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Politics Behind WWI

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Politics Behind WWI - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Politics Behind WWI. Lusitania, Zimmerman Note, U Boats, And the U.S. . What is a U-Boat. Lusitania. British Passenger Ship Targeted and sunk by German U-Boat 1,200 Die including 128 Americans

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politics behind wwi

Politics Behind WWI

Lusitania, Zimmerman Note, U Boats, And the U.S.

  • British Passenger Ship
    • Targeted and sunk by German U-Boat
      • 1,200 Die including 128 Americans
  • U.S. Tells Germany that if they continue to practice unrestricted submarine warfare they will not remain neutral
zimmerman note
Zimmerman Note
  • Cryptic message that asked Mexico to attack the U.S.
    • Germany did not want the U.S. to join the war
  • What did Germany promise?
    • To help Mexico reclaim Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico from the U.S.
  • Note also
    • Suggested that Japan gets involved
      • 2 front war in the United States (Mexico and Japan)
unrestricted sub warfare
Unrestricted Sub Warfare
  • German continue to practice sub warfare
  • U.S. Enters the War
what is a war bond
What is a War Bond
  • You buy a “Bond” for $100
    • You just funded the war effort with $100
  • After the war is over
    • Several years later
      • The government is going to pay you $150 for the “War Bond” they sold to you.
why would i buy a war bond
Why would I buy a War Bond?
  • Propaganda
  • What is Propaganda?
    • A technique to persuade a person to believe or do something
common propaganda techniques
Common Propaganda Techniques
  • Demonization – portraying the enemy as evil, murderous, aggressive
  • Emotional Appeal – play on people’s fear about war
  • Name Calling – using labels to encourage hatred of the enemy (Huns, Commie’s)
  • Patriotic Appeals – using patriotic symbols to appeal to national pride (Statue of Liberty, flags)
common propaganda techniques1
Common Propaganda Techniques
  • Half-truth’s and lies – deception and twisting the truth
  • Catchy Slogans - memorable phrases to create support (Remember the Maine)
  • Evocative Visual Symbols – visual images that appeal to peoples emotions (i.e. Women, children, etc)
  • Humor – using the enemy as the butt of jokes