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  1. Survivor Can your team outwit, outplay and outlast your opponents to be the ultimate Survivor?

  2. Meet the Tribes Rbnmue Bragle Abvirael Ygomenetr Nsctoatn Igrt

  3. Immunity Use your immunity idol to pass on a question or challenge. You must surrender the idol once it is used.

  4. Challenges Each time you get a question right, you get a challenge and a chance at bonus points.

  5. Challenge Bonus Points You depend on the other tribes to vote for your challenge solution. They will lose points for teaming up unfairly.

  6. The Final Challenge The secret final challenge will be revealed at the end of the game for additional points. Good Luck Survivors!

  7. Question One Several years ago, a 3-foot tree that has grown the same amount each year was planted. At the end of the third year, the tree was 1/5 taller than it was at the end of the second year. The tree is now 18 feet tall. How many years ago ? Answer

  8. Answer One 15 years ago Challenge Explanation Question

  9. Explanation One The difference in height between any 2 years is x feet. Since the growth during year 3(x feet) equals 1/5 the height at the end of year 2, we have x feet = (91/5)(3 + 2x) solving, we find x = 1 ft. The tree grows 1 foot each year and is 15 feet taller than when it was planted. It was planted 15 years ago. Challenge Question

  10. Challenge One Two rabbits each weigh the same. Two cages each weigh the same. If the total weight of the two rabbits and two cages is 24 pounds, and the weight of one cage is 8 pounds, what does one rabbit weigh? Explanation NEXT QUESTION

  11. Explanation for Challenge One If one cage weighs 8 pounds, then the two cages weigh 16 pounds together. The total weight of the two rabbits is 8 pounds, 3 which is the difference between the total weight of 24 pounds and the weight of both cages, 16 pounds. Therefore, one rabbit weighs 4 pounds, since their combined weight is 8 pounds, and each rabbit weighs the same. NEXT QUESTION

  12. Question Two What modifies a verb? Answer

  13. Answer Two The adverb Challenge Question

  14. Challenge Two Identify the adverb: The boy ran quickly. NEXT QUESTION

  15. Question Three What is the action of the sentence called? Answer

  16. Answer Three The verb Challenge Question

  17. Challenge Three Identify the verb: The boy ran very quickly. NEXT QUESTION

  18. Question Four What describes a noun? Answer

  19. Answer Four The adjective Challenge Question

  20. Challenge Four Identify the adjective: The little boy ran quickly. NEXT QUESTION

  21. Question Five What is a word that can replace a noun? Answer

  22. Answer Five A pronoun Challenge Question

  23. Challenge Five Identify the pronoun: The boy ran as quickly as he could. NEXT QUESTION

  24. Question Six What word links two things? Answer

  25. Answer Six A conjunction Challenge Question

  26. Challenge Six Identify the conjunction: The boy and his dog ran quickly. NEXT QUESTION

  27. Question Seven What word expresses emotion? Answer

  28. Answer Seven An interjection. Challenge Question

  29. Challenge Seven Identify the interjection: Stop! The boy kept on running. NEXT QUESTION

  30. Question Eight What word modifies a noun and attributes ownership? Answer

  31. Answer Eight Possessive adjective Challenge Question

  32. Challenge Eight Identify the possessive adjective: The boy chased his ball down the street. NEXT QUESTION

  33. Question Nine What is a verb that helps? Answer

  34. Answer Nine An auxiliary verb Challenge Question

  35. Challenge Nine Identify the auxiliary verb: The boy is running down the street. NEXT QUESTION

  36. Question Ten What is a verb that is used as a noun? Answer

  37. Answer Ten A gerund Challenge Question

  38. Challenge Ten The boy is running down the street. NEXT QUESTION

  39. Question Eleven What are words that indicate location? Answer

  40. Answer Eleven A preposition Challenge Question

  41. Challenge Eleven Identify the preposition: The boy ran down the street. NEXT QUESTION

  42. Question Twelve What is a verb phrase that begins with to? Answer

  43. Answer Twelve An infinitive phrase Challenge Final Challenge

  44. Challenge Twelve Identify the infinitive phrase: To win the marathon the boy ran down the street. Final Challenge

  45. Answer Twenty-Four Arrow pointing left. Challenge Final Challenge

  46. Final Challenge Unscramble the name of your tribe into the english term from which it was created.

  47. The Math Tribes Rbnmue Braglea Abvirael Ygomeetr Nsctoatn Igrt

  48. The Real Six Tribes Number Algebra Variable Geometry Constant Trig

  49. Congratulations! You have survived!