training-in-chennai Tags: AngularJS Training in Chennai AngularJS Course in Chennai Best AngularJS Training in Chennai

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