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Christianity. God in the Apostles’ Creed. Contents. One God The Trinity The Father The Son: Jesus’ death, resurrection and Ascension The Holy Spirit Judgement and the world to come Summary. One God.

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God in the Apostles’ Creed

  • One God
  • The Trinity
  • The Father
  • The Son: Jesus’ death, resurrection and Ascension
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Judgement and the world to come
  • Summary
one god
One God
  • Beliefs in God are expressed in ‘creeds’ – statements of belief. The two traditional forms of the creed are called the ‘Nicene creed’ and the ‘Apostles’ Creed’.
  • Christians believe that there is one God. Belief in one God is called ‘monotheism’.
  • God is a mystery – humans cannot understand Him.
  • They refer to God as ‘Him’ because our language cannot describe Him. He is not male – or female – he is beyond gender.
  • God is infinite (without any limits) and eternal (no beginning or end)
the trinity




Holy Spirit

The Trinity
  • Christians believe that God is involved in the world and has shown himself to the world in three different ways or natures – as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • This is called the Trinity (three-in-one). The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are the three persons of the Trinity – so we can have a personal relationship with them.
  • Think of a triangle – it has three sides but is just one shape.
the father
The Father
  • God the Father created everything and keeps everything in the universe going (he is the sustainer).
  • Thinking of God as the Father helps Christians to remember that God loves them and looks after them.
the son
The Son
  • God the Son is God, come down to the world as a human.
  • Jesus was part of a human family while he was on earth but already existed as a part of the Trinity.
  • The birth of God as a human is called the ‘Incarnation’. Jesus was both fully God and fully human – how this happened is a mystery we humans cannot understand.
  • Belief in God the Son helps Christians to remember that God knows what it is like to be human and so we can turn to Him as a friend.
the son7
The Son
  • Jesus lived a life on earth, teaching and preaching and performing miracles to help those in need.
  • Jesus was killed on a cross – crucifixion.
  • Three days later Christians believe that Jesus rose from the dead – the resurrection.
  • Christians believe that Jesus’ death and resurrection saved the world from sin (salvation).
jesus death and resurrection
Jesus’ death and resurrection
  • Christians believe Jesus’ death and resurrection did many things, for example:
    • It restored the relationship between God and humans that had been lost because we sin (this is called atonement – ‘at-one-ment’)
    • Jesus’ death was a way of paying for the sins of the world (it was a ransom).
    • Jesus’ suffering shows how much God loves humans.
    • The resurrection is a sign of God’s victory over the Devil.
    • It gives Christians hope of going to heaven.
after the resurrection
After the resurrection
  • Jesus appeared to his followers for forty days.
  • After this time, he took his closest disciples to a place near Bethany and he ‘ascended’ into heaven.
  • Some people think the Ascension story is symbolic – that Jesus disappeared from his disciples without actually going up.
  • Christians believe that Jesus is still present spiritually in the world as the ‘risen Lord’.
the holy spirit
The Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit was present at the creation of the world.
  • He entered the life of the Church at Pentecost, nine days after Jesus’ Ascension.
  • The Holy Spirit is symbolised as many things, such as a dove (peace), wind (power), fire (purification) and water (life-giving). Each of these symbols teaches us something about what the Holy Spirit is like.
the holy spirit11
The Holy Spirit
  • Christians believe the Holy Spirit is present in the world.
  • They pray that the Holy Spirit will help and inspire them.
  • In John’s Gospel Jesus calls the Holy Spirit the ‘Paraclete’ – which means ‘guide and comforter’.
judgement and the world to come
Judgement and the world to come
  • Sin is any action that breaks the relationship with God or other people. Sometimes a sin is an action that we have not done.
  • Christians believe that after we die we will be judged on our actions. Because we sin we all deserve to be punished.
  • If we have been good then we are able to go to heaven.
  • No one knows what heaven will be like but we will be in the presence of God in eternal happiness.

Judgement and the world to come

  • Roman Catholics believe that if we are able to go to heaven we will still need to be purified or cleansed and this takes place in purgatory.
  • If we have lived our lives turned away from God then we will go to hell.
  • Hell is the opposite of heaven – the absence of all good things.
  • The Bible describes hell as a place of eternal punishment.
  • Some Christians believe that we are judged as soon as we die. Other Christians believe in a ‘Day of Judgement’ when the world ends.
  • Christians are monotheists – they believe in one God.
  • God has shown Himself to the world in three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • The Father created the world and sustains it.
  • The Son came to earth through His Incarnation as Jesus.
  • Jesus died and rose from the dead to save us from sin. He ascended into heaven but is still with us as the ‘risen Lord’.
  • Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to inspire us.
  • We will be judged on our actions and go to heaven, purgatory or hell.