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Frozen: My obsession and Why others are obsessed. A Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation. Table of Contents. Reasons why I am (and your child may be) obsessed How to tell if your child has an unhealthy obsession (and how I know I have one) Treatment Options FAQ’s

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A Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation

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  1. Frozen: My obsession and Why others are obsessed A Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation

  2. Table of Contents • Reasons why I am (and your child may be) obsessed • How to tell if your child has an unhealthy obsession (and how I know I have one) • Treatment Options • FAQ’s • A day in the life of the most Frozen obsessed girl on the planet • Visual representation

  3. Why I Am/They Are Obsessed • Frozen is one of the only Disney movies to promote the prince as being the villain, and having two sisters save the day • Frozen has many songs of different genres throughout the movie, which are all very catchy and easy to learn • Frozen tells the story of two sisters, who are very much alike me and my sister.

  4. A Deeper Look • Frozen is one of the largest fandoms at the moment, meaning that millions of people between the ages of 9-20 have an obsession similar to mine • The movie ends and leaves plenty of possibilities for continued story lines, so it is easy for people to start coming up with ideas without even meaning to. (Fan Fictions are very popular in the Frozen fandom. Check out mine on www.wattpad.com and search Frozen in Oz) • Frozen is the first Disney movie ever to have a unplanned sing-along version in theaters due to the increasing popularity • It is undeniably the most popular and best movie in all of eternity

  5. How I Know I Have an Unhealthy Obsession (you mean healthy interest?) • Because I continuously go to the movie theater and sing along to every song in Frozen dressed as Elsa(twice and counting) • Because I play the Frozen soundtrack on the bus and sing as loud as I possibly can with my sister and when the other kids question us, we look at them and sing, “I don’t care what they’re going to say” • Because I find a way to watch the movie online and know every line every character says in the entire movie.(yup countless times) • When someone says something to me and immediately I associate it with something related to Frozen. (Oh come on really? Everything can be related to Frozen) • Because I created a roleplay account for one of the characters on Instagram and became one of the most popular Elsa’s on the internet ( @the__snow__queen )

  6. Treatment Options • One way to handle your adolescent’s “healthy interest” in Frozen is to have them keep a journal of all their Frozen thoughts, so that they do not sing in the middle of class randomly and get weird looks. (I find this to be extremely effective for myself) • Another way is to find someone equally as obsessed and reserve their fangirling for times when they are with them. • In extreme cases, consider completely ignoring them whenever the term “Frozen” comes up, because they are probably a lost cause (such as myself and my sister)

  7. FAQ’s • Will My child always be this obsessed? • I’m afraid so. At least for a long time. In my experience, I tried to stop but I just couldn’t Let it Go. (see what I did there?) • Should I try and stop them from fangirling outbursts? • No. That is the worst thing to do because they need to get their passion for Frozen out every so often at specific times or else they will not survive muchlonger. Anotherthing is that for some, Frozen is an escape from things that may be happening at school. An example is that my Frozen obsession has helped me cope with some bullying I have recently experienced. • Is it okay for me to try and join in their fun? • Absolutely NOT. The Frozen fandom is like a religion. It is sacred to each fangirl/boy and having their parents join in will destroy the entire community. • Why does my child keep asking me if I want to build a snowman? • Duhhhhhh because they want to go and play and they never see you anymore, come out the door, it’s like you’ve gone away.

  8. MMY PersonalObsession The following pages will explain a day in the life of me, the most Frozen obsessed girl on the planet. A couple things to note are that most everybody calls me Elsa, because I am convinced that I am Elsa, and my sister is Anna, and Hans also attends our school to much dismay.

  9. Morning/School • First I wake up to Let It Go or sometimes For the First Time in Forever • I spend the next hour successfully giving myself Elsa’s braid/makeup, but occasionally I change it up and do coronation hair. • I then proceed to check my Elsa account on Instagram • Then I grab my Frozen journal and head out the door

  10. Daytime • School gets really boring sometimes, so when I’m allowed I plug my headphones in and watch as I get weird looks when I lip-synch to the lyrics of Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? • When I have an idea, I sketch something down in my Frozen journal • My assist period comes along and I spend the hour with Anna singing Frozen songs and talking nothing but Frozen.

  11. After School • If I have finished all my homework, I go home and spend most of the night on Instagram roleplaying, while the Frozen soundtrack blasts in the room • Did I mention I know how to sing every song in the movie in English AND French? • Note: I legitimately do all of these things on a regular basis

  12. Why I’m Convinced I’m Elsa I don’t even need to explain. Is it just a coincidence we look like the real deal? Yes, I’m wearing the wig but I still look just like her when I’m not wearing it.

  13. My Instagram Page This is my page. I’m currently one of the most popular Elsa’s there is. The fandom has combined Tangled, Wicked, and Rise of the Guardians with Frozen to make more interesting story lines.

  14. Fan Art This is a piece I did with some scrap cardboard one day when I was bored. It currently hangs in my room.

  15. My Frozen Journal This is the first thing I ever drew in my Frozen Journal. Now a days its full of other drawings, song lyrics, thought or ideas for continuing story lines, and my favorite quotes from the movie.

  16. Conclusion So by now anyone who has read this has probably realized that Frozen is my life. In reality, my brain cannot function throughout the day unless at least ½ of it is submerged in the world of the Disney movie. Frozen helps me get through tough days, and also makes me feel special and unique. I am so thankful I am able to love it so much.

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