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Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor

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Lone Survivor

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  1. Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell

  2. Marcus Luttrell • Marcus Luttrell is an ex Navy SEAL from Texas, who lost his entire SEAL team in combat during Operation Redwing and received the Navy Cross and Purple Heart for his valor.

  3. Protagonist • Marcus Luttrell is the main character. He is the only survivor of Operation Redwing which was the single largest loss of life for Naval Special Warfare since World War II.

  4. Antagonist • The main antagonist is a terrorist leader named Ahmed Shah. • There was a force of about 100-150 Taliban forces that were after Luttrell trying to kill him throughout the book.

  5. Favorite Character • My favorite character in this book is probably Matthew Axelson or “Axe”. He took bullets to the chest, head, and was blown several yards away by an RPG, yet continued to fight until he died soon after that.

  6. Least Favorite Character • I don’t have a least favorite character because all four of the men in this book are heroes and I have nothing but respect for all of them.

  7. Exposition • The book starts by Introducing Marcus and him going around the country and visiting the families of his fallen comrades. He then talks about his SEAL brutal training.

  8. Rising Action • The rising action begins when SEAL team 10 gets the go ahead to begin Operation Redwing. They are dropped and, while hiding, are discovered by some goat herders.

  9. Climax • The climax of the story is when they decide to let the goatherds go. Soon after that, the battle begins where about 150-200 Taliban soldiers attack the position of the four SEALs in the most intense battle I’ve ever heard of.

  10. Falling Action • The falling action is after the battle, when Marcus realizes that he is the lone survivor of his team and that he still probably won’t make it out alive. He is taken under the care of some Afghani villagers.

  11. Resolution • The resolution is when Marcus is finally rescued after he was presumed KIA. He is awarded the Navy Cross. He then honors all of the men that died by his side and the ones who died trying to rescue him.

  12. Setting • The story takes place at an unknown location deep within the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. The battle took place on June 28th, 2005.

  13. Themes • Bravery • Patriotism • Support the Troops

  14. Rating • 10 out of 10 • I think every American should read this book

  15. Rules of Engagement • When military force may be used • Where military force may be used • Against whom force should be used • How military force should be used to achieve the desired ends

  16. Why they need to change… • Soldiers are dying just because of the Rules of Engagement

  17. Situation • You are on watch duty on the deck of USS Cole and see a speed boat approaching USS Cole at high speed driven by an afghan man. What do you do?

  18. Aftermath • 17   US naval personnel were killed and the ship was severely damaged… true story

  19. Listen It should make you shake and sweat,nightmare you, strand you in a desertof irrevocable desolation, the consequencessea red into the vein, no matter what adrenalinefeeds the muscle its courage, no matterwhat god shines down on you, no matterwhat crackling pain and angeryou carry in your fists, my friend, it should break your heart to kill.

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