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QCC Case Study PowerPoint Presentation
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QCC Case Study

QCC Case Study

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QCC Case Study

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  1. QCCCase Study In Japan

  2. Theme : Reduction of business use telephone charges • Reason for selecting the theme Company policy : “Promote cost reduction campaign with united efforts of the whole company”

  3. Understanding the actual situation and setting the goal C H A R G E S Reduction by 5 % (100,000 yen) of 2 million yen / month 250 200 150 100 50 0 1980 1981 Transition of business use telephone charges

  4. Extraction of problem and analysis of causes 1- Extraction of problems 2-Problems sorted out from the cause and effect diagram Long phone in time 5 Not at work place 2 Consciousness 2 Absence 1 Problems attributable to applicant 3- Investigate the duration and charge for calls

  5. Study of measuresIdeas put forth by brainstorming • Ask for ideas of slogans and posters • Put up posters, wear ribbons, attach stickers • Appeal by in-house broadcast • Present sandglasses • Advise time during phone conversation • Set a target for each manager and perform strict control • Write letters to the persons who needs special attention • Automatically cut a call in 3 minute

  6. No Good Ideas Jogging pace setter Put it into practice involving the boss

  7. Points of Telephone Answering • Always quick, accurate and kind response • Concise and polite language • Your attitude is expressed in your voice Telephone Answering is a window for the company

  8. Transition of telephone charges Results C H A R G E S 250 2.15 million yen /month 200 150 100 1.67 million yen /month 50 0 1981 1982 22.3 % reduction of charges against the target of 5% reduction

  9. Time of blooming • Old members give way to new members • New operators work hard • First presentation at an outside conference a- QC News b- Hello Circle c- Blooming QC Circles

  10. Satisfaction • Telephone Answering Competition • Reduction of Telephone Charges

  11. Case Study inEgYpt

  12. There was a free open discussion between the operators and the engineers included the following: • Safety • Machine breakdown • General problems

  13. (1)Safety A- work place is narrow for all machines and operators B- The cloths and gloves they wear are worn out C- There is no extraction on the top of the table to extract the vapor and the smoke D- Manual move of the moulds E- The light is not enough and the machines are noisy (2)Breakdown of machine A- There is no maintenance of the machine in order to decrease the stoppage time

  14. (3)General problems A- Low salary B- There is no standard quality for the moulds C- There is a shortage in the number of moulds and the Teflon hammers D- There is no inspection on the part of the quality control department for the required specification E- The perform machines are not at the same standard , one machine slow while the other is very fast F- The iron is not enough G- Unfriendly way of treating the operators

  15. after this discussion they chose a theme to start working on it in order to solve it The chosen theme was Difficulty in Extracting the Moulds

  16. Why ? • It takes more efforts • Wastes the time • Gets out more scraps • Results in more loss of the tools

  17. Operators New Ideas The use of another automated way to extract the piece out of the mould without using the Teflon hammer. The preheat of the mould in order to decrease the set up time. Digital balance to weigh the material before the cold pressing because the calibration of the balance is not accurate. Automated movement of the moulds after being pressed in order to decrease the waste time between the difference processes. Mobile operator to cover the absence of any other operators.

  18. No Detailed description for operation Method Manual Difficulty in extracting the moulds Skill Concentration Training Effort MAN Diversity in moulds kind and volume

  19. Material Tools are not available Tools high consumption Mould maintenance Difficulty in extracting the moulds one of materials is hard to be extracted

  20. Thank You