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  1. Christianity Ethics // sexual ethics

  2. The plan • How do you define Christian ethics? • Where does ethics ‘fit’ into the HSC Course? • Some worthwhile activities • Developing a good response for Section II and III – what’s the difference? • Examination tips

  3. Your turn: • In your book, write a definition of Christian ethics OR • write down some words that you associate with ethics in Christianity

  4. How do you define Christian ethics? • Ethics are a demonstration of a person’s beliefs in action. A system of moral principals by which human actions…may be judged as …right or wrong. (Macquarie Dictionary) • Christian ethical teachings are founded on an understanding of who the human person is and the belief that every person is capable of discovering and embracing goodness and truth. • Christian ethical actions are focused on maintaining • right relationship with God, one’s neighbour and oneself.

  5. Christian ethics • Christian ethical teachings are founded on • FAITH and REASON, PHILOSOPHY and NATURAL LAW • Protestant Churches would emphasise the authority of the Bible and conscience. Anglican, Orthodox and Catholic ethical authority is also found through the Church leadership- the Pope, Archbishops, Bishops or Patriarchs. Traditional Christian ethical teaching based on natural law or bible-based result in moral absolutes.

  6. Christian ethics • The model of Christ as giving his life in service is a key guide to action. • What are the key scriptural sources relevant to a study of Christian ethics (Hint: Preliminary Course)?

  7. Scriptural sources • All Christians would hold that teachings found in the Bible are the key sources for determining ethical behaviour. This is the revealed law. • Exodus 20: 2-17 The Ten Commandments • Matthew 5:3-10 The Beatitudes • Luke 10:25-27 Jesus Commandment of Love • What are the key scriptural sources relevant to a study of sexual ethics?

  8. Christian ethics- biblical sources

  9. Where does ethics fit in the SOR course? • SOR Outcomes: • A student - • •explains aspects of religion and belief systems • •describes and analyses the influence of religion and belief systems on individuals and society • •describes and analyses how aspects of religious traditions are expressed by their adherents • •evaluates the influence of religious traditions on the life of adherents (p10)

  10. Where does ethics fit in the SOR course? • Preliminary (learn to) • •explain why Jesus is the model for Christian life • •outline the principal ethical teachings in the the Ten Commandments • •the Beatitudes and • •Jesus’ commandment of love • •describe the importance of ethical teaching in the life of adherents (p21)

  11. Where does ethics fit in the SOR course? • The purpose of this section is to develop a comprehensive view of religious traditions as living religious systems that link directly with the life of adherents…. In a Religious Tradition Depth Study, the particular focus is on the ways in which a religious tradition, as an integrated belief system provides a distinctive answer to the enduring questions of human existence. The study of a particular religious tradition enables students to demonstrate an appreciation of the diversity of expression within, and the underlying unity of, the whole religious tradition. (p 3)

  12. Where does ethics fit into the sor course? • HSC (learn to) • •Describe and explain Christian ethical teachings on bioethics OR environmental ethics OR sexual ethics

  13. Planning your study of Christian ethics • •Definitions • •Practice questions • •Research beyond your textbook

  14. Definitions – visual aid Definition of Ethics Definition of sexual ethics Key sources of Christian teaching Approach of Christianity to the issue Significanceof the ethical issue to adherents

  15. Essay outline • Ethical issue for Christians • Key Biblical Sources • Relevance to the tradition and core beliefs • Examples of the sexual issue and response of Christians in those examples • Differences demonstrated by variants- use additional sources