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Presentation on a subject "Interesting facts of England". PowerPoint Presentation
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Presentation on a subject "Interesting facts of England".

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Presentation on a subject "Interesting facts of England".
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Presentation on a subject "Interesting facts of England".

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  1. Presentation on a subject "Interesting facts of England". In this presentation I want to tell you about the most interesting facts of England. Pleasant viewing! !

  2. 1. The fact about the real Robin Hood • Robin Hood really existed. The true facts about his life are substantially unknown and, probably, it is much more interesting, than to us show on television or in the Hollywood movies. Nevertheless there are small doubts of that Robin Hood really plundered only rich and gave everything poor.

  3. 2. The fact about Christmas in England • In the middle of the 17th century Christmas was forbidden in England by order of Oliver Cromwell. As protectorate for England for his Puritan followers, it considered that Christmas traditions are a day when people go from the house to the house to receive a shelter over the head and to lift a toast for the owner and his family that contradicts religious canons. • Christmas was restored only when Cromwell was discharged of the power. In 1826 in London the first-ever zoo opened. At the time of zoo opening by the most known event there was the African elephant of Jumbo who was sold later to Barnum & Bailey's Circus and is sent to America. It is considered that Charles Darwin was the regular customer of a zoo who besides other copies of fauna, had also an orangutan.

  4. 3. The fact about flags in England • England has two flags: Sacred George's red Cross on a white background and National flag of the United Kingdom which consists of flags of England, Scotland and Ireland. National flag of the United Kingdom is usually used, but you will be able to see and other flag in case all three countries are presented separately, for example, on sports meets.

  5. 4.The fact about changes of languages in England • From fight at Hastings in 1066 till 1362 French was official language of England! To this day the motto of the Sovereign on the Royal Coat of arms is "Die et Mon droid" that in a translation from French god and my right" means ". This motto indicates divinity of the rights of the monarch on a crown. There is an opinion that England being the country, accepting Olympic Games of 2012, is the birthplace of modern Olympic Games.

  6. 5. The fact about Olympic Games • Contrary to established opinion that Olympic Games originate in Greece, in England there was a small town of Much Wenlock which started carrying out Much Wenlock Olympic games in 1850 (in 46 years prior to the first Olympic Games in Athens). This tradition remained and to this day. Every July in Much Wenlock that about Shrewsbury in Shropshire are carried out Olympic игры.3,5 one million people paid in 2007 to get a bird's eye view of London from a Big wheel located on the bank of the Thames.

  7. 6. The fact about the British museum • Nevertheless, in the capital of England in 2007 the British museum which attendance made more than 4,5 million people used bigger popularity. About 80 thousand people annually lose the umbrella during a trip in the London subway.

  8. 7. The fact about Big Ben • Be more careful and stronger hold an umbrella! Big Ben it isn't simple a tower with huge hours. In a decorative ornament of walls of a tower there are cells. They weren't used since 1880, but nevertheless they are still ready to imprison any member of parliament who will dare to violate the parliamentary privilege.

  9. 8. The fact about writers of England • Great writers: J. R. R. Tolkien, Charles Dickens, G. Wells and William Shakespeare were a sort from England.

  10. 9. The fact about the sea of England • Being in any point of England, you never will be too far from the sea! Has no value where you stand - you will be never farther than 80 miles from the sea.

  11. Thanks for attention!! • I hope to you very much it was pleasant!!!