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Middle and Southern Colonies PowerPoint Presentation
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Middle and Southern Colonies

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Middle and Southern Colonies
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Middle and Southern Colonies

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    1. Middle and Southern Colonies Chapter 7 - New SS Book Terry Sams Piedmont Elementary

    2. A (an) _________is a person who does hard physical word. laborer

    3. A person skilled at making something by hand is a (an)_______. artisan

    4. What were differences between North Carolina and South Carolina? South Carolina had better ports and farmland so it grew more quickly.

    5. Cash crops such as ______ and _____ were grown to be sold for cash. Tobacco and indigo

    6. The _______believed that all people should be able to worship freely. Quakers

    7. The _____ and _____Rivers helped make Philadelphia a center of trade and the largest city in the colonies. Delaware and Schuykill

    8. James, Duke of York, became the ____of New Netherland. proprietor

    9. Who founded Maryland as a refuge for Catholics? Lord Baltimore

    10. What two cities did people usually migrate to when they arrived in the Middle Colonies? New York and Philadelphia

    11. What are some clues you might read if you are reading an autobiography? The author uses the word I or me.

    12. What attracted many people to the middle colonies? Religious freedom

    13. A (an) ______________is someone that is chosen to speak and act for others. representative

    14. A (an) _____ is an official agreement between nations or groups. treaty

    15. How did Philadelphias location help it grow to be the biggest city in the British colonies? The city became a trade center because of its good harbor.

    16. Who founded Pennsylvania and why? William Penn for religious freedom.

    17. What famous American started the first lending library? Benjamin Franklin

    18. What did many colonial children do to learn useful skills? They became apprentices .

    19. Virginias legislature was called the _______. This group met to write and change laws. The House of Burgesses

    20. ______was an important cash crop in the Southern colonies. It was bought to be made into a blue dye. indigo

    21. What was the colony of New York originally named? New Netherland

    22. How did the colonist in New York and new Jersey take part in government? They elected representatives to assemblies.

    23. What popular book did Benjamin Franklin write that contained stories, jokes, and sayings? Poor Richards Almanack

    24. Today people still have the __________ freedoms that were practiced in Pennsylvania. religious

    25. People in the Middle Colonies came from many_______ and _______. Cultures and religions

    26. Why did proprietors allow religious tolerance? It attracted Colonists to the area

    27. In a ________, the people, not the government, decide what to produce? Free market economy

    28. Someone who studies with a master to learn a skill or business? apprentice

    29. A large farm on which crops are raised by workers who live on the land is a _______ plantation

    30. A place protected from threat or harm is a______. refuge

    31. A person that owes money is called a ______. debtor

    32. What was the largest and wealthiest English colony that also had the first elected governor? Virginia

    33. A (an) _____is a group of people with the power to make and change laws. legislature

    34. What crops make planters wealthy? Tobacco and rice

    35. Who founded the colony of Georgia as a place for poor people and debtors? James Oglethorpe

    36. A ______was a person who owned and controlled the land in a colony. proprietor

    37. A (an) _______ is a person who watches and directs the work of others.. overseer

    38. A (an) ______was an African American religious folk song. spiritual

    39. What did slaves do to survive the hardships of slavery? Built a close community, tuned to Christianity, combined African and American customs, religion, and music

    40. Thats All! Good luck on your test!