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Musical instruments of the orchestra:

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Musical instruments of the orchestra: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Musical instruments of the orchestra:. Sachelle 7z1. Percussion instruments:. Percussion instruments are designed to keep the beat the same or unique while playing either if its with a stick or with your hands.

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Percussion instruments:

Percussion instruments are designed to keep the beat the same or unique while playing either if its with a stick or with your hands.

For example Membranophones is an instrument that has a stretched membrane or drum head covering a hallow shell.

Also an Idiophone is an instrument that does not has an membrane that create a creative sound by its self, is made to vibrate.

And this is the percussion family.

This is an idiophone.

This is an membranophones.


brass instruments:

Brass instruments are long metal tubes. The tubes are twisted so its easy to handle. The longer the tube the lower the pitch and the shorter the tube the higher the pitch.

For example a Tuba is a brass instrument the can hit the lowest note 6 and half metre tuba sits on the musician lap while being played.

Here are some brass instruments that are most likely used in bands and groups.

Here is some more brass instruments that have very high pitch and low pitch.


Stringed instruments:

Stringed instruments is a string the can be plucked, which is like flicking it with your thumb, finger or small piece of plastic. For example a bow is a strong flexible stick with a ribbon of horse-hair stretched onto it. The hair is rubbed with resin. Also a lyre is the oldest kind of stringed instrument, in the piano the higher the pitch are thick and long and the shorter the pitch the more short and thin it is.

Here are some stringed instruments that are commonly been played when making song or when your in a band.



Woodwind instruments are instruments with holes along it . A flute ,saxophone ,clarinet and obese are all woodwind instruments . These have a series of holes running down its length.

For example a double-reed is and instrument like the obese but a double –reed produces more vibration. Also a single –reed is often made of bamboo (wood) so once you blow through the vibrating air produces inside the instrument that make the sound.

These are the woodwind instruments and that are used very oftent.