what can i do if i am being bullied n.
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What can I do if I am being bullied? PowerPoint Presentation
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What can I do if I am being bullied?

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What can I do if I am being bullied?

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What can I do if I am being bullied?

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  1. Lean on Me song (run while showing PowerPoint) What can I do if I am being bullied? Tell an adult immediately

  2. Tell someone immediately • Mrs. Soppe • A teacher • An administrator • Parents • A trusted friend You cannot handle it alone!

  3. Keep a detailed journal • Record the date, time, place • Who was present at the time • What was said by the bully and you • Keep any damaged possessions

  4. Become a detective • Lock any text messages • Print screen any FACEBOOK messages • Print any emails • Use your phone to record, video, or photograph incidences Recruit trusted friends to help you bring the bully down

  5. Stay in Control • This is a game – a nasty game • Learn the rules of the game • Its about POWER & CONTROL • Sometimes accusations, allegations, criticisms & taunts contain a grain of truth. • This may fool you into believing that all the abuse is warranted! Don’t be Fooled BY THIS TRICK

  6. If it is happening at school • CHS has an ANTI-BULLYING/HARASSMENT policy p. 20 in Agenda. • READ IT! • Consequences at CHS may include suspension or expulsion • If you witness it. Tell an adult. If you are not a part of the solution YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM

  7. If it is happening outside of school • Contact the police • If things escalate • Iowa law can protect you • Stalking - Iowa Code Chapter 708.11 defines stalking as a pattern of conduct that is designed to create fear of bodily injury or death in another person. Stalking is generally a more serious level of crime than harassment. There is no specific relationship requirement between the stalker and the victim with regard to this crime. • Harassment - Section 708.7 of the Code of Iowa lists a variety of behaviors that could cause annoyance or harm. There is no requirement that these behaviors occur as part of a pattern nor is there any relationship requirement between the harasser and victim. Harassment can include contact that is meant to threaten, intimidate or alarm another, and does not require physical touching or oral communication.

  8. You might be a bully • Have I teased people in a mean way, calling them names, making fun of their appearance, or the way they talk or dress or act? • Do I dislike anyone just because they have a different religion, have a disability, aren’t the same social status as me, or look different? • Have I ever threatened anyone because they are different from me? • Have I ever been violent toward anyone be-cause they are different from me?

  9. You might be a bully • Have I shoved, punched, pushed the books out of their hands, pushed into lockers or physically pushed around in a mean way? • Have I had someone else, another friend or classmate, hurt someone I don't like? • Have I spread a nasty rumor about someone, in conversation, or in a note? • Have I regularly kept one or more kids from hanging out with, playing with, or attending parties with me at the lunch table at school, during sports or other activities?

  10. You Might be a Cyber bullying if • Pretending they are other people online to trick the victim or others about the victim • Hacking into other kids’ email/IM accounts and send out mean emails from the victims’ account • Texting mean or lewd messages to other kids phone using the victim’s number as the sender • Spreading lies and rumors about victims via email/text/IM

  11. You Might be a Cyber bullying if • Tricking people into revealing personal information that they will use against them • Sending or forwarding mean text messages • Posting pictures of victims without their consent