where in the world were you n.
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Where in the World Were You!? PowerPoint Presentation
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Where in the World Were You!?

Where in the World Were You!?

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Where in the World Were You!?

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  1. Where in the World Were You!? Turks & Caicos – Providenciales Miss Madej

  2. Provo., Turks & Caicos • In the North-West Hemisphere • Latitude: N 21°15' .6Longitude: W 72°46'.7

  3. Specifics of Provo. • Population = 30,542 people (Residents) • Much larger when in tourist season • Government & Belonging– Part of an eight island chain (Turks and Caicos), which is part of the British West Indies = A colony of England

  4. Geography • Island chain – Archipelago. Second largest island in the chain (Grand Turk is the largest). Second farthest island west. Found south of Florida and Bahamas, just north of Cuba and Haiti. • Grace Bay – Bay on the north side of the island. Provides about 10 miles of pure white sand, vibrant blue water, and reefs great for snorkeling.

  5. Natural Resources • Salt – Used to be a big salt-mining island. Have “raked” salt on Provo. for over 300 years. Used to preserve food, along with adding taste to foods and beverages. • Conch – Provo. is home to the only conch farm in the world. Conch is a type of shell fish that can be eaten. Great environment for conchs – shallow water, warm weather year round, protected from ocean currents.

  6. Cool Facts • There is only 1 jail on the entire island chain, which happens to be on Grand Turk Island – the farthest island east. It is the same jail that was erected 200 – 300 years ago when the British made the islands a colony. It is named after the Queen of England. • Has the 3rd largest coral reef in the entire world. Almost the entire chain of islands is surrounded by reefs; the result is many sunken ships, which can be explored on snorkel and scuba expeditions.

  7. Why I like it… • Provodenciales was hands down the most beautiful place I have ever seen. The water was perfectly clear, terrifically warm, and turquoise blue. The sand was soft and white. People rode horses on the beach at sunset, and palm trees swayed in the warm Caribbean breeze. • The island is also very small (about 25 miles long), and very safe. I was told by locals that they leave their doors open all day and night long, for the breeze, with no fear of anyone entering or stealing from them.

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