T he 100 g reatest m ilitary p hotographs
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T he 100 G reatest M ilitary P hotographs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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T he 100 G reatest M ilitary P hotographs. From Military Times Publishing Company, insert to the 25 Sept 2000 issues of Army/Navy/AF Times. No. 100 Robert Capa WWII. No. 99 U.S. Navy Archives Pearl Harbor. No. 98 Jacob Harris WWII. No. 97 Ray Platnick WWII. No. 96

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T he 100 g reatest m ilitary p hotographs l.jpg

The 100 GreatestMilitary Photographs

From Military Times Publishing Company,

insert to the 25 Sept 2000 issues of Army/Navy/AF Times

Slide2 l.jpg

No. 100

Robert Capa


Slide3 l.jpg

No. 99

U.S. Navy Archives

Pearl Harbor

Slide4 l.jpg

No. 98

Jacob Harris


Slide5 l.jpg

No. 97

Ray Platnick


Slide6 l.jpg

No. 96

David Turnley

Operation Desert Storm

Slide7 l.jpg

No. 95

Charles Kerlee


Slide8 l.jpg

No. 94

Christopher Morris

USS Stark

Slide9 l.jpg

No. 93

Philip Jones Griffiths

Vietnam, 1968

Slide10 l.jpg

No. 92

Christopher Morris

Persian Gulf War

Slide11 l.jpg

No. 91

U.S. Army Archives

WWII, July 1944

Slide12 l.jpg

No. 90

William Dinwiddle

Rough Riders, 1898

Slide13 l.jpg

No. 89

Brad Markel

Andrews AFB, 1991

Slide14 l.jpg

No. 88

Philadelphia Public Ledger

WWI, Nov 1918

Slide15 l.jpg

No. 87

Adrian Duff

WWI, Sep 1918

Slide16 l.jpg

No. 86

Stanley Tretick

South Korea

Slide17 l.jpg

No. 85

U.S. Army Signal Corps

Lt Gen George S. Patton

Slide18 l.jpg

No. 84

Robert Jakobsen

Ca National Guard, 1940

Slide19 l.jpg

No. 83

Wayne Miller

WWII, 1944

Slide20 l.jpg

No. 82

U.S. Army Air Force

WWII, 1943

Slide21 l.jpg

No. 81

U.S. Army Archives

WWII, 1944

Paris, France

Slide22 l.jpg

No. 80

Peter Turnley

“Highway of Doom”

Persian Gulf War, 1991

Slide23 l.jpg

No. 79

Hank Walker

South Korea, 1950

Slide24 l.jpg

No. 78

U.S. Marine Corps


Slide25 l.jpg

No. 77

Steve Elfers

Operation Desert Storm

Slide26 l.jpg

No. 76

Steve Elfers

Operation Desert Storm

Slide27 l.jpg

No. 75

Bruno Barbey

Persion Gulf War

Slide28 l.jpg

No. 74

Alexander Gardner

Civil War, 1862

Slide29 l.jpg

No. 73

Jeff Tuttle

Operation Desert Shield

Slide30 l.jpg

No. 72

U.S. Army Archives

WWII, 1943

Tarawa Atoll

Slide31 l.jpg

No. 71

Alfred Cooperman

WWII, 1943

Slide32 l.jpg

No. 70

Rich Mason

Persian Gulf War

Slide33 l.jpg

No. 69

W. Eugene Smith

Saipan, WWII

Slide34 l.jpg

No. 68

Larry Burrows

Vietnam, 1966

Plane is a Douglas A–1 Skyraider

Slide35 l.jpg

No. 67

Larry Burrows

Vietnam, 1966

Slide36 l.jpg

No. 66

U.S. Navy Archives

Pearl Harbor, Dec 1941

Slide37 l.jpg

No. 65


WWI, 1919

Slide38 l.jpg

No. 64

Sadayuki Mikami

Persian Gulf War

Slide39 l.jpg

No. 63

Hulton–Getty Archives

Vietnam, 1966

Slide40 l.jpg

No. 62


Saigon, 1975

Slide41 l.jpg

No. 61

Time Life

South Korea, 1950

Slide42 l.jpg

No. 60

Fred Ramage

D–Day, 1944

Slide43 l.jpg

No. 59

U.S. Navy Archives

USS Hornet, 1942

Jimmy Doolittle raid on Tokyo

Slide44 l.jpg

No. 58

Larry Burrows

Vietnam, 1966

Slide45 l.jpg

No. 57

U.S. Army Signal Corps

Gen Dwight Eisenhower

Speaking to Army Airborne troops prior to operation Overlord (D–Day)

Slide46 l.jpg

No. 56

The Marshall Collection

1st Aviation Fatality,


Slide47 l.jpg

No. 55

U.S. Army Archives

Gen Douglas MacArthur

Wading ashore in Philippines

Slide48 l.jpg

No. 54

National Archives

WWII, Nov 1944

Slide49 l.jpg

No. 53

Hulton–Getty Archives

Vietnam, 1969

Slide50 l.jpg

No. 52

W. Eugene Smith

Saipan, WWII, 1944

Slide51 l.jpg

No. 51

Malcolm Browne

Saigon, 1963

Buddhist monk self–immolation

Slide52 l.jpg

No. 50

Paul Watson

Mogadishu, Somalia

Slide53 l.jpg

No. 49

National Archives

“Bataan Death March”


