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Agenda Introduction to ProQuest Ebook history and industry issues Case study 1: Safari Tech Books Online Case study 2: Literature Online Case study 3: ProQuest MyiLibrary Medical Future Directions ProQuest Information & Learning Helps people find, get, & use information

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Presentation Transcript
  • Introduction to ProQuest
  • Ebook history and industry issues
  • Case study 1: Safari Tech Books Online
  • Case study 2: Literature Online
  • Case study 3: ProQuest MyiLibrary Medical
  • Future Directions
proquest information learning helps people find get use information
ProQuest Information & Learning Helps people find, get, & use information
  • High-quality information
  • Ease of access
  • Editorial excellence (indexing, abstracting, content selection)
  • Tailored applications for different research needs

Ebook Issues Timeline

Why read on screen?

COUNTER usage stats

What’s the internet?

What devices?

1990 1995 2000 2005

What’s a CD-ROM?

What format?

Which standards?

What pricing model?


ProQuest Information and Learning Ebook History

ABI linking to Safari Business Books Online

Early English Books Online

Safari Tech Books Online

1990 1995 2000 2005

English Poetry Full-Text Database


Approx 20+ literature collections


MyiLibrary Medical

library solution case study 1 safari tech books online unique content and innovative access models

Library Solution Case Study 1Safari Tech Books Online: unique content and innovative access models


Meeting Library NeedsThe Problem with IT books in print

We are currently having problems with ensuring that new books in certain subject areas, especially computer languages/programming are available for the students.

We are currently having problems with ensuring that new books in certain subject areas, especially computer languages/programing are available for the students in that major. The problems that we are running into is that as soon as a new computer book is placed on the shelf a patron either hides it (i.e.: behind other books, in a study corral, etc.) or steals it (this is an increasing problem). Another big problem is that a small group of students will check a new book out and renew it between themselves such that no one else is able to use the book for 1-2 years, by which time it is outdated and the next edition has been purchased and the cycle begins again. Issuing holds and recalls does not work very efficiently, as the majority of students who have checked out new books either ignore the recalls or line up friends ahead of time to place holds and check the book out in their name while the same student actually keeps the book. With the computer books, the students are often using them as textbooks. An obvious solution would be to buy multiple copies. However, with budget cuts, the expense of computer books, and the quickness with which the subject becomes outdated, this is not a feasible option for us. ILL is not a feasible option either, especially in this area, as many academic libraries (us included) do not lend new computer books out to other libraries.

We would like to know if other academic libraries are having a similar problem, what are you doing (if anything) to try to alleviate the problem, the pros/cons, student reaction, and how effectively is it working.

One solution that we are especially interested in getting feedback on is if anyone has created and is currently using a "closed stack" collection. By this I mean that the books would be kept behind the Circulation Desk similar to Reserves or a Periodicals "Thieves" Collection (current issues of popular journals that disappear when left in the regular periodicals collection). Access would be restricted to our students/faculty. When an item from the "closed stack" is wanted the Circulation staff would retrieve it and check it out to the patron. We are also considering placing a maximum checkout limit and/or reducing the checkout period based on subject area/new material criteria in our problem areas.

Thank you,

Linda LeBlanc

Access Services Librarian

Fitchburg State College

...a patron either hides it (i.e.: behind other books, in a study corral, etc.)

...steals it (this is an increasing problem)

...a small group of students will check a new book out and renew it between themselves such that no one else is able to use the book for 1-2 years, by which time it is outdated

An obvious solution would be to buy multiple copies.

...with budget cuts, the expense of computer books, and the quickness with which the subject becomes outdated, this is not a feasible option for us.


Meeting Library Needs

  • Finding the right book is difficult
  • Unable to search multiple books simultaneously
  • Looking through large amounts of printed text for targeted answers is time-consuming and inefficient

I know it’s in here somewhere!

what is safari
What is Safari?
  • A joint venture of leading publishers, O’Reilly Media and Pearson Education
  • Premier e-Reference solution for programmers,IT and business professionals
  • Professional, not text book content
  • 30,000 individual B2C subscribers; 1,800+ corporate and academic library customers
  • Because Safari is owned by publishers, customers get direct access to the latest and best titles from Pearson, O’Reilly and dozens of publisher partners
who is safari
Who is Safari?

O’Reilly Media: respected publisher on “cutting edge” technology topics

“Safari reflects my long-term vision to change the world by capturing and disseminating the knowledge of innovators. We're not just about computers or computer books. We're really about solving information problems.”

- Tim O’Reilly

who is safari12
Who is Safari?

Pearson Technology Group – the market leader in technology publishing

who is safari13
Who is Safari?

