Roosevelt and the new deal 1933 1939
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Roosevelt and the New Deal (1933 – 1939). Students will analyze new deal organizations and why they are beneficial. If it’s broke, fix it!!!!!.

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Roosevelt and the new deal 1933 1939

Roosevelt and the New Deal(1933 – 1939)

Students will analyze new deal organizations and why they are beneficial.

If it s broke fix it
If it’s broke, fix it!!!!!

  • Bellwork: Describe a situation when you have broken something ( toy, appliance, etc.) and have had to fix it… was it difficult? Why or why not? Did you need help?

I the hundred days begins
I. The Hundred Days Begins

  • March 9 – June 16 1933 (Hundred Days)

  • Roosevelt sent many bills (the First New Deal) to congress.

Roosevelt brought in advisor to help him with the new deal
Roosevelt brought in advisor to help him with the New Deal.

  • Divided the advisors into three groups.

1 st group new nationalism
1st group – “New Nationalism”

  • From Theodore Roosevelt and believed gov’t and business should work together to manage the economy.

2 nd group opposed big business
2nd Group – opposed big business

  • Wanted gov’t planners to run key parts of the economy.

3 rd group new freedom
3rd group – “New Freedom”

  • From Woodrow Wilson and felt it was the government’s responsibility to restore competition to the economy.

Ii fixing the banks and the stock market
II. Fixing the Banks and the Stock Market

  • 1st job for Roosevelt: restore confidence in the banking system.

  • Called a national holiday and called congress into special session.

  • Passed the Emergency Banking Relief Act – required federal examiners to survey the nation’s banks.

Roosevelt s fireside chat
Roosevelt's “fireside chat”

  • He spoke on the radio directly to the people, he assured Americans that the banks are now secure.

  • Next day – deposits outweighed the withdrawals, ending the banking crisis.

Securities and exchange commission sec
Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

  • Created to regulate the stock market and prevent fraud

Federal deposit insurance corporation fdic
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

  • Provided gov’t insurance for bank deposits up to a certain amount.

Agricultural adjustment administration aaa
Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)

  • Administered the Agricultural Adjustment Act – a plan that paid farmers not to raise certain crops to lower crop production. (large farms profited small farms didn’t)

Civilian conservation corps ccc
Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

  • Gave unemployed men b/w 18 to 25 the oppor. To work with the national forestry service planting trees, fighting fires, and building reservoirs.

  • Employed 3 million men.

Federal emergency relief administration fera
Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)

  • Gave money to help state and local agencies fund relief projects.

Public works administration pwa
Public Works Administration (PWA)

  • Began a series of construction projects

Civil works administration cwa
Civil Works Administration (CWA)

  • Harry Hopkins hired workers directly and put them on the government’s payroll.

  • Shut down after how much money was spent on the program.

First new deal page 687
First New Deal (Page 687)

  • (SEC)

  • (FDIC)

  • (AAA)

  • (NIRC)

  • (NRA)

  • (HOLC)

  • (FCA)

  • (CCC)

  • (FERA)

  • (PWA)

  • (CWA)