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  1. Survivor Can your team outwit, outplay and outlast your opponents to be the ultimate Survivor?

  2. Meet the Tribes Gidest Viler Libe Vouners Tisnetine Neykid

  3. Immunity Use your immunity idol to pass on a question or challenge. You must surrender the idol once it is used.

  4. Challenges Each time you get a question right, you get a challenge and a chance at bonus points.

  5. Challenge Bonus Points You depend on the other tribes to vote for your challenge solution. They will lose points for teaming up unfairly.

  6. The Final Challenge The secret final challenge will be revealed at the end of the game for additional points. Good Luck Survivors!

  7. Question One What is the main function of the integumentary system? Answer

  8. Answer One Protect organs, and prevent loss of water Challenge Question

  9. Challenge One Choose one organ in the body and create a song describing its job to the tune of Twinkle twinkle little star. NEXT QUESTION

  10. Question Two Name the 8 human body systems that we have studied Answer

  11. Answer Two Digestive, Nervous, Integumentary, Excretory, Circulatory, Repertory, Skeletal, Muscular Challenge Question

  12. Challenge Two Send one person up to the board to get your word for Pictionary. You must be the first team to guess the word without using any talking or words-only pictures. NEXT QUESTION

  13. Question Three In this picture what is the main role of this system? Answer

  14. Answer Three Circulate blood-providing nutrients and energy to organs Challenge Question

  15. Challenge Three Create the best slogan for a human body system of your choice. NEXT QUESTION

  16. Question Four Name all of the organs of the digestive system in order. (don’t include the organs that food doesn’t travel through) Answer

  17. Answer Four Mouth-esophagus-stomach-small intestine-large intestine-rectum-anus Challenge Question

  18. Challenge Four With the materials provided to you-create a display of the nervous system. NEXT QUESTION

  19. Question Five List in order from simple to complex the levels of organization within the human body. (hint there are four) Answer

  20. Answer Five Cells-tissues-organs-systems=Human Body Challenge Question

  21. Challenge Five Determine a player to do a challenge that will need to draw the term given to them for your group to guess. NEXT QUESTION

  22. Question Six What would happen to the body if the excretory system wasn’t working properly? Answer

  23. Answer Six Dialysis, cell waste not eliminated, etc. Challenge Question

  24. Challenge Six Within 4 minutes create a cheer with your group explaining a human body system. NEXT QUESTION

  25. Question Seven What might a human do to cause harm to a system? Answer

  26. Answer Seven Answers vary. Challenge Question

  27. Challenge Seven Based on the answer you gave for Question 7 how could that person fix that complication. NEXT QUESTION

  28. Final Challenge Unscramble the name of these tribes into the English term from which it was created. Hint-they are science words

  29. The English Tribes Gidest Viler Libe Vouners Tisnetine Neykid

  30. The Real Six Tribes Bile Digest Liver Nervous Kidney Intestine

  31. Congratulations! You have survived!