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Zand Dynasty 1751-1794 Qajar Dynasty 1796-1925 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Zand Dynasty 1751-1794 Qajar Dynasty 1796-1925. Pahlavi Dynasty Reza Shah 1925-1941 Mohammed Reza Shah 1941-1979 Islamic Republic 1979-2005. Qajar Dynasty’s Muzzafari’d -Din Shah Qajar Ruled from 1896-1907. The last King of the Qajar Dynasty. 1907-1921 (14 year period).

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Presentation Transcript

  • Zand Dynasty

    • 1751-1794

  • Qajar Dynasty

    • 1796-1925

    • Pahlavi Dynasty

      • Reza Shah 1925-1941

      • Mohammed Reza Shah 1941-1979

  • Islamic Republic

    • 1979-2005

  • Qajar Dynasty’s

    Muzzafari’d-Din Shah Qajar

    Ruled from 1896-1907

    The last King of the Qajar Dynasty

    1907-1921 (14 year period)

    1907: Anglo Russian Agreement to divide Persia into spheres of influence

    1914: During WWI, The Russians, British and Ottomans occupied parts of Persia

    1921: Reza Shah led a successful coup against the Russian and British occupation of Persia

    1926: Reza Khan Pahlavi is crowned marking the beginning of the Pahlavi Dynasty.

    His son, Muhammed Reza is named crown prince

    1935: Name of country is changed from Persian to Iran

    British owned and controlled theh Anglo-Iranian Oil Company though managed by Germans

    1967 – Coronation Ceremony and British occupation of Persia

    Iran-Iraq War and British occupation of Persia

    September 1980 - August 1988

    President Saddam Hussein announces his intention to reclaim the Shatt al Arab waterway

    Iraq wanted to seize oil producing region of Khuzestan

    2005 and British occupation of PersiaMahmoudAhmadinejad:Mayor of Tehran, won the Presidency

    Pledged assistance to the poor and to return to the values of the 1979 revolution

    April 2006 and British occupation of Persia

    President MahmoudAhmadinejad at a press conference

    President and British occupation of PersiaMahmoudAhmadinejad on Army Day, April 18, 2006

    Militia carries banners dedicated to Imam Hossein

    Female members of the volunteer militia carrying banners to Imam Hossein

    Army Day – April 18, 2006

    In 1976 he replaced the Islamic calendar with an imperial calendar

    Which began with the foundation of the persian empire around 500 BCE

    Aimed to sideline Islam. Excited opposition muslim groups which

    Rallied around the Ayatollah Khomeini.

    Shah used arbitrary arrest, torture, imprisonment and torture.

    Ayatollah Khomeini exiled 1964 calendar

    Lived in Najaf, Iraq since 1965: expounded absolutist theocratic rule

    Lived in France from 1978

    Jan 16 1979, Shah left Iran due to 18 mos of health leave

    AppointeBaktiar as Prime Minister who was ineffective.

    Bakhtiar publicly invited Khomeini to return to Iran who arrived Feb. 1

    Purges of Shah supporters began. Hundreds were executed.

    4 of the Shah’s generals were executed by a firing squad

    Members of the Shah’s regime were executed.

    May 1979 Khomeini calendar createdthe Revolutionary Guard Corps

    Leftist newspapers were banned. Opposition leaders were arrested.

    Power of the clerics increased.

    Religious repression of women.

    Students who thought they were eliminating the Shah to bring democracy were disapointed.

    Speeches against the USA and its allies

    Bazargan as Prime Minister

    Nov 4, 1979 iranianIslaic students took 66 hostages, mostly Americans