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  1. Outwit Outplay Survivor: The Classroom Outlast

  2. What will you take? Task: Your Pre-K-Eighth grade building has been asked to pilot a new school on a deserted island. In addition to your computer with internet access and a projector, you can pack five technologies.

  3. Top 5 Technologies Hardware/Equipment Software Website or Web 2.0 Smartboard Document Camera Microsoft Office Suite Atomic Learning Gaggle. net

  4. Hardware/Equipment Smartboard Document Camera

  5. Software Program Microsoft Office Suite

  6. Website or Web 2.0 Atomic Learning Gaggle. net

  7. Smartboard “All across the country, chalkboards are being ditched in favor of interactive, computer-driven whiteboards that allow students and teachers to share assignments, surf the web and edit video using their fingers as pens.” Document Camera MS Office Suite Atomic Learning Home OR… Back to Hardware

  8. Exile Island Technologies • Mimio • Starboard Back

  9. Document Camera “In the simplest terms, a document camera or visual presenter is the next-generation, digital replacement of an overhead projector. However, a document camera goes far beyond the simple functions of an overhead by allowing users to display not only transparencies, but documents, 3-D objects, microscopic images, moving objects, x-rays, slides, and more. With the ability to connect to a multimedia projector, monitor or TV, a document camera is able to display the presenter’s thoughts, ideas, lessons and examples on a large screen format, live in vivid color and detail.” Smartboard MS Office Suite Atomic Learning Home OR… Back to Hardware

  10. Exile Island Technologies • flip • overhead Back

  11. Microsoft Office Suite “The Microsoft Suite, in the end, I think is the most useful.  Although basic, Word and Excel really encompass a lot of the tools that students really need.” (L. Mlade, personal communication, December 12, 2011). Smartboard Document Camera Atomic Learning Home OR… Back to Software

  12. Exile Island Technologies • • iWork Back

  13. Atomic Learning “Atomic Learning’s online training resources teach you “how do I do that” through a library of thousands of short, easy-to-understand tutorial movies and “how do I apply that” training that can be used as an integral part of a professional development program and a valuable curriculum supplement. Atomic Learning makes it easy to learn new technology and encourage technology integration in the classroom.” Smartboard Document Camera MS Office Try me! Home Back to Websites OR…

  14. Exile Island Technologies • Video On Demand • YouTube for Schools Back

  15. “Prior to Gaggle there was no simple way for teachers to communicate with parents.  Newsletters, websites, mailing lists; there were seemingly an endless number of resources parents had to reference in order to get all the information they needed.  Gaggle allows for a single point of reference for both the student and the parent.  With Gaggle, all of a student's class news, information, upcoming events and assignments are available in a single location.” Smartboard Document Camera MS Office Atomic Learning Home OR… Back to Websites

  16. Exile Island Technologies • Google Docs • Wixie Back

  17. Resources: Atomic Learning Logo Image. Retrieved 12/12 11 from Avermedia. (2007). How can a document camera help in my classroom?Best Practices in School Technology. Retrieved from Bremen City Schools Technology Department. Why Gaggle?Communication with parents. Retrieved 12/12/11 from Cohn, D. (2005). Boards get brains, chalk vanishes. Wired. Retrieved from Document Camera Image. Retrieved 12/12/11 from Gaggle Logo Image. Retrieved 12/12/11 from Gottwat, K. (2011, September 12). Research shows technology needs professional development [Msg 12]. Message posted to Price, A. (2006). Ten ways to get smart with SMARTboard. Tech & Learning. Retrieved from