cause updates on research causeweb and uscots n.
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CAUSE Updates on Research, CAUSEweb, and USCOTS PowerPoint Presentation
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CAUSE Updates on Research, CAUSEweb, and USCOTS

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CAUSE Updates on Research, CAUSEweb, and USCOTS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CAUSE Updates on Research, CAUSEweb, and USCOTS

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  1. 0 CAUSE Updates on Research, CAUSEweb, and USCOTS JSM 2005, Minneapolis, Minnesota

  2. CAUSE Updates on Research, CAUSEweb, and USCOTS Panel Presentation by • Dennis Pearl, The Ohio State University • Joan Garfield, University of Minnesota • Deborah Rumsey, The Ohio State University • Roger Woodard, North Carolina State University

  3. Overview • Dennis Pearl, Director of CAUSE • Organizational overview & collaborative efforts • Roger Woodard, CAUSEweb Editor • Growing collection available on CAUSEweb • Deborah Rumsey, USCOTS Program Chair • First US Conference on Teaching Statistics • Joan Garfield, Associate Director for Research • Research-based initiatives & resources

  4. 0 Dennis’ title goes here Dennis Pearl, Director of CAUSE Department of Statistics The Ohio State University

  5. Dennis’ Slides go here

  6. 0 Roger’s Title Goes Here Roger Woodard, CAUSEweb Editor North Carolina State University

  7. Roger’s Slides go here

  8. 0 The First United States Conference on Teaching Statistics Deborah J. Rumsey, USCOTS Program Chair Department of Statistics The Ohio State University

  9. Goals of USCOTS • Hold a national conference in the United States that focuses on undergraduate level statistics education • Target audience: statistics teachers from all institutions and disciplines.

  10. Goals of USCOTS • Provide opportunities to share ideas, methods, resources, and research results that participants can incorporate into their own statistics courses at their institutions. • Promote connections between all teachers of undergraduate level statistics

  11. Goals of USCOTS • Identify additional needs, and concerns of statistics teachers to be addressed at future conferences. • Facilitate team building and post-conference implementation plans combined with CAUSE sponsored support and follow-up

  12. The First United States Conference on Teaching Statistics • Date: May 19-21, 2004 • Hosted by: Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (CAUSE) • Location: The Ohio State University, Blackwell Conference Center • Size of Conference: Approximately 200? • Conference Theme: “Building Connections for Undergraduate Statistics Teaching”

  13. USCOTS Program • 3 Major Areas • Curriculum: What do we Teach • Pedagogy: How do we Teach • Research: How do I know what I’m doing is the right thing? • Underlying Thread: Resources

  14. USCOTS Program • Overall structure: • Plenary Session • Spotlight Session • Breakout Sessions

  15. USCOTS Philosophy • Beyond “How I Do It” to “How You Can Do it Too” • Two way communication • Focusing on Undergraduate Statistics with ties to K-12 • Many opportunities for connections • Active and fun

  16. USCOTS Participants (n=300)

  17. USCOTS Participants

  18. USCOTS Participants

  19. USCOTS Participants • Favorite topic to teach: Hypothesis Testing • Least Favorite: Probability • Highest Degree: 50% PhD, 33% MS • Gender: About even • Favorite Topic in High School: 55% said Mathematics

  20. Plenary Speakers • Roger Woodard • Roxy Peck • George Cobb • Dick Scheaffer • Robin Lock • Ann Watkins • Cliff Konold

  21. Spotlight Sessions

  22. Spotlight Sessions

  23. Breakout Sessions

  24. Breakout Sessions

  25. Breakout Sessions

  26. Lunch Discussions

  27. Lunch Discussions

  28. Photo Gallery

  29. USCOTS Interactive!

  30. Teaching Resource Notebook Curriculum Pedagogy Research USEI Guidelines GAISE Recommendations CAUSEweb ASA Stat Education Information

  31. Giveaways and Contests

  32. Exhibitors

  33. Songs for USCOTS • Written by Jeff Witmer • Performed by Jeff Witmer and Christine Franklin • “Use a T” • to the tune of “Let it Be” • “Statistician” • to the tune of “Desperado” • “Born for the USCOTS” • to the tune of…

  34. Banquet and Awards

  35. George Cobb wins Lifetime Achievement Award

  36. Webster West wins CAUSEweb Resource of the Year

  37. 10 Teaching Techniques Incorporated into USCOTS • On-line survey tools • Hand held data collection devices • Participant driven data to analyze • Songs and poetry about statistics • Humor: cartoons and jokes about statistics

  38. 10 Teaching Techniques Incorporated into USCOTS • Photographs, captions, web blogs • Question-response boards • Show and tell opportunities • Small group discussions • A collection of resources to disseminate

  39. Feedback • Overwhelmingly positive • Great enthusiasm and energy • Facilities worked very well • Lots of discussion, networking happening • When will the next USCOTS be?

  40. Future Plans for USCOTS • USCOTS ‘07 • May, 2007 • The Ohio State University • Planned Conference Cycle • Tentatively planned for every 2 years • Years immediately preceding or following ICOTS • USCOTS E-News

  41. Special Thanks • Dennis Pearl, CAUSE Director • Jackie Miller, USCOTS Co-Chair • Joan Garfield, USCOTS Research Program

  42. Deb Rumsey (Program Chair) Jackie Miller (Co-Chair) Joan Garfield Bob delMas Mark Earley Jeff Witmer Bill Harkness Sterling Hilton Dennis Pearl Chris Franklin Rob Gould Bob Johnson Carl Lee Robin Lock Marsha Lovett Mary Parker Norean Sharpe Roger Hoerl Brad Hartlaub Peter Flanagan-Hyde Rich Alldredge USCOTS Program Committee

  43. Support from: • American Statistical Association • Department of Statistics, The Ohio State University • College of Mathematics and Physical Sciences, The Ohio State University

  44. All Conference Handouts Abstracts Photo Gallery Plenary Talks Words to Songs Watch for Information on USCOTS ’07!

  45. 0 The Research Arm of CAUSE Joan Garfield, Associate Director for Research University of Minnesota

  46. Research Mission • Establish the area of statistics education research as a recognized discipline with a visible presence. • Prepare and connect researchers from all disciplines that conduct research in statistics education. • Collect and disseminate resources on research in statistics education.

  47. Research Advisory Board • Beth Chance. California Polytechnic State University • Robert delMas, University of Minnesota • Mark Earley, Bowling Green State University • John Holcomb, Cleveland State University • Cliff Konold, U Mass, Amherst • Carl Lee, Central Michigan University • Marsha Lovett, Carnegie Mellon • Jackie Miller, The Ohio State University • Mike Shaughnessy, Portland State University

  48. Current Goals and Projects • Maintain and update Research web pages for CAUSEweb • Organize research sessions for USCOTS (Nuts and Bolts, Not a Solo Sport, Hatch a Little Research, I wonder…) • Organize research workshops for CAUSE grants

  49. Current Goals and Projects • Provide a list of resource people to contact for advice or mentoring regarding research in statistics education. • Create ways to improve linkages across disciplines and develop collaborative projects.

  50. Current Goals and Projects • Initiate projects that will help connect research to teaching practice. • Organize a research forum that brings together researchers across the disciplines. • Serve as an advisory board for other research projects.