case study uss vincennes l.
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Case Study: USS Vincennes PowerPoint Presentation
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Case Study: USS Vincennes

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Case Study: USS Vincennes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Case Study: USS Vincennes. Events Leading to the Vincennes Incident. Iran-Iraq War Attack on the USS Stark The hitting of a mine in an Iranian Minefield- 1988 by the USS Samuel B. Roberts. Rules of Engagement (ROE) Changes in the Persian Gulf.

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events leading to the vincennes incident
Events Leading to the Vincennes Incident
  • Iran-Iraq War
  • Attack on the USS Stark
  • The hitting of a mine in an Iranian Minefield- 1988 by the USS Samuel B. Roberts
rules of engagement roe changes in the persian gulf
Rules of Engagement (ROE) Changes in the Persian Gulf
  • Commanding Officers were authorized to take positive protective measures
  • U.S. warships did not have to wait for the enemy to fire first
  • U.S. assets required positive identification and description of intentions from all aircraft and ships operating in those waters
why did the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff think changes in the roe were necessary
Why did the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff think changes in the ROE were Necessary?
  • Responsibility for American lives
  • Responsibility for the U.S. reputation
  • Responsibility for foreign lives
use of force prior to the downing of the airbus

Use of Force Prior to the Downing of the Airbus

Surface Conflict with Iranian Gunboats

protection of merchant vessels
Protection of Merchant Vessels
  • USS Montgomery reported many Iranian Gunboats in the Strait of Hormuz.
  • Several gunboats maneuvering around Liberian tanker, German cargo vessel, and Pakistani merchant vessel in a common harassment tactic.
  • Was there a request for assistance by the merchant vessels? Were the actions of the Vincennes appropriate?
capabilities and weapons of vessels involved
Capabilities and Weapons of Vessels Involved
  • USS Vincennes
    • Aegis Command and Control System
    • Standard SM-2 missiles
    • Phalanx, ASROC, Harpoon, Mark 45 guns
  • Iranian Gunboats
    • 107mm rockets
    • 50 caliber machine guns
    • Grenade launchers
discussion of captain rogers decisions
Discussion of Captain Rogers’ Decisions
  • Control of airspace with the extended range of SH-60F LAMPS helicopter.
  • Use of force under the ROE
  • Use of force under the Law of Armed conflict
    • Necessary Action
    • Proportional Response
    • Ethical
time constraints
Time Constraints
  • Missile had to be fired before aircraft closed within 10 miles of Vincennes
  • CO Vincennes had approximately four minutes from the time he was notified of the threat to react, while also dealing with the gunboats
  • Could anything have been done to give Captain Rogers more time?
  • Capabilities of Aegis system and the role humans play
  • Altitude discrepancy of Airbus as reported by crew and what was recorded by Aegis system
  • Identification of Airbus
  • Was this mission an appropriate use of the USS Vincennes’s technology?
co s motivation
CO’s Motivation
  • Defend the crew
    • Memories of the USS Stark incident
  • Follow the ROE
  • Improve the Navy’s image
  • Improve America’s image
    • As a warning to other nations
    • In the eyes of the U.S. public
  • Commanding officer of the USS Vincennes
  • Commanding officer of the USSSides
  • Other members of the two crews
  • How could this incident have been avoided?
  • Who could have prevented these deaths?
  • Who was accountable for the deaths?
leadership traits
Leadership Traits
  • Loyalty
  • Honor
  • Integrity
  • Courage
decision making
Decision Making
  • Clarify the issue to ensure you understand the parameters
  • Identify applicable goals
  • Identify authoritative rules and laws
  • Collect and organize information
  • Develop and analyze potential solutions
  • Consult with others
  • Ethics check


Chapter 12, Military Explosives


Chapter 13, Warheads