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China: Country Powerpoint PowerPoint Presentation
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China: Country Powerpoint

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China: Country Powerpoint

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China: Country Powerpoint

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  1. China: Country Powerpoint JakiBateman, Monica M. Libby S., Justine Bateman

  2. The War on Baby Girls • Boy/girl ratio in China is almost unbelievable • Because of one child policy, citizens prefer to have only males in order to carry on family name • Newer technology allows parents to abort female pregnancies in hopes of later male births

  3. Stop the Linsanity • Lin becomes popular among Chinese fans • China can’t properly claim him as native • Chinese sports are different • Must be ridiculously tall to play basketball • To be in the sports system is a huge risk, without guaranteed benefits • Why Chinese authorities dislike Lin • He’s openly Christian • Not a center of forward like most other Chinese basketball players • Harvard graduate; not solely an athlete

  4. Presidential Election of 2012 • There was a national election for the next president of China • The peoples first party chairman launched the party's first ever presidential bid • Ma Ying-Jeou is predicted to win the election is predicted to win • He is the incumbent

  5. Internet Censorship • Censorship rising, especially on Google • Government trying to block opposing views of CCP • Pays people to write positive things about China on internet

  6. Chinese Labor , Cheap No More • Obama wants China to play more fair in world economy • Chinese new year makes people visit back home from cities they work in, and it’s hard to convince them to get back to work • Bonuses and wage increase are incentive to go back • Age shift of Chinese citizens: young to old • Younger generation unwilling to endure hardships without possibility to move up in the workplace

  7. Troubles in the Air, Double on the Ground • China objects EU’s new plan to control greenhouse gas emissions from aero planes • Main objection is that it applies to air miles clocked up outside of European airspace • “infringes sovereignty”

  8. Buddha and the Tigress • In past year 26 Tibetans have committed suicide with fire • Protest to Chinese government • Want Dalai Llama back • Not phasing Chinese government at all • Counterproductive results of protesting lead to more oppression

  9. Last Parliament Session Opens Cutting China’s economic growth target Addressing land and military issues Last session under current leadership Lead into tense time because of jockey for power by higher officials

  10. Infrastructure Many “ghost towns” are being built in anticipation of growing population There aren’t enough families to build the towns The towns are going empty and unused

  11. China Pride: Little Interest in Ideology China has no underlying values or ideology, despite a large anniversary parade celebrating the greatness and prosperity that Mao Zedong brought Government is in power because its makes lives stable Patriotism is forced upon them through educational system, with no true roots in values