Other top business and technology publishers

why safari safari enterprise library tech books
Why Safari?Safari Enterprise Library: Tech Books
  • More than 3,500 titles
  • 23 major topic categories, hundreds of sub categories
  • Top IT authors and publishers
  • Alliances with premier Technology providers including
    • Microsoft Press
    • IBM Press
    • Sun Microsystems Press
    • Cisco Press
    • Adobe and Macromedia Press
    • Infosys Press (new for 2006!)

Safari Tech Books Collection

safari tech books by category
Safari Tech Books by Category

Comprehensive coverage of IT topic areas

safari business books library
Safari Business Books Library
  • Immediate online access to practical, proven content from expert authors and leading business publishers.
  • A sampling of the topic areas that managers and employees need and use everyday
    • Project Management
    • Corporate Finance
    • Change Management
    • Marketing
    • Recruitment and Staff Evaluation
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Leadership Skills
    • Negotiation Skills
why safari
Why Safari?
  • Saves money, improves productivity, enhances learning
    • Just in Time answers and training for skill development and problem solving enables subscribers to save wasted time and effort.
    • Find information faster and more easily than through random web searches or asking friends or co-workers – search across thousands of books and articles simultaneously
    • Online Resource for students that complements the curriculum, course texts and academic study in computer science, software engineering and business.
    • Access trusted content from top publishers: O'Reilly Media, Pearson PTR, FT/Prentice Hall, Course Technology, Project Management Institute, and many others
why safari the safari difference
Why Safari? The Safari Difference
  • Safari is subject specific and highly specialist professional content – IT and business
  • The only place to get new material from O’Reilly and Pearson
  • More than 3000 books available within Safari
  • Innovative book swapping licencing model available for academic and public libraries.
what s new at safari
What’s new at Safari?

New Content Extends the Value of Premier eBook collections

  • IBM developerWorks articles– 7,964 articles indexed
    • IBM's technical resource for developers, providing a wide range of tools, code, and education on DB2®, eServer™, Lotus®, Rational®, and WebSphere® as well as on open standards technology such as Web services, Wireless, Linux®, XML, Java™ technologies, and more.
  • O’Reilly Media Network– 4,427 articles indexed
    • O’Reilly Media’s vast network of authors, IT experts and editors regularly contribute insights and advice for IT professionals.
  • Safari Guides
    • Safari's editors have created 250 guides to help users quickly solve problems and successfully complete the task at hand. Each guide, only a few paragraphs long, links to specific sections of books within Safari that will walk users through the process needed, step by step.
what s new at safari21
What’s new at Safari?
  • Faster Page RefreshUsing Ajax, Safari serves pages faster and more efficiently.
  • Suggested SearchAs you type your search term Safari suggests, in real time, expressions from the most popular searches our users have entered.
  • Convenient Access to Advanced Search Parameters A new dropdown provides access to filtering on book titles, section titles, code fragments, author, and publisher.
  • Choice Between Popularity and Text-based Relevancy in SearchA new slider bar allows you to weight your search results based on popularity or our normal relevancy algorithm.
  • Improvements to "Additional Reading" linksWhen you click on an "Additional reading" link at the bottom of book content pages, the destination section is now viewable in full.
  • Amazon reviews and ratings for thousands of titles
New User Interface
  • New branding
  • More prominent RSS Feeds
Enhanced Preview mode
  • Library co-branding
what s new at safari26
What’s new at Safari
  • Graphically Rich Content
    • Improved display of illustrative content from charts and graphs to black and white photographs to color screen displays
    • More titles from Peachpit and Adobe Press on Photoshop, Flash and software for graphic programming and applications
    • Perfect for web designers, web developers, and creative professionals
what s next at safari
What’s next at Safari?
  • Safari is committed to meeting the needs of ProQuest’s International customers.
  • Safari welcomes your feedback, questions, ideas and suggestions for improvement to create success globally and achieve leadership in providing outstanding IT and Business ereference for academic and public libraries.
library solution case study 2 early english books online perpetual access to rare research content

Library Solution Case Study 2Early English Books Online: perpetual access to rare research content

early english books online
Early English Books Online

Instant access to Rare English Books from 1473-1700

  • Over 125,000 titles and 22.5 million pages images
  • Includes works by Spenser, Malory, Shakespeare, Bacon, More, Erasmus, Newton and Galileo
  • Literature, historical documents, royal statutes, almanacs, musical exercises, broadsides, calendars and much more
  • Specialist functionality and search options, PDFs, Durable URLS, Marc records
  • EEBO originates from the 1938 UMI Collection of Early English Books on microfilm


  • Providing access to an extensive archive of early english publications in an accessible format to meet the needs of a range of researchers
  • Over 125,000 works covering all english books published from 1473-1700 in one cross-searchable interface
  • Intuitive and easy to use functionality which opens up research to new avenues of exploration
  • Searchable texts – unprecedented access to rare content

