A Statewide Collaboration with the
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A Statewide Collaboration with the Community Foundation of Jacksonville & Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice. Florida BR AI VE Fund - Purpose.

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A Statewide Collaboration with the

Community Foundation of Jacksonville &

Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice

Florida br ai ve fund purpose
Florida BRAIVE Fund - Purpose

To assist Florida’s active and former military personnel – and their families - who are serving or have served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan, the community foundations have established:

  • A collaborative initiative of 3 of Florida’s largest community foundations to work at a state, regional and local level

  • Philanthropic grants programs to support nonprofits addressing needs and challenges troops, veterans and their families face as a result of deployment

Florida br ai ve fund background
Florida BRAIVE Fund - Background

  • California Community Foundation created IADIF - the Iraq / Afghanistan Deployment Impact Fund

    • a response to a multitude of unmet needs arising among military service men and women and their families as a direct result of their deployment related to the Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) or Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) campaigns

  • Awarded $15 million to the Florida initiative as a two-year grant from September 2008 to August 2010

    • $5 Million each to Dade Community Foundation, Community Foundation in Jacksonville, Gulf Coast Community Foundation

  • Donor’s intent:

    • Meet unmet needs

    • Provide services quickly

Florida br ai ve fund florida regions

Southeast Florida – Dade Community Foundation

Central Florida – Gulf Coast Community Foundation of Venice

North Florida –Community Foundation of Jacksonville

Florida BRAIVE Fund – Florida Regions

Florida br ai ve fund florida regions1
Florida BRAIVE Fund – Florida Regions

Florida br ai ve fund target population
Florida BRAIVE Fund – Target Population

  • Families of military personnel deployed, or preparing for deployment within 120 days, to Afghanistan or Iraq

  • Military personnel recently returning from deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq and their families

  • Military personnel injured as a result of deployment to Afghanistan or Iraq and their families

  • Families of those killed in action during deployment to or training in Afghanistan or Iraq

  • Individual augmentees or others deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan without a typical support structure - and their families

Florida br ai ve fund statewide vs local
Florida BRAIVE Fund – Statewide vs. Local

  • Statewide Work:

    • Joint website with local links – www.floridabraive.org

    • Similar application and reporting formats

    • Collaboration on funding of statewide proposals

    • On-going coordination through bi-weekly conference calls

  • Local Work:

    • Local research and outreach

    • Local Advisors to help establish priorities and inform grantmaking

    • Local grants programs and processes

Dade community foundation main elements
Dade Community Foundation – Main Elements

  • GRANTMAKING: award grants to support services in Miami-Dade, Monroe, Broward, Palm Beach & Martin Counties – and statewide proposals as appropriate

  • INFORMATION SHARING NETWORK: develop a broad base of organizational contacts to help the Foundation - and other groups – with information sharing and outreach

  • COMMUNITY RESOURCE DIRECTORY: work with existing organizations to create/keep current public directories of community services available

  • EDUCATION & AWARENESS: raise awareness about the initiative, the issues it seeks to address and the work of grantees

  • CONVENINGS: facilitate gatherings of grantees and other organizations for sharing and learning

Br ai ve fund dade community foundation
BRAIVE Fund - Dade Community Foundation

  • Roll Out Strategy:

    • First outreach and grants awarded in Miami-Dade/Monroe counties

    • Outreach to Broward, Palm Beach and Martin counties

    • Additional RFP for all counties fall 2009 to address service gaps

    • Partner with local funders, community foundations and other local contacts to ensure effective outreach

  • 2008: Research and Groundwork Completed

    • Outreach to military community and service providers

    • Research the needs of military and families

    • Convene Advisory Committee to help establish priorities

    • Develop Request for Proposals for Miami-Dade & Monroe

Br ai ve fund dade community foundation1
BRAIVE Fund - Dade Community Foundation

  • 2009: Grantmaking

    • Awarded Anchor Grant to American Red Cross to manage financial/emergency assistance fund for Southeast Region in collaboration with other direct services providers

    • Awarded state collaborative grant to Florida National Guard Foundation to support an Emergency Relief Fund and re-integration assistance

    • Awarded Anchor Grant to Concept House for collaboration with Miami Vet Center creating “Operation Veterans Link Up – an integrated and coordinated approach for addressing re-adjustment needs of OEF/OIF veterans and families

    • Released RFP for Miami-Dade/Monroe counties in March; received 31 proposals and awarded grant to 8 groups in May

Br ai ve fund dade community foundation2
BRAIVE Fund - Dade Community Foundation

2009: Grantmaking (continued)

Completed research and assessment for Broward, Palm Beach & Martin counties

Released RFP for these counties in late April

Received and reviewing 22 proposals by June 8 deadline with target award date of end of July

Anticipate repeating the cycle of grantmaking in South Florida counties beginning fall of 2009


Florida br ai ve fund se region priorities
Florida BRAIVE Fund – SE Region Priorities

  • Home care while a family member is deployed to address issues such as basic and emergency needs, caregiver respite and child care

  • Counseling, support groups and peer support for individual and family needs related to Mental Health, Family Matters, Bereavement, and Substance Abuse

  • Re-entry and re-integration support, assistance and activities (e.g. weekend retreats) for returning military personnel and their families

  • Improving access to information about available services and access to services themselves

Florida br ai ve fund se region priorities1
Florida BRAIVE Fund – SE Region Priorities

  • Financial counseling, education and links to emergency financial assistance (The Foundation has awarded a grant to the American Red Cross to manage this pool of funds, which will be accessible as a resource to other service providers)

  • Support and services for dependent children related to personal and educational needs

  • Civilian Employment and Career Services and Support

  • Services and support for injured and disabled veterans that can fill gaps in services or connect them with existing services

  • Other needs identified locally

Iadif the texas experience
IADIF - The Texas Experience

  • The TRIAD Fund: Statewide collaborative of 3 Community Foundations (Dallas, San Antonio, Permian Basin) started in early 2007

  • Initial grant in 2007 of $5 Million to each

  • Dallas and San Antonio renewed for $7.5 Million each in late 2008

  • Research included direct outreach to military community and survey of military personnel

  • Advisory committees at each of the 3 foundations established priorities based on research

Iadif lessons from texas
IADIF - Lessons from Texas

  • Tension between providing services quickly and meeting unmet needs/reaching unserved or underserved population

  • Difficulty of outreach – not an “if you build it, they will come” situation

  • Important to consider on the front end what groundwork is needed to make grants successful

  • Important to have neutral process and Advisory Committee

    For more information, visit: www.triadfund.org

Florida br ai ve fund how you can help
Florida BRAIVE Fund – How You Can Help

  • Provide services and support as a grantee

  • Educate your organization about the culture of combat experience and how that affects effective service delivery

  • Be part of helping us foster connections and information sharing about available resources and opportunities - e.g. funding opportunities, funded programs and services, the efforts of others to support our troops, veterans and families

    • Add Dade Community Foundation to your distribution list for information about news and events

    • Contact the Foundation to ensure you are on our distribution list

Florida br ai ve fund contacts
Florida BRAIVE Fund Contacts

Dade Community Foundation

Charisse Grant, Vice President for Program


[email protected]

Program Managers

Jean S. Logan, Strategic Partners

(305) 940-7404 or (305)343-2492

[email protected]