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Southern colonies…

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Southern colonies…
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Southern colonies…

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  1. Southern colonies… Were mentioned earlier as following the pattern of Virginia. What about South Carolina?

  2. Carolina… Was founded as a proprietary colony King Charles II granted land to the 8 Lords Proprietors in payment of a debt What does proprietary colony mean? What other colony was a proprietary colony? Royal Charter from King Charles II Land granted to the Lords Proprietors

  3. Anthony Ashley Cooper The Lords Proprietors Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon Sir George Cartaret Not Pictued: Sir John Colleton Lord John Berkeley George Monck, Duke of Albemarle Lord William, Earl of Craven Sir William Berkeley

  4. Quitrent? The proprietors hoped to make a profit by charging settlers a quitrent on the land The Proprietors commissioned John Locke to write the Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina, a document including policies designed to attract settlers ex. Religious tolerance provisions for establishing a social class system based on the granting of titles to large landowners This part was never carried out but it shows the intention to make Carolina a society based on deference to the elites – unlike New England and the middle colonies where religion at first emphasized equality The Proprietors granted large tracts of land to settlers through the headright system resulting in the establishment of large plantations based on cash crops that made SC distinct Why?

  5. Originally the Lords Proprietors controlled the government through a Governor and Grand Council This will change later… • Grand Council • Included representatives of… • the proprietors • the Carolina elite • the common people of the colony • (a smaller number of these)

  6. Carolina settlers came from… 1st settlers were Englishmen many emigrated from Barbados – already British colony where there was a well-developed slave system the settlers brought with them (slavery made the plantation owners very wealthy) Modern map showing Barbados

  7. Other settlers came from… France Switzerland Germany Scotland Ireland By what document? Scotland Assured of religious choice, settlers came from diverse religious backgrounds including: French Huguenots, Jewish settlers England

  8. Carolina’s natural resources included… • abundant deer • pine forests • fertile land • a mild climate for a • long growing season • many waterways

  9. Carolina’s geographic conditions… In the Lowcountry conditions made it good for rice planting (more about that later) Good port at Charles Town Navigable waterways along the coast and into the interior As a result of these geographic conditions and use of nature resources a flourishing trade made Carolina a profitable colony

  10. Initially money was made through trade… Furs and deerskins from the Native Americans The good relationship ended when natives were sold into slavery Beads, trinkets, guns, alcohol from the traders