“EEBO page images reveal

Things that are concealed by

Digitised texts, and even the

Best modern editions”

Anthony Miller, University of Sydney




  • Libraries need to provide accurate materials and search tools
  • Hand-indexing, double keying and extensive digitisation


  • My Archive for coursepacks, reading lists, saved research
  • Durable URLs
  • Integration of resources into user workflows



  • Libraries need to provide access to rare and fragile resources for researchers
  • Downloadable pdf pages of original text

“Teaching will be transformed” Clive Hurst, University of Oxford

about proquest myilibrary medical
About ProQuest MyiLibrary Medical
  • MyiLibrary is a leading aggregated ebook platform, fully integrated with the ProQuest journal platform
  • Supplies specialist ebook content to millions of end users worldwide
  • Leading content but publisher neutral
  • Flexible pricing options
who uses myilibrary medical
Who uses MyiLibrary Medical?
  • Thousands of doctors, medical students and nurses in libraries worldwide including:
  • Amigos Consortium, USA
  • National Health Service, England
  • University of Toronto, Canada
  • Solinet Consortium, USA
  • Houston Academy of Medicine, USA
  • And many more…
myilibrary flexible pricing models
MyiLibrary: Flexible Pricing Models
  • Subscription
  • Subject / user based subscription collections
    • Allied Health
    • Clinicians Choice
    • Medical Research
    • Nursing
    • Primary Care
    • Psychology
    • WHO/UNAIDS etc
  • Selection of key titles (Harrison’s, OUP Handbooks and Textbooks) available on subscription
  • Benefits
  • Dynamic: selected titles updated and new titles added
  • Collections created for specific user groups, eg clinicians, eg allied health workers
  • Titles automatically updated if you continue a subscription
myilibrary flexible pricing models39
MyiLibrary: Flexible Pricing Models
  • Perpetual Access
  • Pick and choose from 5,500 individual titles
  • One-off payment
  • Small ongoing annual access fee
  • Choose 1 SU or 3 SUs per book
  • Benefits
  • Select only the titles you need
  • Only pay once; allows long-term budget management
  • Benefit of future functionality enhancements
  • Maximises access
selecting medical ebooks
Selecting Medical Ebooks
  • Brandon Hill
  • The Core Collection
  • Doody’s Core Titles in the Health Sciences
    • Aimed at medical, nursing, and allied health librarians worldwide
    • A “core title” represents essential knowledge needed by professionals or students in a given discipline and is highly recommended for a library that serves health sciences specialists
    • 190+ professionals participate in title selection
  • Librarian and end-user recommendations
  • Best sellers
key content in myilibrary
Key Content in MyiLibrary
  • Selected examples of key titles available in the latest edition follow; please ask for a copy of the title list and price calculator
    • Surgery: 160+ titles
    • Paediatrics: 250+ titles
    • Nursing: 100+ titles
    • Obstetrics and Gynaecology: 160+ titles
    • Psychology: 600+ titles
    • Pharmacology: 250+ titles
proquest myilibrary medical interface
ProQuest MyiLibrary Medical: Interface
  • Intuitive search and browse options
  • Detailed usage statistics: first COUNTER-compliant ebook vendor
  • Specialist medical searching – use Library of Congress or NLM Medical Subject Headings
  • Fully integrated with the ProQuest journal platform

One box quick search available from every page

Browse content by Publisher or Library of Congress Classification


Save your search to your personal account

Refine your search

Click on a book cover for further information


Search within a title

Results appear in context


Take notes and export citations

Results display in pdf or html

Fully browse-able TOC available from every page

All tables and illustrations are hyperlinked and available in colour


MyiLibrary Medical ebooks are easily accessible from the ProQuest interface; type your search term as usual


Results are integrated with other content types on the “all sources” results tab or separately on the “books” tab


The ebook appears in a separate window.

Note ProQuest searches book metadata (bibliographic indexing, MeSH terms etc, not book full text. You can search within a title from the the MyiL interface.

customer testimonial
Customer Testimonial

“After selecting a group of potential suppliers, the Core Content Group carefully evaluated the offerings from all the e-book platforms available and concluded that the MyiLibrary platform represented the best choice, offering value for money, excellent content, flexible licensing, reliability and ease of use".

NHS England on why they selected MyiLibrary to provide medical ebooks.

proquest myilibrary medical summary
ProQuest MyiLibrary Medical: Summary
  • Dynamic: 6,000 titles… and growing
  • Flexible: purchase or subscription options to suit all library budgets
  • Value: multiple SU pricing options offer great value
  • Authority: key titles from leading publishers
  • Integrated: cross-search with ProQuest Medical collections
  • Intuitive: simple yet powerful platform
  • Library-led: NLM and LoC classification, first COUNTER-Compliant ebook vendor