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Canada at War: Battles of WWII

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Canada at War: Battles of WWII - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Canada at War: Battles of WWII. Battles of WWII. The Battle of Britain - After France fell, Germany launched Operation Sealion , trying to bomb Britain into submission - This lasted from July to October, 1940

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battles of wwii
Battles of WWII

The Battle of Britain

- After France fell, Germany launched Operation Sealion, trying to bomb Britain into submission

- This lasted from July to October, 1940

- Germany started by bombing military bases, but eventually resorted to bombing civilian targets

battles of wwii1
Battles of WWII

The Battle of Britain

- This Battle was fought almost exclusively in the air; the first ever to happen this way

- The Royal Air Force (RAF), with the help of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and Canadian supply ships, fought off the German Luftwaffe

- This was another battle of attrition

- A combination of bad intelligence, British RADAR and terrible moral among the Luftwaffe pilots resulted in Hitler postponing Operation Sea Lion indefinitely

battles of wwii6
Battles of WWII

The Dieppe Raid

- A disastrous trial-run for the full-scale Allied invasion of Europe

- Officially called Operation Jubilee

- Early in the morning on August 19th, 1942, Canadian and British troops landed along the French Coast near the resort town of Dieppe

- The plan was to gather intelligence about German defenses and to return quickly to Britain

battles of wwii7
Battles of WWII

The Dieppe Raid

- The large raiding force (including 5000 Canadians) initially surprised the German defenses, but they quickly gained their wits and repelled the assault from the cliffs overlooking the beach

- 2752 Canadians remained on the beach, either dead or captured

- Many of the dead and wounded were carried out to sea with the incoming tide that morning

battles of wwii14
Battles of WWII

Operation Husky

- An invasion of Sicily (Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea) that took place on July 10th, 1943

- Joint amphibious, sea and air operation between Canadians, British and Americans

- Gaining control of Sicily would give the Allies a place to launch attacks on the Italian mainland from

- The Allies used deceptive tactics to catch the Germans and Italians off guard

battles of wwii15
Battles of WWII

Operation Husky

- Once the Allies had landed on the island, a six-week land battle ensued

- Although the Allies sustained over 25,000 casualties (2310 Canadians), the Operation was a success

- The success of the operation led to the wide-scale demoralization of the Italians, and the eventual ousting of Mussolini

- German forces took over the defense of Italy as the Allies pushed into the mainland

battles of wwii19
Battles of WWII


- Operation Overlord commenced at 2:00 AM on June 6th, 1944

- The long-awaited Allied invasion of Fortress Europe, launching from sites in southern England

- 1.25 million American troops and approximately the same number of troops from the Commonwealth

- 4,000 landing craft departed, plus 700 warships and 11,000 planes

battles of wwii20
Battles of WWII


- The invasion happened on the beaches of Normandy in northern France. Their close proximity to Britain would allow for easy movement of troops and supplies into Europe

- This is the largest operation that Canada has ever been involved in. 14,000 soldiers landed at Juno Beach (Juno was a code name for the location). 100 Royal Canadian Navy ships were involved, with 10,000 sailors aboard. 36 RCAF bomber squadrons were involved.

battles of wwii21
Battles of WWII


- The invasion happened on five different beaches in Normandy. Of these five battles, only the operation at Juno Beach was successful in reaching all of its objectives

- By the end of the day, the Allies had a footing in Europe and were set to make a push toward Berlin