Slide54 l.jpg

No. 48

Tsuguichi Koyangi

Bataan, 1942

Slide55 l.jpg

No. 47

U.S. Navy Archives

South Pacific

Torpedoed Japanese cruiser

Slide56 l.jpg

No. 46

Henri Huet

Vietnam, 1966

Slide57 l.jpg

No. 45

Associated Press

Vietnam PoWs, 1973

Slide58 l.jpg

No. 44

Walter Sanders

Berlin Airlift, 1948

Slide59 l.jpg

No. 43

Barrett Gallagher

USS Intrepid, 1944

Slide60 l.jpg

No. 42

Wayne Miller

South Pacific, 1943

Slide61 l.jpg

No. 41

Don McCullin

Vietnam, 1968

Slide62 l.jpg

No. 40

U.S. Navy Archives

USS Bunker Hill, 1945

Slide63 l.jpg

No. 39

U.S. Army Archives

Conf of the Big 3, 1945

Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin

Slide64 l.jpg

No. 38

Fenno Jacobs

USS New Jersey, 1944

Slide65 l.jpg

No. 37

Jerry Rutberg

WWII, 1945

Slide66 l.jpg

No. 36

U.S. Air Force

Operation Greenhouse


Atomic bomb test series

Enewetok Atoll, Pacific Ocean

(video clip playing in rectangle to left)

Slide67 l.jpg

No. 35

U.S. Army Signal Corps

Nagasaki, 1945

Fat Man plutonium implosion bomb

20 kilotons

Slide68 l.jpg

No. 34

Ken Jarecke

Persian Gulf War

Iraqi soldier in burned–out armored vehicle

Slide69 l.jpg

No. 33

Robert Ellison

Khe Sanh, 1968

Slide70 l.jpg

No. 32

Carl Mydans

USS Missouri, 1945

Japanese surrender

Slide71 l.jpg

No. 31

Philip Jones Griffiths

Vietnam, 1968

Slide72 l.jpg

No. 30

Bernie Boston

Demonstration, 1967

Slide73 l.jpg

No. 29


Civil War, 1865

Survivors of Andersonville GA prison camp (Camp Sumter)

Slide74 l.jpg

No. 28

David Douglas Duncan

Korea, 1950

Retreat from Chosin Reservoir

Slide75 l.jpg

No. 27

W. Eugene Smith

WWII, 1945

Slide76 l.jpg

No. 26

Gamma Liaison

Saigon, 1975

Slide77 l.jpg

No. 25

Carol Guzy

Haiti, 1994

Slide78 l.jpg

No. 24

Ronald, Haeberle

“Mi Lai Massacre”


Slide79 l.jpg

No. 23

U.S. Navy Archives

USS Enterprise, 1943

Slide80 l.jpg

No. 22

David Douglas Duncan

Korea, 1950

Retreat from Chosin Reservoir

Slide81 l.jpg

No. 21

George Strock

WWII, 1943

First photo released to American public showing dead GIs (you can see maggots crawling on the man in the foreground)

Slide82 l.jpg

No. 20

Bill Foley

Beirut, 1983

Bombing of the Marine barracks

Slide83 l.jpg

No. 19

Robert Capa

WWII – The Last Day

Slide84 l.jpg

No. 18

Alexander Gardner

Antietam, Civil War, 1862

Slide85 l.jpg

No. 17

U.S. Navy Archives

Pearl Harbor, 1941

USS Arizona

Slide86 l.jpg

No. 16

John Filo

Kent State, 1970

Slide87 l.jpg

No. 15

Thai Khad Chuon

Vietnam, 1975

Slide88 l.jpg

No. 14

U.S. Army Archives

WWI, 1918

Slide89 l.jpg

No. 13

Art Greenspon

Vietnam, 1968

Slide90 l.jpg

No. 12

U.S. Army Archives

Rhine River, 1945

Slide91 l.jpg

No. 11

Ed Clark

President Roosevelt’s Funeral

Warm Springs GA, 1945

Slide92 l.jpg

No. 10

W. Eugene Smith

Saipan, WWII, 1944

Slide93 l.jpg

No. 9

David Turnley

Persian Gulf War

Slide94 l.jpg

No. 8

Eddie Adams

Vietnam, 1968

Police chief executes suspected Viet Cong

Slide95 l.jpg

No. 7

Alexander Gardner

Gettysburg, 1863

It is thought that this picture was staged by the photographer

Slide96 l.jpg

No. 6

Nick Ut

Vietnam, 1972

Napalm attack victims

Slide97 l.jpg

No. 5

Sal Veder

Travis AFB, 1973

Slide98 l.jpg

No. 4

Larry Burrows

Vietnam, 1966

Slide99 l.jpg

No. 3

Alfred Eisenstadt

Times Square, 1945

Slide100 l.jpg

No. 2

Robert Capa

D–Day, Omaha Beach, 1944

Slide101 l.jpg

No. 1

Joe Rosenthal

Iwo Jima, WWII, 1945