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The Pompeii Disaster

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The Pompeii Disaster. By Georgia Pratchett And Courtney Mcllvaney. Before the eruption.

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the pompeii disaster

The Pompeii Disaster

By Georgia Pratchett


Courtney Mcllvaney

before the eruption
Before the eruption

The people of Pompeii did not know that Mont Vesuvius was a volcano to them it was jus an ordinary mountain. They just carried on with there lives not knowing anything about what was about to happen, and how it changed history and the roman empire.

when did it happen
When did it happen

It is certain that the eruption started on the morning of 24th August AD 79 it was the day that Pompeii was buried in rock and ash for ever to then be revealed by archaeologists hundreds of years later what came along with it was what happened that tragic day 

roman family and children
Roman Family and Children

Life for a women in roman times was often hard, A mother was less important in the family than the father. father had the power of life and death over everyone. When a new baby was born it would be laid at the fathers feet if the father picked the baby up it would live, but if he ignored the baby it would be taken a way to die  women were expected to run the home,

roman family and children1
Roman Family and Children

Cook meals and raise children, if they were wealthy women were lucky they had slaves to do the work. Many girls had to marry at the age of fourteen. Marriages were often arranged between family. A man can divorce his wife if she did not give birth to a son. many women died young (in their 30’s) because child birth could be dangerous and dieses were common.

how do we know
How do we know

We knew about this tragic time in history through a volcano survivor [Pliny] he watched it all happen and wrote an account about it. Thanks to him we now that this event happened in history. When he saw the volcano erupt he rushed off to sail closer to the volcano to write this down and he happened to survive. He had an uncle with the same name as him he was a writer and he went to Pompeii to have a look at this volcano for his writing but he sadly died.

when the volcano erupted
When the volcano erupted

When the volcano erupted they just stood and stared they did not know what happened they just stood and stared as the sky went dark. After a while they just carried on with there daily lives not knowing there fate. Not even knowing what was going to happen next.

what they believed
What they believed

When it started to hail rocks people believed that the gods were punishing them. Then in the end some new that they were going to die but it was to late to flee. So some poisoned themselves because it was fast and painless, but in the end they all died and there was no point except poisioning them selves was not as painful as being burnt to death

pyroclastic flow
Pyroclastic flow

A Pyroclastic flow is when the bits of rock from the volcano collapse and it comes rushing down the side of the volcano very fast. It is very dangerous and it will destroy everything and everyone in its path. Small pyroclastic flow can move as fast as10-30 M/S. while larger flows can move as fast as 200 M/S

Written by Georgia Pratchett

Research Courtney Mcllvaney

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Courtney McIlvaney

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