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Bobby Braun 1/23/08. Survivor . Odysseus’ Revenge Edition. Bobby Braun 1-15-08 Survivor-Odysseus’ Revenge.

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  1. Bobby Braun 1/23/08 Survivor Odysseus’ Revenge Edition

  2. Bobby Braun 1-15-08 Survivor-Odysseus’ Revenge The Island of Ogygia(Malta) or Calypso’s island would be hard because all of Calypso’s women would distract the men from doing the challenge. Next , due to the geography of the island, going from island to island to get food would be a challenge in its self. Last the mountains would pose a place of danger and good for challenges.

  3. Odysseus Mental Traits-Smart and CleverPhysical Traits- StrongHelp or Hurt Odysseus-Disrespect for the godsOccupation- King of Ithaca, Leader of his armyHometown-IthacaStrengths-Fighting and Out witting othersWeaknesses- Arrogant

  4. Telemachus Mental Traits- Unstable, BravePhysical Traits- Young, Strong for his ageHelp or Hurt Odysseus- Kill/ Trap/ Take the weapons from the suitorsOccupation- Prince f IthacaHometown- IthacaStrengths- love for his fatherWeaknesses- Anger with suitors

  5. Antinous Mental Traits- CockyPhysical Traits-Strong, BigHelp or Hurt Odysseus-Tried to take over his home then put him down when he came back as a beggar, also hurt his son.Occupation- SuitorStrengths- Fighting and milking off others Weakness-Odysseus

  6. Alcinous Mental Traits- Smart, Nice Physical Traits- Overweight Help or Hurt Odysseus- Gave him a ride home Occupation- King of Phaeacia Hometown- PhaeaciaStrengths- running a country Weakness- Stories

  7. Eurylochus Mental Strengths-none Physical Strengths- Strong, Muscular Help or Hurt Odysseus- Was part of Odysseus’ crew Hometown- Ithaca Strengths- Rowing, Sailing, Fighting Weakness- Circe

  8. Hermes Mental Traits- Remembering Messages Physical Traits- Flying Help or Hurt Odysseus- Told him what to eat and how to get his men back from Circe Occupation- Suitor Hometown- Ithaca Strengths- Fighting Weakness- Odysseus

  9. Crossing The Abyss In this challenge you must make a fishing pole, spear, Etc to catch a fish. Then you must swim with it from Malta to Gozo where you must catch a fish before entering onto the island. To win the Competition they must make a fire and cook a fish and eat the fish while drinking a 16oz glass of ocean water.(you do not have to eat and drink at the exact same time)To win you must complete the challenge first.

  10. Running Wild The Contestants must choose either one of two things first choice run eighty yards across hot coals. The next option is to run one hundred feet over crushed glass. Both have to be done bare foot. The person with the fastest time for each( there is a winner from each one) wins a foot massage/bath and a four course meal of their choice.

  11. Cliff Diving Malta is home to beautiful and high cliffs. This competition is to do the best dive from the highest cliff. The higher the cliff the more points you receive. A triple back flip from 50 feet is worth less than a dive from 150 feet. Height is worth more than tricks but the winner will have to have a good mix of tricks and height. The winner receives a free weeks all inclusive vacation to anywhere in the world for five people.

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